Thursday, September 5, 2013

Private Musings

Dreams 2

A bit of journaling done this past week.  Using some of my favorite ladies from vintage  fashion magazines of the past…


…and giving them new thoughts, new ideas, new life.


Vintage papers, pens & poems combine to fill each page as I go along--also picking up a few new techniques from the lovely Hope Karney in an online class I’m enjoying so very much…

Fears 1

…even diving into some very private musings.  Fears—real or imagined—are explored in these pages.  A good thing to examine, a good thing to try to overcome…

Fears 2

I love these reproductions of antique mix & match lady cards, favorites of Hope and used in her classes~~they add such a wonderful character to things, don’t you think?

Fears 3

When you use a bit of pretty washi tape on the pieces, you get some wonderful flaps to journal under…a bit more texture, a bit more fun!

Fears 4

Give some time to journaling your deeper thoughts yourself--you might just find it as liberating as I do…


See you soon with something new~