Friday, November 2, 2012

Only a Paper Moon


I’ve always loved them--quick moments captured at a county fair or carnival--a moment on the moon, just for fun…

These two images particularly make me smile, so they became journal pages this week.


I just love these two.  Sisters, I’m guessing—don’t you just love their matching gingham dresses?  Their expressions, too, are wonderful…

And this one—my absolute favorite—”If Mother could only ‘C’ me now”!


If I was ever walking along a boardwalk or through a county fair & saw a photographer with a paper moon setting, guess what I’d be doing? 

I would DEFINITELY be over the moon!


See you soon with something new…


Thursday, November 1, 2012

It’s All in My Head


Thoughts milling around up there all the time… spilling out once in a while when we put pen to paper…


Ah, the joys of keeping an art journal—just the perfect place to sort out that jumble of thoughts from time to time…to bring a bit of order to the jumble up there…


A favorite quote from Louisa May Alcott illustrated just right by the queen here.  And just a bit of royal sealing wax to finish it off…

journal 2_edited-1

Wishing you a jumble of happy thoughts today.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Barber Shop Duet


I love vintage.  I think you already knew that…but I just have to say that sometimes, new things come along that make me love vintage even more!


A new digital kit from Crafty Secrets called “Barber Shop”--

…definitely a CUT above the rest! 

The kit made it so fun to whip up these two cards yesterday—easy peasy!


From the very trendy mustaches to the fabulous Victorian men, nothing but fun through and through…


Plus, it only costs 10.99 for the whole kit! 


Striped barber poles, vintage images galore…even my favorite finger-pointing hands—{why do I love those so much?!}

Perfect sayings, images & everything you need for the men in your life…

BS5_edited-1 {I couldn’t resist a little doodling around this one!}

And the best part of all?  During the month of November, Crafty Secrets will be donating $2 from the sale of every kit for prostate and testicular cancer.

  As someone who’s father has been affected by this particular cancer—and survived it successfully {thank heavens!}, this is a very good thing. 

See you soon with something new…