Monday, April 4, 2011

Love’s Old Sweet Song



{this beautiful, central image from Crafty Secrets’ “Love Mail” Creative Scraps}

Funny thing about inspiration…you never know where it’s going to lead you.  I’ll explain later.

Pauline Udall about 1909

My great-grandmother Pauline was pretty certain about one thing.  She didn’t want to marry a farmer.  Especially an Arizona farmer. 

This beautiful, young school teacher had a few other suitors in that rural part of northern Arizona where she lived at the turn of the century… the question was just one of choice.

DSC02027_edited-1 {three lovely, imperfectly perfect brown vintage buttons…}

Shortly before taking her mother for a two-month stay in California for her mother’s health, Asahel Smith came to her family’s home to propose marriage to Pauline.


“I promised to correspond with him and think it over…but I then had not the least intention of giving up my schooling and becoming an Arizona farmer’s wife.”

While in California—at some point during their exchange of letters, caring for her mother and sightseeing by the sea--Pauline had a change of heart... 

 Pauline Udall on trip before marriage-Calif. 1907_edited {a picture postcard of Pauline while at Ocean Park on her trip to California…June 1908}

…She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that when she returned home, she would marry Asahel.

Back in Arizona and while she and Asahel were courting, his mother once told Pauline:

“Asahel speaks with a sack of flour, a load of wood, or a job attended to, rather than with fine words.”

Another visit to Pauline’s family’s house on the evening of his 28th birthday late in 1908… 

Asahel Henry Smith, about 1909

…a question formally asked, parental permission and a young woman’s consent both happily given.  Pauline’s changed heart was content and secure.

Of the months after their engagement, Pauline wrote (much later in her life): 

“Our letters were now exchanged once a week.  I leave them to you for your character appraisal of us.  Our letters have their defects (mine, at least!), but so be it—we did, and still do have, too.”

To Pauline…January 1909

…I feel now like there is nothing I could not undertake, if you were there to help.  I feel like all will be right with us…I can see so many things in you that I admire, and I shall always find more.

I am going to write every chance I have—the thoughts that come to me so often lately—for I have (been living) in a paradise of beautiful thoughts.”

To Asahel…February 1909

My soul is filled with gratitude all the day for you, and the assurance I have that all will be well with us…for a happy home.

In my mind, home is not a house or furnishings….I love to plan and think of it…I think about how I’ll manage things when I can do everything to suit myself, with only my dear Asahel to please, who I know will be very compassionate with me.”

Asahel H. & Pauline Smith

Another page made for my heritage scrapbook…


Remember what I said in the beginning about inspiration being a funny thing?  Yesterday morning, when I was wanting to start a project, I had absolutely nothing—or no one--particularly in mind.

Soon, Asahel and Pauline came to mind. As I hadn’t written about their courtship yet, I decided I would.  I had intended to finish and post yesterday, but it wasn’t to be.  Life just gets in the way, sometimes, doesn’t it?!


{I’m just in love with these keys from the Tim Holtz collection…LOVE really is the KEY, isn’t it?}

My scrapbook page finished later in the day, I decided to sit and read some of Pauline’s memoirs…it wasn’t until late last night that I realized that the next day—today (April 2nd)—was their anniversary. 

Sometimes things happen for a reason. 


Upon reflecting on her life…nine children and many decades of marriage to Asahel before he passed away…I do believe that Pauline found that being an Arizona farmer’s wife ended up suiting her very well, after all.

Happy Anniversary…


{images of old letters found online}


  1. Hi Julie, Oh I so loved this post. I just love old love stories. What a wonderful story to pass down from your great-grandmother and great-grandfather. It is so nice that you have their letters.
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Julie

  2. What a sweet, sweet had me hanging on every word!! Pauline had a way with the written word and so do you! What a great love story. There IS more?? ;-D


  3. How sweet that is!! It's always so fun hearing about your family!!

  4. You always have the sweetest and most thoughtful posts! Thank you so much for sharing with us.:) Lori

  5. Hi Julie... another beautiful post!... Happy Anniversary to beautiful Pauline and her handsome beau (and husband!) Asahel!... yes, often things really do happen for a reason, just as your beautiful post shows... your heritage scrapbook must be so lovely... and how fun to keep finding more and more inspiration and things to add a new page about... thanks for sharing!... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. What a wonderful story. It is such a treasure that you have these letters. I would love some form my ancestors but will content myself with the stories they left behind.

