Monday, August 30, 2010

Careful Keepers…


Good afternoon, dear friends!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I took a few days off from the computer to be with my girl, now gone back to school far away from her mother…it was a wonderful couple of weeks….and time very well spent.

The night before she left, she was cleaning out her closet, when she found a box that I had stored there a few years ago, and hadn’t seen since.


Inside were treasures that I hadn’t thought of for a while…carefully left to me by my grandmother, Velda


…who was a careful keeper of all family memories…knowing that I would always be a careful keeper of them, as well…

One day when I was a young teenager and she was showing them to me in her home, she asked me if I’d like to have them “someday”…and to put my name on the box, so that others would know to whom it  should go…”someday”…


…and so I did.

Inside, precious things left by Velda’s mother, Estella…both of whom I’ve told you stories of before…things carefully saved through the years by other careful keepers…


In Estella’s handwriting, tucked into each and every object, a brief description of the item and who it belonged to, so that no one could forget…”The other coin & red ribbon mother had when I was a very small girl”, she writes…


Her mother, Sarah, who I’ll tell you more about another day soon…


A buffalo head nickel (that Estella always kept in her pocket, a gift of remembrance from a loved brother) and a tiny old Mexican coin kept for years for good luck by Sarah…


A crocheted piece that Sarah made…


…a very old velvet pillow case…


…a knitted shawl made by Sarah…Estella remembers her mother placing it at times on the end of a bed, or over a chair…a little extra comfort for a loved one on a chilly evening…


…a pair of perfectly preserved silk stockings…a second pair purchased for the burial of Estella’s sweet little girl, Glenna, who died when she was just 3 years old, in 1922…


…carefully saved in the original Goldwater’s (of Phoenix, Arizona) sack they were purchased in…



A sweet old photo of my grandmother, Velda, on the right, with her sisters Nathel (left), and little Glenna in the chair…

There was so much more in the box, now used elsewhere in my home…in cabinets and such…where my family can always see them and remember…more stories for other days…


…this isn’t part of those family things, but a sweet little antique cup I couldn’t pass by in a vintage shop one day some years ago…Think of Me…..I keep this near those treasured family mementos so carefully kept…


This is a photo of Sarah and her husband John Vance with their 12 children.   My great-grandmother, Estella is next to her father on the right…a beautiful, blonde twin girl…oh, so many stories to tell!


A close-up of Sarah Indiaetta Young Vance from the Mother’s collage I made last year using Crafty Secrets papers, poem & elements…


…one in a loving line of careful keepers…”someday” I will pass these same treasures on to a much loved great-granddaughter I’ve not yet met…and the line of careful keepers will continue……

This is not the post I sat down to write today, but this is what wanted to be written…it’s always such a wonderful thing for me to remember those that I love…even those I never was able to meet in person….and today was filled with those thoughts.  Thank-you for letting me share them with you.

I’ll be back in a day or two with the post I intended…I hope your day is filled with every wonderful thing, and loving thoughts of the careful keepers in your life.




  1. love the box of memories from Velda. such special nice to have and treasure. it's wonderful that you know so much about your family and that you can now share it with your girls!


  2. What a box full of wonderful memories! I am packing my girl up now too for her last year and am feeling very nostalgic. It was nice to read this post today, thank you!

  3. Just imagine Julie, as we sit down together in the next life and discuss our lives here on earth...our experiences and the things that happened to us. Won't it be so wonderful? You are so blessed to have such personal treasures! :D

  4. Julie, another of my favorite posts. I can't get enough of theses! The family portrait of Sarah and John Vance is fabulous. You know, I'm nuts about the big hair bows. So any photo of someone wearing one, is a treasure, so with four of them in one photograph...that takes the cake! Beautiful thoughts which you know I share, about careful keepers of the family. I've just started cataloging all the things that have been handed down to me, so that my daughter will continue taking care and recognizing. Funny though, most of the things in my family that were handed down, are not in boxes. They are kitchen items, and furniture, and such. Except of course for the photos. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I LOVED THIS post! Isn't it funny how sometimes our posts create themselves? Hope you are having a marvelous day. HUGS!

  6. What a lovely creation and beautiful keepsake! However it is the story that is truly amazing! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Thanks for sharing your family. I love all things vintage and full of family memories.

  8. Wow, everything is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing these precious special, indeed Julie!

  9. After reading your post I decided its time I put together some sort of box of precious things to hand down to my son, What a lovely remembrance!

