Thursday, June 7, 2012

All Things British


I love this poster.  I just really, really do.  I love the look of it, the history of it--an inspiring story of courage and hope…and the beautiful British way of quietly “carrying on”.

So, of course I had to journal it.  A lot of it.  Two pages in my art journal devoted to my love of all things British—focusing on the poster and it’s history, which I found here.


Little bits & pieces of things found online…images, thoughts, sayings…a hand-painted “Union Jack” page & images from British-inspired stamps cover the pages…


Almost grafitti-like in its mish-mashiness, isn’t it?  But I like it this way….


I really AM glad my ancestors chose to come here 300+ years ago…chose to be Americans.  But, I also love those deep, deep roots of mine…





Wishing you a LOVERLY day…



  1. Hi Julie... another beautiful creation by you!... I love the history of "Keep Calm and Carry On"... I am English on my mama's side and have known the history behind it always... I think most bloggers think it is something new... my oldest niece lives in London now and her emails all about the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the photos she has sent are just stunning!... I wish you lived close by, I want to journal my family as well... lovely post!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Love these journal pages, and all your images!! Such a great vintage feel!! Have a lovely day! xo Heather

  3. I never new that! Very interesting! Love your journal. Great job! Did you see the one,on Pinterest in honour of the Queen's jubilee that says... Keep calm and Rein on!
    Have a great Thursday. I'll be in the ER, again for my usual 13hr shift. Ugh!

  4. absolutely adorable slam book! I think you should drink a cup of tea and watch The King's Speech!


  5. paternal grandmother hails from jolly old England. You could never find her far from her tea cup or her toy dogs. (small doxies) She would have been thrilled to see all of the pomp and circumstance.
    Your journaling is always my favorite.
    P.S. My husband is an Eagle too...they say that was the factor that got him into Medical School.

  6. Another thing we have in common Julie, a love of all things British. My husband just returned from London and brought me back quite a few Jubilee souvenirs. He loves to buy them! Another beautiful page in your journal. Thank you for sharing! Elizabeth

  7. Dear Julie, a wonderful journaling again,love all the things you collected here.
    I guess you was on TV seing all those fantastic programmes from the Jubilee- I did here :-)

  8. hi julie! love these pages! I need a miniature version of that poster to carry around with me today..
    I'm going to have to eventually jump on the back wagon and start an art journal!
    have a great day.. I will soon be off to the hospital to greet baby jacob into this world! please send up prayers for him.

  9. Love your journal, beeing British myself I adored seeing all the old stamps & the Totally British sayings we have. We all waved the Union Jack here in France. Barbara lilian

  10. hi Julie, I had to pop over and tell you I am loving your journaling... :)

  11. You've really embraced your journaling Julie! Absolutely fabulous!

  12. We're having a little 'tea' over at my house tomorrow to celebrate the diamond jubilee. Love your art book. So fun. Mimi

  13. Great fun! Thanks for the link to the story. I really enjoyed reading about the original. I see everyone's version of this saying on Pinterest and wondered where it had originated.

  14. Julie I LOVE this! How did you get that wonder script for writing in you journa? I have the worst handwriting but, yours is so fun & adds so much to the page! Thank you for sharing.

  15. More beautiful pages. Just love your penmanship... beautiful!

  16. HI!!!
    I love your journal!!!I too LOVE all things much so!!!
    I need to start a journal, my Blog is kind of like my journal.......I was in TV heaven all weekend!!!
    Stayed up far to late to watch some of it live!!!Linking up with the PARIS PARTY!!!
    jamie--queen mimi

  17. i came to find your paris post, but it is not here yet (the time difference). meanwhile, i very mush enjoying your british post :) i adore these wonderful things you create!

    have a loverly weekend xx from your newest british follower

  18. Beautiful! I love your script and your journal. Came over from Anitas!

  19. I am absolutely inspired by your journal pages! May I ask if you made the journal tags? (History of...etc.)

  20. Thank you for this lovely post!!! I have the Keep Calm and Carry On poster in my kitchen and I try to live by it!!!
    Mary x

  21. Hi
    What a great idea.I think I'll try this with a family tree design if it is o'k with you

  22. Love all things English. My ancestry if from Suffolk. I hope to go there someday. Keep up the good work. Ms. Sadie