Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Enjoying Life

DSC00091_edited-1 {a couple of pages to share with you from two of my on-going art journals}

Ah, home again!

Been gone for three long, glorious weeks…time very well spent, I can tell you!  Time with my own family, my parents (and their 52nd anniversary!), siblings, nieces & nephews…

Time road-tripping, boating, Yellowstone-seeing…

DSC00088_edited-1 {a page from my Moleskin journal…no water coloring in this one…so fun to write and doodle my way through Yellowstone}

…relative-visiting, playing, eating (waaay too much eating!), wedding reception going, not sleeping, shopping, fire-watching (far too close to us—yikes!), bison watching…

 image {taken from our car…This ENORMOUS bison was just walking down the middle of the road!  I could have reached out and touched him…my husband took this picture from the passenger seat—I was driving!}

…walk taking, old friend seeing, rainstorm loving…so many wonderful things!

Yes, time VERY well spent!


SO nice to be back here with you all!  Looking forward to seeing what you’ve all been up to!

See you soon with something new…