Thursday, February 28, 2013



A bit of time for some journaling this last week…pages already painted and pictures pasted were all ready for the thoughts that come while sitting and thinking…


…from those crazy days when we feel like we’re swinging from one trapeze to another…

Moon angel_edited-1

…to peaceful, soft and lovely poetry from William Blake.

adjust _edited-1

Thoughts of self-improvement and progression can’t help but pop up in your mind as you reflect on a page just waiting for such thoughts to come out…


Bright colors painted and stamped just begged for words of cheerfulness…and Joseph Addison perfectly provided the quote required…

the past_edited-1

Sometimes the lovely faces I choose to illustrate my pages remind me of things about myself that my inner self knows, but my outer self sometimes forgets in the mad rush of days…

I have always felt very, very connected to the past.  And that, I suppose, is what this little blog of mine is all about--

That connection.

See you soon with something new…


Monday, February 25, 2013

A Love Story

Orley Seymour & Polly May Stapley were sweethearts for most of their lives…

O.Seymour & Polly May Hunsaker Stapley's wedding day

…married in their twenties in the early days of Mesa, Arizona, they enjoyed life to the fullest.  They worked hard—building a successful family business and a large and loving family…

The O. S. Stapley Family

They had the finest things that life could offer at that time, even the largest house in Mesa for many years, it is said.

But even prosperous families, at that time, kept their own livestock to support their lives and feed their growing families—chickens, pigs, and other small farm animals, all were important to keep life going and were watched over carefully.

Animals were not kept as an indulgence on their property—each had a job or a purpose to fulfill.   Except one. 

Polly May had a cat, and she loved it dearly.  Calling to it every day, she would give it special treats, cuddle and pet it—certainly a pampered and well-cared for feline.

Polly May Hunsaker Stapley, about 1916

But one day, it disappeared.  Polly May was beside herself with worry.  Calling and looking everywhere—asking the children and neighbors—but to no avail.

It took her a few days to think to ask her husband.

I think he may well have been quaking in his boots each and every one of those few days…

Orley Seymour Stapley

Finally, she came to him and asked if he knew what had happened to her cat.  It was a few, very long seconds before he replied…

“I caught the cat killing a chicken, so I shot it.”

Silence.  Lots of silence.

 Polly May H. Stapley

Then, Polly May looked her husband squarely in the eye and very patiently and softly said,

“Well, now you can go out and buy me the very best cat you can find.”

Victorian hand shake Card

And you know~he did.  Very quickly, I would imagine!

Sometimes, true love is not only hearts,  flowers and happy days, but hard work, soft words, patience…

…and a new cat.

See you soon with something new.


{boy with chickens all vintage cat images found online}