Thursday, February 21, 2013

All the World’s a Stage


This may be, perhaps, the most fun I’ve had with any project I’ve ever made…

From it’s tippy top--


--to it’s bitty bottom--


…this was just plain, old fun for me to make!

DSC02509_edited-1 {my “stage” consists of old Brighton jewelry tins painted & old bits of sheet music}

“All the World’s a Stage”, it says; a well-known phrase taken from the Bard himself…

DSC02539_edited-1 {blue & yellow Frozen Charlotte dolls from the Tim Holtz collection}

…and these little sweeties, “merely players”, as the line goes on…


I think you all know, by now, that I have quite a little crush on these Frozen Charlotte dolls—whether whole or broken—even if it’s just a lovely little head—I love them all!


The little girls asked to  have the spotlight for a moment so you could see how unique each of them are…


…subtle differences in each one.  Each little dancer has her very own sparkly personality…


It’s hard not to sparkle when you’re wearing a crystal rhinestone tiara, after all!


All a little different--but this one, slightly more flawed and slightly less defined than the other two girls—is my favorite, I think.  She’s just perfect in my eyes…

All the world’s a stage…


…and I had so much fun with this one!  {Take a bow, girls!}

See you soon with something new.



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sit & Think


After a very busy couple of weeks, I’m enjoying some quiet time today…


…a little time to sit and think, reflecting on things that are important to me…


A few journal pages to share about those very things—quiet things.  Funny, they all seem to be done in similar colors, now that I look at them together like this…


…perhaps, to me, these are the colors of reflection…

Wishing you time to sit & think--