Monday, April 2, 2012

Good, Kind & Wonderful…

Orley Glenn Stapley 1897 

Laying on the chenille-covered bed in the beautiful bedroom at my grandparents’ house, I would gaze at the portrait on the wall…

The old, Victorian-age portrait had hung there as long as I could remember…


…and I loved it.

The piercingly blue eyes would gaze back at me as I thought about this long-ago baby boy, so lovingly photographed…my great-grandfather I was never  able to meet…

Orley Glenn Stapley--baby, Phoenix 1 {cabinet card photo of baby Orley a year earlier—about 1896.  Noticed he’s wearing the same “dress” in both portraits!}

That baby boy was my own Grammie’s father.  Whenever I asked her about him, she wouldn’t go through his long list of lifetime achievements, she would simply say, with a sparkle in her eye, “He was always so very kind to me…and so funny!  He was a wonderful Daddy…”

The O. S. Stapley Family {Orley stands center back…what a handsome young man!}

Orley Glenn Stapley, born in 1895, did many good things in his life.  Marrying his high school sweetheart, he was the father of a large, happy family. 

The whole gang--the Stapley Family at Palm Lane house {Early 1940s…O. Glenn stands happily in the center of the family, holding my two-year old mother, Karen.  He passed away not too many years after this picture was taken—far too young…only 54.}

He was well-schooled, a very successful businessman, and served well and much in his Church…more stories for other days…

DSC08942_edited-1 {the newest page made this weekend for my heritage album}

But perhaps, the best thing that could ever be said about him—or ANY man—was said best by a loving daughter to her granddaughter many times over many years…

“He was always so kind to me...he was a wonderful Daddy…”

See you soon with something new…



{Orley Glenn’s baby portrait now hangs in my parents’ house, and those piercingly baby blue eyes continue to captivate me…}

(pretty blue background print, photo corners & tag found on Crafty Secrets’ “Creating with Vintage Patterns” CD.  Metal pin & tag from the Tim Holtz collection. Victorian baby pin & baby shoes images found online)


  1. What a gorgeous portrait Julie! Those beautiful blue eyes! And of course your page for the heritage album is beautiful.

  2. My grandmothers baby portrait is so very similar. With those baby blue eyes. When photographs where such a rarity too.I have it now and it hangs in my living room. Beautiful story and page...smiles...Renee

  3. What a beautiful post Julie (but they always are) I think the photographs are such special treasures. They're so interesting to look at giving a real insight into life in a different era.
    You really inspire me to pay a suitable tribute to some of my family members whom are sadly no longer with me.
    Your great grandfather must have been a very special man...deserving such a lovely tribute from his great grandaughter ;D
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. A beautiful tribute Julie to your Great Grandfather. I can only hope that somewhere down the line someone will be able to say something even half as special about me. Love and hugs to you on a rainy, cool, UK morning. xxoo

  5. I so enjoy reading your posts and looking at the beautiful heritage pages you do to honor your family! My father was born in 1896 and passed away at the age of 61 when I was 16. He was also a very kind man! I have a picture of him and his sister and brother taken about 1900 and you have inspired me to finally do something with it. Don't know what but I am going to work on it! Thank you for your inspiration.

  6. It is always so much fun looking back at old photos and knowing a bit more of where and who we come from. This post has inspired me to dig deeper into my past as I have my grandmother's old photos of many years ago. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a lovely story of your great grandfather! Beautiful layout to capture those eyes.

    Have a great week.

  8. Sooooooo SWEET! Your family is so way cool! I love how close you are.

  9. He was a beautiful baby...and those eyes!!!!!
    hugs Lynn

  10. What beautiful family story, dear Julie.
    Wishing you a wonderful week leading up to Easter my friend xoxo

  11. Well Julie my friend, you have done it once again. I love this story and what you have done up in honor of your sweet grandfather. I believe that this is the most important thing we can be known for in this life, that we were very kind to everyone, especially our family members. What a great legacy he has. To have raised a wonderful family and that he was very kind! I love that! Thanks for always lifting my spirits dear friend!

  12. I guess that is about the best thing a dad wants to here.
    Isn't it funny how they always put the boys in "dresses"???

  13. OMG julie that portrait is wonderful! I too love old photos. My passion started out collecting old wedding photos but it's grown from there. I wish I had a photo like this of any member of my family. I love the fact that you created something to honor him. It's wonderful! Thank you for a great post. Have a great Easter weekend! xox-cindy