Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Woman of Conviction

DSC07158_edited-1 {beautiful vintage frame image & VERY realistic vintage brooch are found in Crafty Secrets’ soon-to-be-released CD}

She was only a farmer’s wife, it would seem on the surface…

Melvina Campbell, known to all as Vie, was, indeed, a farmer’s wife—and proud to be one.

image {Melvina Howard, my husband’s great-grandmother.  I love this old cabinet card photo…}

It was what she was underneath that label that I find so very inspiring…


A huge promoter of equal education for boys, girls and the underprivileged…

…a leader of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union—the W.C.T.U.—very active in all it’s auxiliaries…one of which strongly promoted a woman’s right to vote.


When the Women’s Suffrage Association started in Wisconsin in the mid-1800’s, Vie jumped right into the fray, quickly becoming one of the leaders in her Wisconsin Chapter…marching, speaking, writing…leading


She continued her work in all these areas until her death in 1922…just barely seeing the right to vote given to women in 1920 when the 19th Amendment of the Constitution was passed—Wisconsin being the first state to ratify it.

DSC07165_edited-1 {copy of newspaper article mentioning Vie’s work in the Suffrage movement, along with journal page in Vie’s own handwriting}

Isn’t it amazing…less than 100 years ago, we women couldn’t vote.  I wonder if we appreciate that right as much as we should…

Just a farmer’s wife on the surface, and proud to be one…

image {Vie in later life…she has quite a commanding presence, doesn’t she?}

…but isn’t it wonderful what a woman of conviction can do with her life if she chooses to?

I see Vie’s conviction for the things she believed in shining in her great-great granddaughters’ eyes every time they stand up for something they believe in…

image   {my oldest daughter Chelsea…climbing a mountain!}

image {Sarah & Annie…San Diego}

…and I am so grateful to this great-great grandmother of theirs for the example she left for them to follow…

DSC07152_edited-1 {the newest of my heritage pages made just yesterday…a small compilation of the life of an amazing woman}

I’m just a contractor’s wife on the surface, and proud to be one…Will I show the same strength of conviction when I’m called upon to show it?  I’d like to think I would…

Thank-you, Vie.



Monday, November 14, 2011

Window Shopping

IMG_1481_edited-1 {Warning:  LOTS of photos…will try not to talk too much!}

Hello, dear friends!

Come along with me down one of the most charming streets in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California…a few of it’s streets, actually!


This was one of those golden days…a day we took just because…We’ve been able to enjoy a few of these kinds of days lately…thanks to our new homeschooling  journey…


Right off the Pacific Coast Highway lies Ocean Avenue…lined with unique, charming & expensive shops that lead down to the beautiful sea…


Our first stop—the famous & fabulous “Tuck Box”…

…a place so charming & well known, Thomas Kinkade has painted it…twice!


image  …a delightful English tearoom—only open till 2:30 in the afternoon—you’ve got to get there early!



I’ve been wanting to take my girls here forever—and today was the day…c’mon inside with us!



…a sweet, sun-filled room awaited us…no one else in the place when we walked in—perfect! {it filled up shortly after, however!}


The girls just fell in love with the place!  {Don’t worry, Chelsea…we’ll be going back with you as soon as you get home!}


Annie “tucked” into one of their famous scones…complete with marmalade & double clotted cream, of course!

As soon as we were happily stuffed, we started walking…{now’s when I stop talking so much…!}

Beauty-filled windows…



Irresistible delights…



…a LOT of  whimsy…





…luscious indulgences…


{…just look at these chunks of fragrant, handmade soaps!}


…and extravagance…



…even an English-themed pub owned by a very famous local actor…


…did you know that Clint Eastwood was also the mayor of Carmel at one time?

There was time for a little “reflection”…



…a time to “rest and be thankful”…


…which Annie decided to take very literally! {with her photographer sister’s suggestion, of course!}


Everywhere we looked, touches of vintage beauty…





…charming architecture…





…and beckoning courtyards…


So glad you came along with us today!  {Hope you’re still with me…this post is about as long as our window shopping day!}


…and a very special thanks to my photographer daughter, Sarah…this is why you didn’t see her in most of the photos! {don’t you just love her clever use of the double driveway mirrors here?!}

If you ever come to our little part of California, I hope you’ll stop for a visit to beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea…


…where else are you going to find a gas station sign with gilded letters?!

See you soon with something new…