Friday, September 2, 2011

Just a Spoonful of Sugar…


…or should I say GLITTER?!

Three vintage silver spoons altered this weekend…each with a little personality all it’s own…


{old china doll head and crown images found in Crafty Secrets’ “Altered Fairies” Creative Scraps}

A pile of vintage silverware, found at a yard sale this summer, all tossed and jumbled together…5 dollars for the bunch…so much fun ahead of me!

DSC05594_edited-1 {“Altered” bronze tag from the fabulous Tim Holtz collection}

All three tied with liberally loopy bows of tinted seam binding (thanks to Glimmer Mist!) and crystal rhinestones…this one had the addition of some sweetly pink vintage millinery flowers…


I love how simple these were to make…just choose your main image, Mod Podge it like crazy onto the spoon—a heavy coat under and over…let dry, and let your imagination go!

DSC05598_edited-1 {beautiful vintage rose label found on Crafty Secrets’ “Love Mail” Creative Scraps"}


This one also has millinery flowers…light aqua this time…and some dangling hearts—brass & crystal—to top it off…


Went a little nuts with the glitter on this one!  Covered with a thick coating of real silver shavings glitter, this spoon really sparkles! {and the real silver will eventually tarnish—giving it a very vintage look!}

DSC05606_edited-1 {“Remembrance” image found on Crafty Secrets’ “Vintage  Photos” Creative Scraps}

DSC05620_edited-1 {my grandmother Velda’s jewelry box, beautifully lined with soft aqua velvet, gave my spoons the perfect backdrop today…}

Three little old silver spoons given a brand new life…I think I just may have a new addiction!

See you soon with something new…


Monday, August 29, 2011

Majestic Canyon Memories


Hello, dear friends!

What a lovely weekend it’s been!  Hope things are okay for those of you on the East Coast—keeping you in my thoughts and prayers…

No projects to share with you today…just wanted to re-live a little of our summer vacation…


(Warning:  LOTS of photos in this post!  I’ll try to be brief with the words!)

On our way to our family reunion in Northern Arizona this summer, we stayed overnight at a small motel on an Indian Reservation in Marble Canyon, part of the Navajo Nation. 

The next morning, we drove about 2 minutes to find this…


The Navajo Bridge—what an incredible sight! 


It will never cease to amaze me  what man and technology can do—can you imagine building this thing—two bridges—one for each direction of traffic--over this canyon???


It’s kind of impossible to show you how far down the Colorado River was here…all my photos are really zoomed in, but it was FAR down!

 DSC04090_edited-1 {daughters Annie & Chelsea dropping rocks down into the river…they counted about 5-6 seconds before the rocks hit—you could barely hear the splash!)

DSC04086_edited-1{my husband Roger…taking it all in on the other bridge…}

Although it was on a major highway, not many cars were going by, so we were able to cross back & forth between the two bridges to catch glimpses of things below…


Have you ever been able to get up close to those little flappy things on the freeway?  I did!


It was hard to choose which photos I wanted to share with you today…there was just this incredible beauty every direction you would turn…

DSC04131_edited-1 {daughter Sarah capturing it all with her camera…}

DSC04123_edited-1 {stunning turquoise-blue waters of the Colorado River}

DSC04088_edited-1 {this rock formation reminded me of an ancient Babylonian temple…very old world looking…}


{Great Uncle Richard, traveling with us, checked out a bit of old bridge-building machinery}

As we were admiring it all, we noticed 3 to 4 large birds flying around and resting on rocks on the canyon walls…vultures, I thought at first…



But then, I saw one perched on a rock just below me with a numbered tag on it’s wing—they were condors!






But my favorite sight of all that morning…turning around to see this…


My parents, walking hand-in-hand back towards the cars…



Thanks for stopping by & re-living a bit of my summer with me…

See you soon with something new.