Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Fresh

Hello, my friends!

Aaaaahhhh…the storms have ended, it’s in the mid-70’s today…I really do believe that Spring has come at last!

The smells outside are intoxicating today…the heady scent of spring blooms and freshly-mown grass…warm breezes blowing through the new, bright green leaves on the trees…just perfect for hanging some fresh, clean laundry out to dry…


Just a fun little card made this morning in honor of this Springtime day…


I’ve long loved this sweet little image found in Crafty Secrets’ “Little Dolls” Images & Journal Notes booklet…unfortunately, it got mixed up in a pile of papers and crumbled up a bit before it was put onto cardstock…so, we’re just going to say it looks more aged and vintage, okay?

I felt like playing with paper a bit this morning, so I drew some little dolly clothes freehand on  pretty patterned paper…


… hung them on a little clothesline with some miniature wooden clothespins…


…placed it all on a fun pennant-shaped chipboard piece I had…


…Springtime Fresh…sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Now let’s head into the…

I’ve found something that makes our laundry smell springtime fresh even on the yuckiest days…


Have you ever thought of making your very own laundry soap?  Well, Maryjane of The Beehive Cottage has, and she has the most wonderful recipe available for you to try…here’s where you’ll find it:

The Beehive Cottage

{Oh, my goodness!  You wouldn’t believe all the wonderful things you’ll find at Maryjane’s place!  Delicious recipes, loads of fabulous ideas…she even has her own adorable vintage trailer that she uses for parties—what fun!}

I’ve been using it for almost a month now, and I couldn’t be happier with it!  Just look at this yummy stuff…


…soft, white soapy powder mixed with grated bars of pink soap…perfectly perfect! 


Just look at this…


…isn’t that pretty?!

The scent is heavenly…just like a beautiful spring morning—try it yourself, and see!  My daughters are really enjoying using it, too…not bad, huh?!

And I just can’t tell you how satisfying it feels to make it yourself…every time I scoop it into my washing machine I smile…

I hope your day is beautiful today…whatever the weather.  And if spring is still a ways away where you are, try bringing it into your laundry room…you won’t regret it!

See you soon with something new…



  1. Hey I really like your blog ^^

  2. Hi Julie... what darling crafts you made to show today for your Springtime weather!... I am still waiting for ours to arrive!... Love your post about laundry!... I am one of those ladies who actually loves to do laundry and even more so to hang it outside to dry!... Making your own soap sounds like fun, I want to try that!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. How lucky you are to have that gorgeous weather, Julie!! I would do anything to get out into it...even hang laundry {maybe!!} ;-D

    I love your crafty cutouts...the clothesline is so cute! I have heard about the recipe for laundry soap. I don't know if I could be unfaithful to my Tide...although I know the homemade stuff doesn't have all the weird chemicals and additives. And it is so pretty!

    Hope you are having a great week!


  4. I can almost smell that pink shaved soap and powdery flakes!! Cute pictures, too. Have a good last of March week!

  5. I love the first pic, and I love what you did with the card! I wish it were that warm here in Indiana. Hopefully by the weekend, it will be warm enough to hang sheets on the line. P.S. your banner is beautiful and the pretty pink soap looks scrumptious!

  6. I loved this...we don't like to do it but yet we do...loved your work so much! :D

  7. these are so shabby wonderful! I am glad your area is having glorious weather. :-) Amy

  8. Oh everything is totally darling!!! I love it all! Thank you so much for the precious gifts that arrived today--I can't wait to create something with them--I am so excited--THANK YOU so much!!!

  9. I keep meaning to make my own laundry soap...maybe this will be the incentive I need!

  10. Julie,
    What a beautiful post, all of it. From the pink of the little girl's dress to the pink of your soap, it all makes me happy and think of spring.

    We have had sunshine in Minnesota and it is so beautiful streaming through three old stained glass windows we have hanging in out basement. I never get tired of you.

    Sending you love and thanks for your continued kindness and support,

  11. Pure cuteness, as always. You keep playing with paper, sweet Julie. Everything is absolutely darling! xxxx

  12. Well I was certainly whooshed away to a world of washing, warm breeze and fresh linen there, what a fabulous post. Love both your 'vintage' card ;0) (made me smile)and your diddy washing hanging on pegs on the line.

    Mid 70's and SPRING!! I'd be content with that for summer lol Rainy and dull here today.

  13. Julie,
    I love your card! The image is just sweet. Your clothesline pennant is adorable! I love the little clothes hanging on the line. And the soap looks wonderful. I wish I could smell it!

  14. I love the pictures. They just make me smile. Way to go making your own detergent, I am not there yet but you make it sound inviting.

