Sunday, May 11, 2014



In my mother’s house there sits a “shrine”.  Just a little niche built into the wall by the builder—not originally intended for my mother’s purposes, I’m sure--but with each and every season, holiday, or special occasion, that little niche becomes sheer magic at the touch of her loving & artful hands…


{German doll given to my great-grandmother, Anna, when she was a very little girl}

Right now, her tribute to the mothers in her life.  My mothers.  Treasured, antique dolls, handmade lace, rose petals kept in china vase, knick knacks belonging to those that came before us…


{beautiful porcelain figurine made by my grandmother, LaPriel}

…even a book written by my great-grandmother about her ancestors.


Little details of lives gone by but not forgotten—artfully gathered by loving and grateful hands…


How could I help but love my family history when I was raised by such a woman? 

Mom and Me 2010

What a lucky girl I am.


{she even gave some of my old card-making efforts a place there…}

Thank-you, Mom, for giving me life, for raising me, caring for me, teaching me, loving me.  For just being YOU. 



{just last week.  My sister Becky, sister-in-law Karen, my beautiful mother Karen, and me.}

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  I love you.