Friday, January 8, 2010

My Very Own Domestic Goddess...

Happy Friday, everyone!  Hope you're at the beginning of a wonderfully fun weekend!  We're on our way out to a party with our girls, so we're off to a great start!

Just a few things to share tonight...been having SO much fun with Graphic 45 papers, as you can tell if you've been to visit me lately!  They are just gorgeous, and fit in so well with the kind of projects I enjoy doing.  Guess I'm wishing I was a domestic goddess, as I keep playing with that's my first card today...

Both the main image and the designer paper (and flowers) are from Graphic 45's "Domestic Goddess" collection--how can you not love paper like this?! 

Even though I love my modern conveniences, there's just something so beautiful about laundry on the line...I realize I could still do it--but my dogs would probably just eat it!  Look at those beautiful embroidered kitchen towels!

Decided to make a few punched flowers with the paper--love this look!  Some of my favorite silver shavings glitter, lace, ribbon, buttons...nothing much else!

"...service with a smile..."  isn't that how we all run our households?  (***wink!***) 

Here's my second card.  For this one, I used a mixture of Graphic 45's "Domestic Goddess", "Fashionista" and "Times Nouveau" them all!

Did a bit of fussy cutting on the flowers from one of the gorgeous sheets--gosh, it's hard to make that first cut!  After that, just keep those scissors snipping!

Look at the gorgeous detail of the flowers...had to throw in a couple of crystal rhinestones to surround the Domestic Goddess--nothing but the best for her!

I love her face... I cut out this beautiful image, I couldn't help but think of my grandmother, Velda...

...can you see why?  She was a domestic goddess in every way...She raised beautiful, talented children, kept an immaculate home, was a wonderful cook, did beautiful handwork...sewing, crocheting, embroidery, and knew how to throw a good party!

She taught me so much, and I'll be forever greatful for her influence in my life...she still is a great influence in my life.  (Though I have to add that MY house is NOT immaculate, and I have oh, so much to learn!)

 Everytime I hand wash & dry special dishes, I remember doing it with her at her kitchen sink--how she taught me to do it so lovingly and carefully.  Every time I make her fabulous cheesecake...never tasted another as good as hers (maybe I'll share that with you soon!)  Every time I wipe down the bathroom counters, I hear her voice saying, "Always leave the bathroom so that it looks like you were never there..."  to be nice & clean for the next person.  Every time I pick up needle and thread, knitting needles or a crochet hook, she's sitting patiently beside me...

She taught me to be more caring and thoughtful than I might have otherwise been...I love and miss her greatly.  Thank-you to my very own Domestic Goddess...

Enjoy a beautiful weekend with your family & friends...I'll see you very soon!


  1. Oh my goodness! Just when I thought your cards couldn't get any better!! I love the Domestic Goddess!! Did you cut out the flowers by hand? It sounded that way. But if there's a paper punch out there that makes flowers like that, I would love to know.
    Thanks for telling us about your Grandmother. She certainly sounds like she was a lovely woman in every way.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. You are the Diva of Grahpics 45 papers, These all all so yummy colorful and fun!.

  3. WOW!!! This is really beautiful, love every thing about it.

  4. Such a sweet post today. I love how you pay tribute to your Grandmother. She must have been such a loving woman. I would be thrilled to learn of her cheesecake recipe, I love cheesecake. I can see myself having a lovely recipe card titled Grandmother Velda's Cheescake. Or did you call her Grandma, or Nanny perhaps? Anyway, your Domestic Goddess Cards are lovely and I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

  5. Fabulous! The theme, colors, elements, details...are all so beautifully coordinated! Your Grandmother is smiling down...knowing that you are carrying on the creativity in her honor...

