Thursday, August 15, 2013

Quiet Time

 layered thoughts 7

Aaahhhh…a little quiet time, at last!  Time to play with pen & paper.  Time to try a few new things…

layered thoughts 2 {a new, white paint marker.  not sure how I feel about it yet!}

A new Moleskine journal, all ready to crack open and begin.  Delicate vintage papers glued in place.  Images chosen.  New pens to try—so much fun in store!

layered thoughts 3

New techniques learned from a favorite art journaler.  Little treats and tools gleaned from her years of experience tried in my first few pages…

layered thoughts 4

Thoughts explored.  Colors and textures enjoyed--{old magazines ripped to shreds!}…..Quiet time deeply appreciated…

See you soon with something new.