Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail…

Hello, dear friends!

With thoughts of Easter hopping through my head yesterday, I thought I’d make a little memory layout for my sweet mother…

DSC02110_edited-1 {Easter bunny images from Crafty Secrets’ “Easter” Creative Scraps}

You know, as I look through photos of my mother when she was a girl, there’s hardly a photo of her without something in her hands…a doll (most of the time!), a ball…or a bunny…

Oswald the Rabbit, in this case…

Karen Ann Ostlund, about 1943

An adorable Easter time portrait taken in their home, about 1943. 

The piano bench my mother’s sitting on is the same one I sat on to practice almost every day of my growing up years…and the same one my daughters sit on to this day…wonder who in my family will be sitting on it 100 years from now…?

DSC02118_edited-1 {sweet little bunny from Crafty Secrets’ “Easter” Creative Scraps}

I’ve always loved this next photo…taken at Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California about 1942…


My three-year-old mother, holding a new stuffed bunny…and her mother’s hand.  Her father right behind her, and her grandfather to his right.

DSC02129_edited-1 {Soft, lovely vintage millinery flowers available from Vintage Street Market, and luscious seam binding in a big, loopy bow…tinted with three yellow & golden shades of Glimmer Mist}

Here’s me…holding a bunny, of course! Reminds me…my Dad’s always called me “Bunny Rab”…still does.

Julie with bunny portrait large {me…about 1964}

This poor portrait.  It’s the only one there is, and it’s quite large.  It was rolled up for years before I got it, and I had to take it out of the frame to photograph it.  I’m obviously no good at editing out the creases—anyone got any tips?

And now for the sweetest bunnies of all…

The Campbell Girls Mar. 29, 1997_edited-1

My three little bunnies at a beautiful Easter garden party at our Aunt & Uncle’s house in 1997…ah, memories…

So glad you could join me on the Bunny Trail today…hope you’ve got some happy Easter memories hopping around in your head, too…

See you soon with something new.


{Vintage card images found online}


  1. Oh I just love all of the bunnies! There's is something about old pictures - they are so fun to browse through.


  2. Such a beautiful layout! I love how you've traced the "Easter Bunny" throughout the history of the lovely girls in the family. So cute!

  3. I can never come here with you thinking how lucky you are to have all these wonderful photographs! Love seeing all your pics. thanks for the trip down the bunny trail! I just dug out a bin of photo albums the other night, I havent had time to go through them yet but I wanted to look for easter pics of my kid. I hope there are some! I was never very good about taking pictures. Have a blessed day my friend!

  4. What great memories and photos. LOVE your creation as always!!

    You're one lucky lady to have all that history and the photos to go with it! :-)

  5. Beautiful memories and the pictures you share are always so pretty and fun! Thank you for sharing your heart.

    Have a great day!

  6. Hi Julie, that first picture of your mom with Oswald is just gorgeous. You have so many wonderful memories. I remember the songs of Easter, new patent leather shoes, the smell of vinegar when we colored eggs and then the big Easter Egg hunts in my Mammaw's back yard with all the cousins. Seems like a lifetime ago. Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  7. Hi Julie,
    Oh my gosh, I LOVE this post! Your mom's picture with the bunny, your picture, and your girls' picture are priceless!! How adorable. I hope you're having a happy day!

  8. Sweetie this post made me tear up...
    it's just beautiful...and the piano bench
    you had me when you said wonder who will
    be sitting on it 100 years from now...

  9. Oh Julie, I love the photos and it reminds me to dig them out and get them organized with stories and memories!

    "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" is now playing in my head.... :)

  10. Oh the old photos are so sweet. I love the way everyone dressed in the 40's. Yesterday I was digging out photos of my grandson on a surf board when he was only 10 months old in HI. He's now 22. I posted them on FB as he's in CA now in the USCG and just bought a surf board. He's up in SF.

  11. Oh Julie, this is just precious! Lots of love once more went into this sweet piece. I love the pictures and you are sure a cutie too! Look how fancy people dressed in the 40's! Even in the 50's and beginning of the 60's everyone dressed so nice!

    Have a wonderful day my friend! Bet it is raining there, because it is here!


  12. Hello sweet Julie,
    so sweet and beautifull photoes, from your little family- everyone looking so lovely- your mother-you-and your children-a wonderfull tour through generations.

  13. That is the sweetest story about your mom and I LOVE the pic of her holding the bunny! I love the song too ;D

  14. What a sweet memory board Julie! I love looking at old photos and yours are really nice, especially the one of your Mom with her parents. Thanks for sharing, Nan

  15. Julie I don't know how you do it, but your cards only get CUTER!! I love the stories, and the pics of you and your mom are darling. As always, a joy to read!

  16. So lovely Julie! Don't you just wonder how your mother ever sat still for her elaborate hair style? My TSG never let me "play" with her hair. Wishing you a joyous Easter holiday. We will all be together here! Elizbeth

  17. I sure do see the resemblance in all the cute bunnie rabs, and the girls too!

  18. Sweet pics! Your mama was adorable!

  19. Lovely post as ever Julie, I Love all your Easter pictures and sweet bunny memories!
    Hugs Lynn

  20. Beautiful post with great pictures and vintage images :)

  21. What sweet photos and images! I enjoyed the bunny parade!

  22. Great Easter parade of bunnies, lovely page to kick it all off and the photo of little you is adorable!

  23. Your family history posts are always so beautiful, and so interesting, it almost makes me want to scrapbook!

  24. Julie,
    It is such a pleasure to come and visit and especially to see your three little bunnies when they were younger. You have such treasures...who would have been the photographer that kept such wonderful photographs of your mom? Even the casual black and white pictures are just beautiful.
    Thank you a million times over for your support. We won't becoming back to California for treatment anymore because the involvement with Jud's liver disqualifies him for the study. We were disappointed but are moving on.
    With love,

  25. Very sweet :) Thank you for sharing your family photos with us...We really love your scrapbook art!

  26. JULIE.. what a cutie patootie! Oh..that photo of you when you were little... is DARLING!
    Super cute layout! The entire post.. was so so sweet and Springy! Just what I needed.. since it was rainy and icky here today:(

  27. Julie, I love all the Bunnies! Your mum was an adorable child, so sweet and so were you I am not sure if it has the capabilities of taking out those wrinkles or not but Piknik is one photo editing program I use. I just love your scrapbook pages that you do. You are so very talented! What a wonderful legacy you are building for your girls! Love you loads and loads! xxoo

  28. Awwwhhh, love your post Julie with all your fabulous photos,memories and the sweet layout you created with our Easter Scraps! I will add it to my post tonight and link back to you

    Thanks a bunch