Friday, April 6, 2012

Springy Things


Hello, my friends!

Just a few things to share with you today…had a bit of a creative binge earlier this week thanks to Vintage Street Market!

I don’t make a lot of tags, but for some reason, that’s what was inspiring me…


First, a very feminine gift tag for a sister or best girlfriend…


…it’s so fun to start with a basic idea & then look through your stash to find just the perfect “toppers”!  LOVE those vintage flocked millinery flowers…must find more!

Next…did your grandmothers have special little “pin keeps” in their sewing supplies?  Mine did, which was what inspired this little project…


…my very own little pin keep.  A perfectly sized, clear plastic container found at Michaels was just the thing…


…topped & surrounded by very realistic-looking paper “buttons”, lace & twirly twine…just right for showing off a few pretties…

And lastly, a little memory tag…just for me!


…Easter in Southern California, just about 1967 {note the last number on the Bingo card—wasn’t that a lucky coincidence?!}


My younger brother Steve & I, hunting for eggs in the back yard, wearing our Easter finery…hard to believe that little red-headed brother of mine just turned 47 this week…!


More millinery flowers, some vintage mother-of-pearl buttons stand in for eggs, some lace and a bit of vintage-inspired tinsel makes the perfect “grass” for my little tag…


Well, that’s about it for me today!  Sending you all the happiest wishes for a lovely Easter weekend…


{all products used in these projects (unless otherwise noted) are from Vintage Street Market.  I used their “Dimestore Vogue” Paper Sheets & Tags kit, Twirly Twine sets, Bingo cards, tinsel, crepe paper in all three projects.}

Monday, April 2, 2012

Good, Kind & Wonderful…

Orley Glenn Stapley 1897 

Laying on the chenille-covered bed in the beautiful bedroom at my grandparents’ house, I would gaze at the portrait on the wall…

The old, Victorian-age portrait had hung there as long as I could remember…


…and I loved it.

The piercingly blue eyes would gaze back at me as I thought about this long-ago baby boy, so lovingly photographed…my great-grandfather I was never  able to meet…

Orley Glenn Stapley--baby, Phoenix 1 {cabinet card photo of baby Orley a year earlier—about 1896.  Noticed he’s wearing the same “dress” in both portraits!}

That baby boy was my own Grammie’s father.  Whenever I asked her about him, she wouldn’t go through his long list of lifetime achievements, she would simply say, with a sparkle in her eye, “He was always so very kind to me…and so funny!  He was a wonderful Daddy…”

The O. S. Stapley Family {Orley stands center back…what a handsome young man!}

Orley Glenn Stapley, born in 1895, did many good things in his life.  Marrying his high school sweetheart, he was the father of a large, happy family. 

The whole gang--the Stapley Family at Palm Lane house {Early 1940s…O. Glenn stands happily in the center of the family, holding my two-year old mother, Karen.  He passed away not too many years after this picture was taken—far too young…only 54.}

He was well-schooled, a very successful businessman, and served well and much in his Church…more stories for other days…

DSC08942_edited-1 {the newest page made this weekend for my heritage album}

But perhaps, the best thing that could ever be said about him—or ANY man—was said best by a loving daughter to her granddaughter many times over many years…

“He was always so kind to me...he was a wonderful Daddy…”

See you soon with something new…



{Orley Glenn’s baby portrait now hangs in my parents’ house, and those piercingly baby blue eyes continue to captivate me…}

(pretty blue background print, photo corners & tag found on Crafty Secrets’ “Creating with Vintage Patterns” CD.  Metal pin & tag from the Tim Holtz collection. Victorian baby pin & baby shoes images found online)