Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Woman of Conviction

DSC07158_edited-1 {beautiful vintage frame image & VERY realistic vintage brooch are found in Crafty Secrets’ soon-to-be-released CD}

She was only a farmer’s wife, it would seem on the surface…

Melvina Campbell, known to all as Vie, was, indeed, a farmer’s wife—and proud to be one.

image {Melvina Howard, my husband’s great-grandmother.  I love this old cabinet card photo…}

It was what she was underneath that label that I find so very inspiring…


A huge promoter of equal education for boys, girls and the underprivileged…

…a leader of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union—the W.C.T.U.—very active in all it’s auxiliaries…one of which strongly promoted a woman’s right to vote.


When the Women’s Suffrage Association started in Wisconsin in the mid-1800’s, Vie jumped right into the fray, quickly becoming one of the leaders in her Wisconsin Chapter…marching, speaking, writing…leading


She continued her work in all these areas until her death in 1922…just barely seeing the right to vote given to women in 1920 when the 19th Amendment of the Constitution was passed—Wisconsin being the first state to ratify it.

DSC07165_edited-1 {copy of newspaper article mentioning Vie’s work in the Suffrage movement, along with journal page in Vie’s own handwriting}

Isn’t it amazing…less than 100 years ago, we women couldn’t vote.  I wonder if we appreciate that right as much as we should…

Just a farmer’s wife on the surface, and proud to be one…

image {Vie in later life…she has quite a commanding presence, doesn’t she?}

…but isn’t it wonderful what a woman of conviction can do with her life if she chooses to?

I see Vie’s conviction for the things she believed in shining in her great-great granddaughters’ eyes every time they stand up for something they believe in…

image   {my oldest daughter Chelsea…climbing a mountain!}

image {Sarah & Annie…San Diego}

…and I am so grateful to this great-great grandmother of theirs for the example she left for them to follow…

DSC07152_edited-1 {the newest of my heritage pages made just yesterday…a small compilation of the life of an amazing woman}

I’m just a contractor’s wife on the surface, and proud to be one…Will I show the same strength of conviction when I’m called upon to show it?  I’d like to think I would…

Thank-you, Vie.




  1. Hi Julie,
    I just adored this post today. This heritage page is definitely my favorite one so far. Love what you did with the newspaper article, and her photographs are beautiful. The ornate outfit Vie wore in her cabinet photograph was stunning! Your children are growing up so beautiful, and I'm sure they are so proud of YOU, and how you are preserving these memories. I don't know anyone who can quite hold a candle to the way you accomplish that! I so admire your follow through, as a keeper of memories.

  2. Wonderful tribute to your great grandmother. I remember my Mom saying she voted the first time women got to vote in 1920. My sister was born that year. Yes it was such a short time ago, women have come so far in our country in that time span.

  3. What a beautiful tribute, Julie. I love reading about your family. I only wish mine had been as wise about saving photos and memorabilia!

  4. What a nice post.
    We are ALL SO MUCH MORE underneath that label, that people put on us.
    She was a woman of great courage and determination for sure in her day.
    and you are will I STAND UP to the things I believe, and want to incorporate in my life. And the lives of my children and
    My great.great grandchildren someday.
    hopefully more then a Label

  5. Truly beautiful!I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now your great-grandmother would be very proud of you.I see a lot of courage and conviction in you.

  6. What an amazing history you have Julie. I love all the little details and touches that bring the story alive. She was a wonderful women...Smiles...Renee

  7. What a lovely glimpse into an amazing woman. It is nice she got to see a glimpse of her hard work come into fruition! I enjoy your stories very much.

  8. Love it! I love history, and great grandmother's stories=)! Beautiful women all around in your family, thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Julie, I had such a fun time following along with your girls in your Carmel post. My parents were married in Carmel, and you bring to life their time spent there with your beautiful photographs of the charming shops. Thank you also for sharing another page from your heritage scrapbook with us. Each story inspires! Have a lovely Thanksgiving! Elizabeth

  10. Hi Julie, Vie must have been such an amazing woman and your tribute to her is beautiful! It's fantastic that you and your husband both have so many pictures of your ancestors and know so much about their lifes.
    Hugs to you,

  11. You and hubby were meant to be since you both come from families with such a rich family history that was documented for future generations. Not many can say that. Absolutely wonderful! Vie sounds like she was a dynamic person! Hope your week is great. Tammy

  12. What a beautiful tribute ♥ Thanks for sharing !

  13. I'm always sooo impressed with these pages you do. And that you know so much of your family heritage on both sides of your families! youre very lucky.
    have a great weekend Julie.. and yes, I do think you would stand up for your convictions..

  14. Thanks for your visit. She was one of the noble and great are we..if we stand up for what is right. Julie, I think you need to write a book on all these people. :D

  15. Oh wow, this is truly a treasure, Julie! And that is amazing that you have such a legacy in your family-how spectacular is that? This is a gorgeous piece--and even more special knowing the beautiful story behind it. YOU are an inspiration too!

  16. One more thing--you are so lucky that your husband's family saved these amazing pictures and I adore what you created with them...I wonder why they call those "cabinet cards."

  17. Julie, I love this post! I've been the family historian since I was a teenager and began working on genealogy, and I especially treasure the stories about my female ancestors. Vie sounds like quite a woman!

  18. How wonderful to have such a women in your history. She made so many things possible for us women, Glad she was able to see her efforts paid off for the right to vote! Bless her and the women who stood up for us all. Beautiful page and tribute Julie.
    hugs Lynn

  19. Such a beautiful tribute and gorgeous heirloom photos! I love your scrapbook layout you created in her honor! Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Oh my ... what a beautiful layout. And THOSE FLOWERS are to die for. Please let me know how you made them. Thank you!
    SuZeQ ~

  21. I JUST LOVE how you put LIVE HISTORY to your vintage treasures, Julie. JUST IMAGINATIVE, WARM and EYE CANDY for those of us who love vintage items! AND THANK YOU for coming for a little fireside chat...happy week my dearest! Anita

  22. Wow what a wonderful piece of family history that can be such an inspiration for your girls!
    You have told and displayed it beautifully. I'm sure she would be pleased!