  10. What beautiful treasures.
    As Lynn said, I am now inspired to put together a few boxes.
    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  11. What a beautiful thing to have and so wonderful that it was directed to you with love. xx

  12. Wow Julie! I am just amazed at how well your family has preserved its memories, with photos and precious treasures. Absolutely amazing! I always find it do sad when visiting antique and thrift stores to see someone else's photos and postcards for sale. Makes you wonder where the treasure keepers are in their family. Hope you are having a fabulous day. :) Tammy

  13. I enjoyed perusing your wonderful keepsake box. The few things that get saved for remembrance are so moving aren't they? Jacqueline

  14. My grandmother did the exact same thing with her things. And so did my Mom. :) And - yup - I will too! But I need a few granddaughters first!
    I'm telling you Girl - you are so LUCKY to have these wonderful things. And to know who is who, and belonged to who, and dates and years . . . I need to start researching my family more.
    THAT'S IT! Just what I have time for . . . LOL.
    Have a wonderful week! Karen

  15. This was a beautiful post. It makes me want to go and get out some of my own "treasures. What wonderful things Grandmother Velda left you, Julie. I can't believe you have these bits of family history along with little notes written in your grandmother's handwriting. It is such a lovely thing to own what she thought was special to her and her mother.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Croatia is one of my favorite places in the world and I adore Petar like my own son. It will be a very special trip. I am so glad I am a bit slimmer!!!


  16. This brought tears to my eyes, wishing such family mementoes were a part of my legacy..through the vagaries of time, moving from country to country, and old quarrels soon forgotten, such mementoes wind up in thrift and antique stores, where we 'collect' them to bring some lost meaning to our lives..thanks for sharing; I know you appreciate the wonderful, irreplaceable treasure that you hold

  17. Such wonderful treasures to have. Today as I was actually drafting a post whereby I mention little treasures I have belonging to my Grandmother, Great Aunt,etc, little things such as special buttons from the Art Deco era and I enjoyed some quite time looking through the buttons and MOP buckles, etc. TFS the photos of this box of treasures. Very special indeed. Lynne M

  18. Julie, I sat down and read this early this morning but am only now having the time to comment. I loved this post. What a treasure you have in that box with all of those lovely things and memories attached. I wish I had such a thing. I had a necklace that belonged to my great grandmother, a bracelet that belonged to my grandmother and a watch that belonged to my great great Uncle John's daughter. They all disappeared in the divorce and it pains me to this day wondering what happened to them. I do have my grandmothers school reader though so that is one good thing. I cherish it with all of my heart. I just love reading about your family memories and seeing all the photos. You are very blessed. So am I to be able to call you my friend. Love and hugs.

  19. Such a beautifull way of keeping the past ,close and near- I love that your family have saved small items, and photoes,for you now to treasure, Julie.
    Lovely post.
    XO, Dorthe

  20. Oh, Julie, you have hit it just right. Stories begging to be told. I have sat down to blog about a certain topic and somehow I end up with something else or tying the topic into my family. I think this is the beauty of blogging.
    I can't wait to find out more about Estelle, Sarah and Velda... and more!! Please don't make us wait too long.
    I feel more stories about Jean's house wanting to emerge.. so let's get on with it!!
    Ladybug Creek

  21. Julie, I truly admire you for the way you tell about your family. It is very interesting and filled up with your love. You must be a beautiful person:)
    The collage is beautiful and also filled up with your love:)

  22. what a wonderful memory box and I always love the stories you share here with us! Have a wonderful evening! :)

  23. Dear Julie, You are like your beloved Velda, a Careful Keeper of Things. This was such a touching post to me who now longs for the things I have not saved. The writing on the box was the sweetest treasure yet. "For Julie, Someday" Nine panels to make (shh, I would love one for myself from you) I am too embarrassed to go back and ask each person to make ten total. An extra participant will take my banner. A work assignment will keep me away for a time, have a lovely rest of week! Elizabeth

  24. Dear Julie, there`s so many love from your grandma to you and how nice you have found that box filled with such incredible treasures, thank you so much for sharing them with us. I think I will do exactly as your grandma in the future, when I´m very old.
    maria cecilia

  25. I so much enjoyed this post. THis is my first visit to your blog and I have to say..I love it! I will be back for sure.

  26. Julie amor, my eyes are tearing up...I love this post it is just beautiful...I too am the careful keeper of our families treasures and you have inspired me to be more telling in what each treasure means and what & who it represented to that when I am gone and the new careful keeper has them in their loving hands, they will tell the stories themselves to the next generation....My Ita (grandma) would tell me the stories and as she did, I would sit mesmerized listening & watching her expressions change as she told me her was like I wasn't there...because at that moment as she was speaking & remembering...she was back in that time & place of that particular memory...I always was afraid to ask questions because I didn't want to ruin the magic of that moment...days later I would ask my questions and my Ita would laugh and say...Amor...why didn't you ask me at that moment...when the memory was fresh??...If she has seen the look in her eyes and the shine of the unshed tears I saw...she would have understood...because they are the same ones that are in my eyes I remember those special times with her...Oh Julie amor, excuse me while I get a tissue...Grazie for taking me down that forgotten memory...Much love & besos to you my fellow careful keeper :) Rose

  27. HI Julie,
    i love your blog!!!

    Kisses :)

    Daniela DREAM SHABBY CHIC Milano

  28. crushing over that name Velda ....

    this is my first visit here!

  29. Oh, how great are this kind of boxes! All the surprising sweet treasures that pop out. Enjoy, Julie!
    Hope your week is great so far. xxooxx

  30. Such a sweet post, Julie. Each and every one of these items is a treasure!
    Wishing you a lovely day,