Thursday, September 13, 2012

Autumn Thoughts


Halloween’s not very far away, you know…


…the thought just dawned on me this week. 

So, I gathered up some of my favorite fall fixins and played with a couple of journal pages…

DSC00643_edited-1 {I’ve always loved this old poem}

One thing I learned on these pages?  Black iridescent watercolor paint is not my favorite.  Looks a bit green, doesn’t it?  Maybe the gold painted vines set it off that way…I don’t know.  Next time—black gesso.  Oh, well--it was still fun to paint!


And the most fun part of all?  Experimenting with the old, gold-flecked sealing wax I ordered on Ebay a while ago…beautiful stuff!  I dropped a couple of extra drops around just to make it look a little Hallweenier

All the great vintage graphics are found on Crafty Secrets new downloadable Halloween collection—easy peasy!


See you soon with something new…


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finding the Beautiful


Ah, art journaling….it brings me so much joy lately!

DSC00614_edited-1 {a much doodlier border than I ususally do…very random & free}

Blank pages covered with watercolors…wet and glittery {I love iridescent colored paint!}.  Left blank for a time until loved images are found and glued in place…

DSC00616_edited-1 {my mother has had this poem hanging in her kitchen forever…it flits in and out of my mind whenever it wishes…subconscious poetry…}

Bringing back to life my long-dormant love of hand lettering…something I’ve always enjoyed, but have long neglected. 

{We just don’t seem to write by hand much anymore, do we?  Keyboards and texting have taken over the pen…I’m going to be taking pen back in hand…}

Favorite quotes, poems or random thoughts from my own little head begin finding just the right page to come to life…


…filling my book and  bringing me joy.