Monday, June 25, 2012

My Addled Brain


Hello, my friends!

Just a quick post today to share a few more pages from my art journal with you…


One of my favorite quotes…isn’t it wonderful?!  Most of the time you see the quote as “addled her brain”, but Louisa’s original quote was “turned her brain”, which, actually, means the same thing, I  guess!


This quote suits me perfectly…I definitely have an addled book-loving brain.

  I’m so enjoying finding vintage images to go with my thoughts…in fact, sometimes the images influence what my page will be—you just never know!


I found this wonderful turn-of-the-century academic PRIZE certificate right after our school year ended, and I just couldn’t wait to use it to journal about my girls—they did so well this year!


I let the leafy garland graphic inspire my border…very free-form & so much fun to do!


I fell in love with this little cutie the moment I saw her…and I knew just what she wanted to say…


As I did the border of x’s and o’s , I couldn’t help thinking of my mother who always closes her cards and letters to us with them--just like her mother did before her…


Her little “stage” is a piece of a vintage book page—it was so much fun to write on!  The soft, aged paper just LOVED the ink…

Well, that’s about it for me.  To prove the addledness (I really don’t think that’s even a word!) of my brain, I realize I needed to clear it for a while, so I’ll be taking a little blog break (just a few weeks!) to spend some lovely uninterrupted time with my family this summer.  I’ll be checking in with you, though!


Wishing you the loveliest summer & many happy days with those you love…

See you soon!