Monday, November 14, 2011

Window Shopping

IMG_1481_edited-1 {Warning:  LOTS of photos…will try not to talk too much!}

Hello, dear friends!

Come along with me down one of the most charming streets in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California…a few of it’s streets, actually!


This was one of those golden days…a day we took just because…We’ve been able to enjoy a few of these kinds of days lately…thanks to our new homeschooling  journey…


Right off the Pacific Coast Highway lies Ocean Avenue…lined with unique, charming & expensive shops that lead down to the beautiful sea…


Our first stop—the famous & fabulous “Tuck Box”…

…a place so charming & well known, Thomas Kinkade has painted it…twice!


image  …a delightful English tearoom—only open till 2:30 in the afternoon—you’ve got to get there early!



I’ve been wanting to take my girls here forever—and today was the day…c’mon inside with us!



…a sweet, sun-filled room awaited us…no one else in the place when we walked in—perfect! {it filled up shortly after, however!}


The girls just fell in love with the place!  {Don’t worry, Chelsea…we’ll be going back with you as soon as you get home!}


Annie “tucked” into one of their famous scones…complete with marmalade & double clotted cream, of course!

As soon as we were happily stuffed, we started walking…{now’s when I stop talking so much…!}

Beauty-filled windows…



Irresistible delights…



…a LOT of  whimsy…





…luscious indulgences…


{…just look at these chunks of fragrant, handmade soaps!}


…and extravagance…



…even an English-themed pub owned by a very famous local actor…


…did you know that Clint Eastwood was also the mayor of Carmel at one time?

There was time for a little “reflection”…



…a time to “rest and be thankful”…


…which Annie decided to take very literally! {with her photographer sister’s suggestion, of course!}


Everywhere we looked, touches of vintage beauty…





…charming architecture…





…and beckoning courtyards…


So glad you came along with us today!  {Hope you’re still with me…this post is about as long as our window shopping day!}


…and a very special thanks to my photographer daughter, Sarah…this is why you didn’t see her in most of the photos! {don’t you just love her clever use of the double driveway mirrors here?!}

If you ever come to our little part of California, I hope you’ll stop for a visit to beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea…


…where else are you going to find a gas station sign with gilded letters?!

See you soon with something new…



  1. We LOVE Carmel by-the-Sea!! I can't get enough of looking at all the charming houses around there too! What a great day - love your pics!

  2. Oh, thank you so much for taking us to Carmel By The Sea with you. I loved the pictures. I have longed to go back there for some time now, as the last time I was there, I was probably 12. Loved seeing your daughters too, and even glimpses of you. What a charming and lovely place to spend a day with daughters who appreciate it. Interestingly my daughter and I were just talking about Monterey last night as she was recalling the wonderful Honeymoon she had with her husband in 2006 there.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love it there so charming I can't stand it. How lucky you and your girls got to do the day trip in this whimsical place.

  4. We drove through it once, but would love to spend a few days there!

  5. Oh Julie, what a wonderful place. I would love to visit there. How fun that you and your daughters got spend the day at the shops.
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  6. Hi Julie,
    Wonderful window shopping you did. I enjoyed seeing all the photos; forgot why I love it there, the charming boutiques, wonderful little restaurants and the beautiful houses. Thank you for sharing these photos, love it.
    Have you been to Sausalito? Another charming artist town I enjoyed visiting.
    You have a couple of beautiful girls Julie, I'm sure you keep them very close to your heart.
    Warm hugs to you.

  7. Love Carmel by the Sea! I used to live near. Now in NC and miss places like that! Thanks for the walk down memory lane! :)

  8. Oh wow, I love Carmel--and I adore all the pics!!! Such a perfect day!!!

  9. Carmel is my idea of heaven on earth. Wonderful memories!

  10. Oh Julie- LOVE your post today! We were there ONCE years ago...drank wine at the Hog's breath..enjoyed the beauty...A long way from my Hinckley OH home! :) TFS such wonderful pics and the daughters are ADORABLE :)

  11. Hi Julie,
    What a lovely visit today. Carmel looks like my kind of town. I hope to someday take a journey there. Simply beautiful!

  12. Beautiful! Loved the window shopping tour. And yes, your daughter IS very clever to use the reflection of the mirror! I love the sence of humor your other daughter has too! Looked like a perfect day!

  13. Hi Julie, with my sprained ankle, this is about the only kinda walking tour and window shopping I'm gonna be doing, and how lovely it was. Thanks for taking us along and sharing your delightful day with the girls. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  14. Hello my friend .. it's been toooooo long since we last visited! Thanks for the wonderful trip through Carmel ... it was way back in 1997 when we were there and didn't see near as many shops as you & your girls visited. What a wonderful day for you and your beautiful daughters and Sarah's photography was EXCELLENT!! Thanks again for the tour of Carmel.
    Take care and stop by anytime!

  15. Hello, dear Julie. Pretty, pretty mommy. Pretty, pretty girls. Lovely Carmel.It is one of my favorite places. I haven't been there for 38 years. The first year of our marriage we visited there. He was in medical school in San Francisco and I was teaching students with emotional problems and we were crazy in love. It was so charming and I have longed to go back. Some day! Thank you so much for visiting at this crazy time in my life. It is soooo appreciated!
    Big hugs,

  16. Hi Julie...what a fun day with the girls!
    My husband's aunt had a home in Carmel for years and when his Nana would go visit she would bring back the most beautiful photos of her days by the sea! Some are similar to yours! It was fun visiting today!

  17. OH! What a fun filled day and loved the tour :)

  18. Hi Julie, I just stumbled onto your blog, it's very nice. We have a few things in common. I live on the Central Coast, Arroyo Grande, and I also have a daughter named Annie, who does everything I do. I have a fun vintage holiday project made from scrap fabric, you might like the muslin one. I'm also celebrating my first magazine article with a giveaway. Come by and say hi,and see my Annie and her sidekick Daisy. Thanks, Cindy

  19. Oh my heavens Julie, what a wonderful day with your darling girls! It looks like it was a perfect day up north! Isn't it the best to hang out with our daughters?! Making sweet memories.

    Love you Julie,

  20. What a wonderful day spent with your girls window shopping, just what memories are made of. Thanks for taking us along.
    hugs Lynn

  21. What beautiful daughters you have!! so lovely! what a wonderful visit you had - I went once almost 20 years ago! it looks even more wonderful :)
    Mary x

  22. What a lovely and fun day! So quaint and beautiful with vintage treasures! Wish I could be there!


  23. Wow, I would really love to go there with my daughter, shopping and strolling... I must come back to California one day!!!


  24. OH JULIE....THIS IS WHERE RUBEN AND I SPENT OUR HONEYMOON 30 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!! We even remodeled out cottage after these stunning works of art....OH THIS IS SO FANTASTIC! I must show him later tonight, your wonderful post! AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND WORDS AND VISIT! Now OFF I GO to school...Anita

  25. Oh what a day my friend...I love it! Those kind of days with the girls make my heart sing. Thank you so much for sharing the JOY! What sweet girls you have...adorable just like YOU xoxoxox

  26. Carmel, sigh! I hope to visit it again one day. Thank you for the wonderful tour, Julie! You girls must have had such a great day.
    Hugs to you,