Friday, June 22, 2012

Real Comfort


Hello, my friends!

A few more of my art journal pages to share with you…I love this journaling more than I can say…


This first book of mine seems to be filling itself with favorite quotes illustrated by wonderful vintage art…

DSC09837_edited-1 {another long-time favorite quote—isn’t it just wonderful?}

I find myself feeling like a Victorian girl filling up her scrapbook…


…cutting, gluing, painting, writing a few words here and there…creating a keepsake of favorite things & gaining a bit of confidence with every page…

DSC09848_edited-1 {some of my pages are sheer journaling—this page, just my musings on summer as it’s coming upon us}

…and I’m loving every cut, glue, paint  & word!  There’s a great comfort I’m finding in doing this—can’t quite explain it…

DSC09863_edited-1 {I love the look of stamping an image underneath the words—adds just a bit more dimension}


And doodling…just letting the pen go where it will…what joy! 


One of my very favorite quotes of all time—and I couldn’t agree with Miss Austen more.  These words actually go through my mind quite often when I’m relaxing with my family at home…


Real Comfort.

See you soon with something new…


{Vintage lady, sweet cottage & pretty label images found online; Sunflower stamp & word-printed arrows from Crafty Secrets}

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Having a Little Fun


Hello, my friends!

Just a little silliness to share with you today.  I actually hesitated showing you this side of me…


…the goofier, definitely more colorful…absolutely eccentric side of me.


But, then I thought—Why not?!  We all have different sides of ourselves to share, I think…


A little bit of whimsical musing into the future, brought on by this fabulous Victorian-age graphic…isn’t it wonderful?!


As I’m writing this, I’m reminded of a great quote I read this morning from a VERY goofy & eccentric person—actor/director Mel Brooks…

“If you’re quiet, you’re not living.  You’ve got to be noisy, colorful and lively!”

I think he’s right—some of the time!


The other, softer, quieter side of me will most likely come out to play next time…


*****P.S.!  The winner of my “Creating with Vintage Typography” CD giveaway is “Auntiejenni”!  Please email me with your address & I’ll get that right out to you!*****

{old-fashioned watch, scripted arrows & lacy border stamp from Crafty Secrets; vintage lady graphic found on Pinterest}