Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good Advice


A few more journal pages to share with you…

DSC00848_edited-1 {this beautiful vintage lady just seemed perfect to represent Miss Dickenson…}

While we were away visiting my parents this last week, my journal was my artistic outlet…so easy to tote along with me, with only a couple of favorite pens to have to bring as well…

DSC00847_edited-1 {I love the simplicity of Emily Dickenson…she said it all so beautifully & so concisely.  Label from Crafty Secrets}

…pages already prepared with paint or pretty paper were easy to doodle & write on while watching a movie with the family…


I really think this one may have been inspired by my being able to spend so much one-on-one time with my mother this week…!


Were we all told these same things?  Or was it just me?!


Isn’t that a wonderful quote?  Gives another dimension to the thought of being charming, doesn’t it?


After I wrote this on the label, I just started doodling little “charms” without really realizing what I was doing for a minute…the funny one on the right is a scotty dog, by the way—one of my favorite charms—I’m just not the greatest doggie artist! {but that’s okay!} 


So, whether the advice you take today is from Miss Dickenson, your mother, or someone else just as brilliant…it’s usually a very good thing.

Wishing you a charming day……