  15. A beautifull post ,dear Julie- your card so sweet and the cloth line,too :)
    and the selfmade soap,looks os wonderfull-

  16. Julie what a wonderful post,

    thanks for the soap link I may well have to try this. Your cards are wonderful and I love the way you talk about Spring (I can feel and smell it) What lovely ickkle clothes you have made (to cute) and love how you have put them on a banner to. It'a always wonderful to visit here, thanks for sharing.

    Love Dawn xx

  17. The soap does look lovely---I can almost smell it! We had a touch of spring, but it's turned dreary again! I am SO ready!

  18. Julie, I just love everything about this post! The sweet card, the banner, the laundry soap, everything is so sweet and springtime fresh! Your creativity and talents are so special. I could just eat up everything you do and write about! (not fattening either!) I love you loads and loads!

  19. i love your creations!!!
    and look ~ you put your own touch to the card by making it look more vintagey!!! LOL
    thank you for your sweet comments on my blog
    blogger friends are so supportive and sincere

  20. Hi Julie!

    Love that sweet card you made! Can't wait for it to warm up here and be able to dry the clothes outside!

  21. Spring fresh is the perfect post title my friend....oooooooh how I adore your soap...soooo pretty. And best of all it I may have to try it.

    Thank you so much for posting my little giveaway are so sweet. Your little laundry banner is adorable. What talent you have.

    Happy day to you. xoxoxo Thanks for all the sweetness I find over here.

  22. hi julie!

    ah, what a breath of spring it is over here today! adorable, sweet crafty crafts. and lucky me - i have some of maryjane's special detergeant! she's so sweet.

    happy thursday!


  23. Julie, I love your sweet, spring time post! Your card is just adorable...and your banners are so cute. I love the little clothes line!! That is the cutest thing! You're so creative!

  24. So CUTE! Very springish and I love images of laundry. Weird huh? Loved your post on your GG Grandmother. My husband's family came to Utah in 1848 too. Wonder if they knew each other? Ivie was their last name. Glad you're enjoying some spring weather. Mimi

  25. Hey Julie,
    I just popped over to say "hi" and hope you're doing great!

  26. What cute little dolly cloths you made. Once again, a display of your Creative Mind at work.
    That soap looks awesome, I'll have to head over to that site and check her blog out.
    I could just smell your fresh cut grass, warm breezes blowing through blossoms......closed my eyes and breathed it all in.
    CAUSE....we are expecting 6 inches of new snow this weekend. Oh agony.

  27. You never disappoint!! Thanks for sharing all your cleverness!! :-) LOVE it all!

  28. Dearest Julie, For Heaven's sake, PLEASE post something hideous. Something that is really poorly done, and ugly. Like a group of drunk football players or someone like me would have have created. Egad's woman! Gorgeous cards, AND you now make your own soap????!!!!! Are you even human?? *sigh* :-)

  29. OH! WAIT A can use any type of pink soap? THAT SEEMS LIKE IT WOULD REALLY freshen up the entire laundry! I love the idea, Julie!

    Thank you dear for coming to visit! Yep, I am hoping that my birthday month is full of flowers, but I live in Minnesota, so no dice...14 years here have proven that not until mid May will any thing pop up!!!!

    HAVE A LOVELY DAY and thank you for your kind comments. Anita

  30. So Julie, do you have an idea in mind for a card for your great-grandparents who have wedding anniversaries April 2 and 4 and your grandparents who have an April 3 anniversayr date. They picked the middle date to be in between two sets of parents they deeply loved.

  31. Hi Julie, we are having a bit of dreary weather today -- not sure it is the beginning of the thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow or Monday ... or if there is dust high up in the sky. :/ Love how you tied this entire post together with your sweet images and creations. That laundry soap looks fantastic. What a wonderful think to be able to make. Will have to check it out. Take care and have a super Saturday. :) Tammy

  32. hi there Julie..just HAD to stop over here and say hello - what a FABULOUS post today! Love your card OFCOURSE...AWESOMENESS..and wow- the laundry cool! Enjoy your great weather- still waiting on mine! :)

  33. Julie,
    Hanging laundry on the line is my favorite domestic passtime, I love my bed with sheets fresh off of the line! You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place! I live in a beautiful Northwest Michigan with rolling hills, blue waters and cherry blossoms in the spring but the winters are starting to wear this girl out! Hugs to you and keep on creating!! Teri (twirling in a party dress)

  34. I love this darling post Julie! Thanks for the sweet thumbs up on the laundry detergent! Isn't it fun to make it? Julie, I love all the darling paper crafts you have made! That card and banner are so adorable!!!!! Julie, WHERE IS YOUR ETSY SHOP? I need to buy! :O

    Love ya sweetie!