Friday, July 26, 2013

A Mother’s Heart


My mother has—and always has had, I believe—a beautiful heart.  Full of love for those who’ve gone before her, overflowing with love for her children, and infinite amounts of love and concern for her grandchildren, and those yet to come…



She is filled with childlike joy for all beautiful things.  She creates like you wouldn’t believe.  The heart of an artist.  That’s my mother.


Her heart has been  filled with love for nursery rhymes & fairy tales from the time she was a little girl, and she filled me with the same.  I can still, in my mind, hear her reading or reciting them to me when I was young. 

Nowadays, we share with each other new, beautiful fairy tale books found.  A bit of an obsession for us  both… 


Always filled with concern, love and worry, is my mother’s heart.  “How’s so-and so doing with this and that?”, she’ll always ask…nothing to big or too little for her heart to hold.

But sometimes, even a mother’s heart needs help.

My mother’s did.


The last two weeks of my visit with my mother was filled with MY heart’s worry over hers.  But thanks to the skill and care of  amazing surgeons who’ve dedicated their lives to healing hearts…


my heart is now much lighter, knowing hers is safe and happy once again…