Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Sarah Lavinia Perkins Portrait from locket

I’d loved her name ever since I was a young girl…


Sarah Lavinia

…so romantic.  So lovely.  So very, very long ago….

Just a name on my pedigree chart.  My fourth great-grandmother.  Never an image to go with that beautiful name.

Until now.


   While going through Ancestry.com for more information on the names I loved, a face emerged—a beautifully hand-painted face. 

My heart stopped…

Could it really be her?


“Portrait painted for locket”, were the words written under her portrait.  The image was small, but perfect—and I was thrilled beyond belief!

And just to make sure that I never, ever lost Sarah Lavinia again--


I put her in a locket of my very own. 

Found.  Found and loved….