Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On the Boardwalk…End of Summer Fun!

Good afternoon, dear friends!

I hope the week is going well for all of you!  Summer time is really winding down, isn’t it?  My younger girls have been back to school for almost two weeks now, and my college girl heads back to school on Sunday…

…But to celebrate together before it was over, we headed out to the historic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

santa cruz 2

…over 140 years old, it’s been the place to ride the rides by the sea for a long time now…

In the 1920’s…

santa cruz p035-5-1919c-ComfortsAtBeac

santa cruz 1921

…the 1940’s…


…and last Monday night!


My three girls…Sarah, Chelsea & Annie…and here’s just a few scenes from our night there…





Have you ever tried on of these?  Me, neither!


I love amusement parks at night…when the lights come on…it just feels like magic!



So much fun, so many memories!

I made a little card today to celebrate the wonderful summer fun that an amusement card brings…


A big vintage button and ribbon to mimic a prize-winning ribbon at the fair…a row of tickets…Dazzling Diamonds on all the lights…a bit of platinum Stickles to frame it all…that’s about it!


The vintage image is from Crafty Secrets’ “Summertime” Images & Journal Notes booklet…filled with all kinds of nostalgic summery images!

Whenever we go to the Boardwalk, which we usually do at the end of each summer, I can’t help but remember my most favorite of all amusement parks…Cedar Point!


Those of you in northern Ohio…and elsewhere, I’m sure!…will know how amazing this park really is!

Another historic amusement park also on the waterfront—Lake Erie—it started in 1870, about the same time as the Santa Cruz Boardwalk…

For decades, it’s been know as the place with the highest, fastest, craziest roller coasters in the world!  “The Roller Coaster Capitol of the World”, it claims!

cedar point jumbjetpostcard

Here’s an old one that I remember from W.A.Y. back—The Jumbo Jet!  This postcard is from the early 1970’s…the time period that I first started going there with my family every year…


I couldn’t find any photos of us there, (they do exist…I just need to search for them!), but I did find a fabulous flier also from the early ‘70’s…

cedar point cp-1972-new-for-1972

I remember the thrill and anticipation of slowly creeping up that roller coaster…getting to the peak…


…and the sheer terror as it started zooming downward!  Oh, I loved it!  (Can’t do roller coasters anymore, sadly…my equilibrium has REALLY changed!)

And park food…is there anything like it?


I remember getting at least a couple orders of french fries when I was a girl during my day at Cedar Point…completely covered with ketchup and malt vinegar…yum…

…Do you even remember a time when you didn’t have to feel guilty about that?!

cotton candy

Fat, fluffy & fabulous cotton candy…

funnel cake

…and those funnel cakes…have mercy! (I DID have a big bite of one of those on Monday!)

Well, that’s it for me today…if you get a chance to sneak one more trip to the park nearest you, do it! 

Savor the end of summer with your family…ride a ride, feel the wind in your hair, take a dip in the sea, eat something you really shouldn’t eat…just have fun!

See you soon with something new…and a blogaversary giveaway!




  1. What a fun place to go with your daughters. And I know how you feel, when I go to places like this, I feel just like a kid again! :D

  2. Oh Julie, I remember Cedar Point so well! We had so many wonderful family trips there. I remember driving those little antique cars and thinking I was so cool, lol! Looks like you had a great time at the boardwalk with your girls.

  3. Thank you for your encouraging words!!!!!!!!

    I loved your post!!!! That looks like so much fun. As for the roller coaster... NO THANK YOU! Not even when I was young. Nothing better that fair or carnival food. YUM! I'm so glad you & the family had fun & that you shared with us. Your layout of The Boardwalk was great! You always hit the mark. HUGS!

  4. Wow, I love this post--it is amazing!!! Your daughters are all so beautiful--and what a blessing to enjoy them at such a special place...and I love the funnel cake too!
    This post makes me feel like I was almost there myself.

  5. Hubby and I are going to the MN State Fair tomorrow! Almost as aswesome as your Cedar Point...and LOTS of yummy/junk food too!
    Deb :)

  6. I love Santa Cruz! When I was in college I had a poster in my dorm of the Giant Dipper. My husband is from a town near San Jose and we used to go there when I would go up and visit he and his family for the weekend. Oh I am so jealous! I've got to get back there soon.

    I'm so glad you and your girls had such a great last hurrah for the summer. Such fun times!

  7. Julie, What a wonderful way to spend time with your girls, oh its going to be so hard when your oldest heads back to school. I still remember when my son had to leave, tears always came no matter how hard I'd try and hold them back.
    What memories your making now! Love all your photos and of course yopur sweet card, I increased the size to see all your wonderful details!
    our county fair is going on this week and now I think I really need to go! that cotton candy is to hard to pass up! LOL

  8. Love the newest cards Julie and I just adored seeing pictures of your girls having fun! I have not been ever to an amusment park on that scale. I get sick on a swing, so can never go on the rides, but I have loved the atmosphere of the small country fairs I have been to, especially in the evening. Oh the smells and the sounds and the sense of gaiety is so wonderful!! There is nothing like some hand cut chips or a hot dog from a country fair! Soooo fabulously tasty! Oh my, here it is breakfast time and I am craving hot dogs and chips!! What am I like!! Have a lovely day sweet friend. You have gotten mine off to a wonderful start! Love and hugs! xxoo

  9. Dear Julie,
    such a wonderfull way,of saying goodby to the summer, and spending joyfull time with your girls.You made me remember childhood tours in our Tivoli in Copenhagen,-not that it is to compare with whet you showes here, uuhhh my!!!!
    The cards remembering this summer trip, are gorgeus,Julie- thanks, for the trip.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  10. Julie those images are darling. The one with the kids on the carousel is priceless!!! Your card is
    is gorgeous. I HAVE heard of deep fried twinkies,
    but have never tried them. My boys SWEAR by deep fried oreos though! I hope you are enjoying your
    end of Summer!

