Thursday, August 2, 2012

Time to Play…


Hello, my friends!

I feel like I haven’t had any playtime in Blogland in a million years!

Three weeks away visiting family almost immediately followed by a week of camping in the redwoods…followed by finally arriving at home…and all of us got sick!


So, there hasn’t been a lot of creativity around here lately, and I’m trying to find even the tiniest spark of it left in me!

I loved finishing up these pages in my art journal, though…I’d started them before all the busy-ness of summer began, and just doodled & lettered them up while watching the Olympics until they were done…a little playfulness is just the thing when you’re worn out!


A little Shakespeare & a bit of Hans Christian Andersen is just the thing to fix anything!  A quote from each of these favorite authors paired with some lovely found images…


A vintage marionette paper doll found online and the perfect fairytale castle.  I was having the hardest time finding just the right castle image, but my memory finally led me to my bookcase filled with beautiful vintage books…and there it was!

My Bookhouse_edited-1 

…just inside the cover of one of my favorite book series—my set was published in 1920—“My Bookhouse”.  Books really are filled with the most magical things, aren’t they?!


Hope you’re filling these fleeting summer days with lots of fun, imagination & playfulness with those you love…enjoy each and every moment!

See you soon with something new…