Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Perfect Day


It really was a perfect day, you know…every little thing about it.  From the breathtakingly lovely early-morning scenery all around us as we drove--and a few stops, taking pictures along the way…

DSC02227_edited-1 {my photographer daughter, finding the perfect view}

…to the people that went with me that golden day—two of my daughters and my dear friend, Barb…to the gorgeous weather {it was the end of January, my friends!]

Just perfect.

IMG_7332_edited-1 {our first of MANY antique shop stops that day!}

Although it’s only 2 hours away, just down the coast, I hadn’t been to the lovely village of Cambria for almost 20 years. 


I had a feeling it was going to be a wonderful day, and boy, was I right!  A little gallery follows to show you just how perfect a day it was…


An old Kewpie ad from a newspaper.  I loved it so much and the sweet owner was surprised—no one had ever shown any interest in it before!  She was so thrilled that I loved it that she slashed the price…


What joy!

A sweet little googly-eyed girl from the ‘20s.  I call all these wee ones “babies”.   And I love them, with all their exquisite shabbiness…


A gorgeous vintage lucite vanity box—just laying pell-mell in a corner.  I fell in love…


“Do you want the contents, too?”  The same sweet Kewpie picture dealer asked… “Um, sure.”, I said casually.  Little did she know…


…vintage mother-of-pearl buttons are just about my favorite of all favorite things!

No extra charge.


And this little guy stole my heart the moment I saw him…can you blame me???


“Occupied Japan” it says on the old, crooked pin on his Bakelite back.

I love wandering slowly through winding, old antique shops—you never know what you’re going to find around the next corner…


…and around one certain corner I found this sweet little Victorian print, and into my armful it went…


I collect German china doll heads {and the rest of them, too!}—but I’d never seen a tin one before.  “Pre-WWII”, it said on the tag.  “Germany” stamped inside of it.  I love her.  Every chipped bit of her.


I love this style of deer from the ‘40s.

And this style from the ‘50s!  How could I resist this kitschy little deer?!


And then I saw these two…and, gosh!


What’s a girl to do?!?!?

And last of all, such a beautiful treasure…


…filled with autographs & verse from long ago--I’ll share more about this one later.

So glad you could come along with me as I remembered a bit of my perfect day…


I found lots of treats that day.  I kept telling myself I shouldn’t fall in love with anymore—but when it’s just two days before your 51st birthday, it’s easy to keep justifying things!


The day ended as beautifully as it began.  Another stop made as we left the beautiful village of Cambria.

Almost 20 years since I’d been there.  A mistake I mean to correct. 

Over and over again………


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Monday, February 4, 2013

Hearts A-Flutter


I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a silhouette—especially during Valentine season—my heart goes all pittery-pattery…

DSC02359_edited-1  {don’t you just LOVE glass glitter?!  Red is especially yummy!}

…so I had lots of fun with this one!  Simple to make, but it really makes me happy. 


A little bit of ribbon & some vintage “cherry” buttons finish it off—easy peasy!

If you visit me very often, you know that I’m always inspired by my wonderful Mother…


…and here she is, inspiring me again!  While I was looking through a bunch of old family photos the other day, this sweet little school days photo just jumped out at me—young Karen with HEARTS on her adorable jumper…perfect!

DSC02347_edited-1 {other favorite things…paper doilies, vintage crepe paper borders, writing on bits of old manila paper…yum!}

So, a little card was made with Mom as the focal point—not sure if I’ll be able to part with it or not!

DSC02352_edited-1 {another thing that makes my heart all fluttery?  Vintage millinery flowers…sigh…}

Wishing you a day filled with glittery Valentines,  sweet flowers…and a heart all a-flutter.


{Most of the elements used on these projects can be found at the wonderful Vintage Street Market}