  11. It is always so wonderful to visit your blog Julie. You share so many nice pictures and cards!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs Hanne

  12. What fun....I love time with my girls. Sending your college daughter lots of love as she goes back..and mom.
    It is soooo good to keep those memories close to our hearts...hugs sweet one. xoxo

  13. Your picrute are great Julie, such lovely memories of a lovely family trip.

    Your shchool holidays vary from those in the UK quite a lot, we finished shcool third week of July and go back 6th September.

    B x

  14. Such a fun post, Julie! I have fond memories of Cedar Point! I went there mostly when I was a teenager; it was too scary for my mum's sensibilities when we were kids. When we were little, we spent a lot of summer days at Conneaut Lake Park. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  15. Julie,
    I remember visiting Santa Cruz and the university in my "youth" (mid-twenties) and finding it so charming and the college so "cool"" and "earth-shaking." Is that where your daughters go to college?

    This is a lovely post and I enjoyed all of the old pictures. I love old pictures! I also loved the pictures of your are blessed.

    Thank you for your lovely comment and sometimes we do get just what we need...amazing!


  16. What gorgeous images, each one looks like it could come from a beautiful vintage postcard!

    It looks like SUCH a good time!


  17. What a fabulous place to go for an evening of family fun. I love all the food, but I always pass on the rides. I used to go on them as a child, but as an won't even catch me on ferris wheel. If I'm in a daring mood, I'll sit with the kids on the merry-go-round, and that is pushing it! ;)
    I make my hubby do all the other rides with our kids. I'm chicken, and proud of it. :)
    Love your two cards...very pretty.

  18. You captured the fun beautifully, Julie. Wonderful pictures. xxx

  19. Oh my goodness Julie! Your daughters are all so beautiful - like their Mom :) What a wonderful family time - thanks for sharing all of this! Great cards - both are very pretty!

  20. Hi Julie,
    What a lovely post! And lovely daughters! Thanks for sharing,
    Have a good night,

  21. I really loved this post! Living just 40 min away from Cedar Point, we visit every summer. Those rollar coaster just keep getting taller and taller! I would love to visit the Santa Cruz boardwalk one day- it looks beautiful!

    PS Thank you for stopping by The Tiny Tudor to visit today!

  22. Love this post....I can just smell the summer air! Your girls are just darling! What wonderful memories with sweet baby girls! I knew you would like that retro background! We think alike-old souls!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  23. I 've enjoyed reading your blog, the photo's are great ! The fries ... yammie !!! Too bad that the summer is on his end ... greetings from the Netherlands (rain, rain en more rain ...) Caroline

  24. what wonderful memories and gorgeous photos! Loved seeing your girls enjoying themselves! I have never been to a boardwalk (they don't have them along the Great Lakes here) but one day hope to do so! Have a great weekend and enjoy your time with college daughter before she heads off! :)

  25. Great photos of good times and family. I have fond memories with my son at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk when he was little. We both live on the central coast of California.....perhaps we are neighbors??

  26. Hi Julie, that looks like so much fun, how great to make such wonderful memories with you 3 beautiful daughter! I loved the card you made, it looks gorgeous, your very talended... and the food you showed has me drooling, especially that funnel cake (Yummy). Blessings~~~ Daphne

  27. Beautiful girls and what fun memories! Your cards are so SWEET!

  28. Hola dear Julie, I think I can´t neither do roller coster anymore!!!! i get a little scary ....
    Your daughters are so lovely, cute and handsome, as well as their mom, and pretty names they have.
    One of my favorite things of parks is having the cotton candies that we have here in chile, too!!!
    Thank you very much for your so sweet message on my wedding anniversary.
    muchos cariños,
    maria cecilia

  29. Julie, What a fun post! I loved your vintage day in Santa Monica. My son has just returned from a day trip to Cedar Point. He and his newlywed wife rode every coaster! They never went as children as their Dad will NOT stand in lines (too funny). He would say to them, "You can go when you can drive yourself!" Thank you for such a great sharing. E

  30. Hi Julie!
    I put my kiddos on the
    bus this morning. Our
    state fair is on right
    now, so hopefully we
    will go next weekend.
    I no longer ride roller-
    coasters either and my
    son has never liked them!
    My girl and hubby do, so
    off they go while my boy
    and I head for the fattening
    food! One day a year you
    HAVE to say what the heck
    and just eat that stuff : )
    Your vintage cards are gorgeous,
    as are your daughters!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: My grandma grew up in
    Cleveland and has fond memories
    of Cedar Point!

  31. Love all of your photos Julie!!! What fun! I adore your card! It is a walk down memory lane for sure!