  7. Oh wow, Julie--She wanted all of us to hear their story--it is amazing!!! Isn't that awesome that it was their anniversary--WOW!

    I've got a question for you--what colors is your house in? Let me know, okay? Or which color is your favorite?

  8. Oh I love this story! You are so blessed to have those letters. Thank you for sharing..hope your weekend is going well. xoxoxox

  9. You have the most wonderful love stories in your family! Have you told yours? Mimi

  10. Another beautiful post Julie. I love this newest page you have made and I loved reading about your Great Grandmother and her courtship with your Great Grandfather. I don't believe in co-incidence, only God-incidence, and I am sure it played a huge part in their getting together! I send lots of love and hugs to you on this beautiful April conference morning! xxoo

  11. This is such a beautiful page and tribute to your great grandparents!

  12. I got goosebumps when I read at the end about their Anniversary, Yes it was meant to be. Beautiful story and layout.
    Hugs Lynn

  13. Oh this is so beautiful, what an enchanting love story, beautiful photographs and wonderful art.
    Hugs June xxxx

  14. Feels good to finally have minute to come catch up here! I've been deep in kitting classes for next weekend. I love your posts Julie! You are such a great story teller.. not to mention amazing artist.

  15. Goodness, I have
    goose bumps after
    reading this post,
    Julie! Isn't it
    funny how serious
    that relatives used
    to look in photos?
    I was imagining these
    two breaking out in
    smiles....and it wasn't
    hard, really. And
    it was beautiful, just
    like the page you have
    created about them.
    Happy Monday!
    xx Suzanne

  16. Another beautiful post Julie! Your layout is gorgeous!

  17. Thanks sooo much for your help. Will try hooking up with that link! Just as soon as I finish my "26" in two days shift at the ER (ugh!)
    Molly d

  18. Another sweet amazing story. I can't believe all of the great family information you have !!

  19. That is so sweet Julie. And it gave me chills! Thanks for sharing some of their story, they must be so proud of you. :D

  20. Beautifully woven together as always Julie! Have a beautiful rest of the week. :) Tammy

  21. Julie, your post sure pulls at my heart strings! Your family stories and beautiful paper crafts are very touching. I love how you honor those that you love!


  22. Love the post and story, you did a beautiful job, Julie! Hugs Marilou

  23. You always share such prettiness, Julie!
    Have a lovely merry happy Tuesday xxx

  24. What a wonderful story, Julie, and so faithfully commemorated in your beautiful page! Once again, thank you for sharing!

  25. A beautiful love story!
    Thank you for you sweet comment on the birth of our new Granddaughter :)

  26. What an incredible story! I'm so glad I popped by today and will enjoy going through your archives! xo

  27. Julie!!! This is the most beautiful true story ever! I just know we are connected to our family members though they may have passed! These beautiful times remembered by you are such a wonderful tribute to your dear family! You are a marvelous writer as was this young woman who "did not want to marry a farmer"! Lovely tale. And that date...well, I've read (and believe) that there are no coincidences...just God working anonymously!
    Precious post, my friend!

  28. Here you go my Deer! ;)

    Are these the ones you couldn't find?

    hope this helps!


  29. What a lovely, sweet story! Thank you for sharing it, with your lovely artwork bringing it to life! I'll say it before, and I'll say it again, Ain't life GRAND?

  30. What a gorgeous heritage page! I love how you've cut out copies of their photos and distressed the edges - to vintage up the already vintage yumminess. Have a wonderful day. :)