  6. I love your works with Graphic 45.
    And and I think, your grandmother was a wonderful woman.
    Anyway, your card is so stunning and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Julie, your grandmother sounds like a real treasure. Like you, I am blessed to have some wonderful memories of my grandmothers that I cherish. Love, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your newest cards! I just adore kitchen vintage as you know and these are just fabulous! You are such a card genius!! I really am in awe of your creative talents. I don't know how you do it! You amaze me! As Angelika said, stunning! I need to get me some of those papers! I hope that you have a lovely and restful weekend! love and hugs from afar! xxoo

  8. Happy Saturday, Julie! I love your domestic goddess cards, but even more the stories about your grandmother. I love that she taught you that homekeeping has value. That's something that we often forget now. Hugs!

  9. Hi Julie
    Congratulations :D
    you were the lucky winner of my giveaway.
    Please send me your mail address ( so I can have your box in the mail.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    ~ Tina

  10. I love the term Domestic Goddes; wish I was one.Happy Saturday!

  11. Hi Julie,
    sush a wonderfull card,----
    Found you over at Tiny Bear, -congratulations of winning Tina`s beautifull box.
    She is a dear friend of mine (I`m danish too)


  12. You do such amazing things with "paper" my dear friend!!! I give you a "WOWZA" on these two beauties!! I assume you used punches to make those flowers ... I only have one flower punch but might have to give it a try ... they look awesome & perfect for vintage appeal!

    I just LOVE your family photos ... it seems the ladies "back in the day" were all so naturally beautiful .. look at grandma's skin ... just gorgeous!! And what wonderful memories you have ... warms my heart every time I hear your stories! And by the way ... my daughter still hangs her clothes out on the line every chance she gets ... they always smell SO GOOD with the fresh air blowing through them!!
    Have a great weekend ... LOVE & HUGS to ya!!

  13. What a wonderful legacy your beautiful grandmother left you! It shows, in the special little touches you add to your art, and the great care you seem to take.

    What a heart-warming post!

    Have a wonderful Saturday!

  14. Your 2nd card reminds me so much of one that I did a couple months back

    ...but I think it's because that face is such a focal point....any use of it will resemble another.

    Great job using those papers!

  15. Those papers and cards are amazing! I love them! What do you do with the cards you make? Are they greeting cards or something else? And that is wonderful that you have such great memories of your grandmother!

  16. What wonderful cards and such a lovely tribute to your grandmother!

  17. Me again :) Thanks so much for letting me know about the punch. Those are the flowers I was talking about. I'll have to get a punch like that.
    By the way, we loved the movie!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  18. Hi lady! I love your new blog background. You know your cards always knock my socks off! They are always so beautifully done. The embellishments are like frosting on the cake. I love that you have fond memories of your grandmother, Velda. So sweet. Take care, friend.

  19. What a sweet lady and a lovely post tribute to her. I am SO in love with these papers.

  20. Julie, Look how elegant your blog is, sigh. This post was so special today. Your work is just beautiful. Your lovely personality comes shining through! Your grandmother's words to you are the ones that put in place who we will become. It is these every day words that aren't even given thought that hold such importance. They are my most favorite of all. Thank you always for the kind words you share with me. Elizabeth

  21. Oh MY! The colors are so beautiful in this card. FABULOUS!!! And your Grandmother is stunning!

  22. Very pretty! Love the flower embellies :)

  23. Julie, you know I love when you talk about your ancestors. This memory of your grandmother is very special and I feel like we could learn so much from this wonderful woman. Thank you for sharing a bit of her wisdom with us and yes, the recipe would be lovely! Have a wonderful week! Twyla

  24. Oh my goodness!!!!!!! GORGEOUS! Need I say more?

  25. Reading your words makes me think about my grandmother. I miss her too.

    Your cards are so elegant and perfect. Love the paper and the embellishment:)

    Have a wonderful and creative week Julie!
    Hugs Hanne

  26. I have SO missed visiting your blog. I'm so sorry I haven't been around for a while. Love your post about domestic goddesses and the photo of your grandmother. I too love the look of clothing on a line. We just don't see this very often anymore, do we? The dryer is just too tempting and easy. As always your artwork is delicious.

  27. Hope you and your family had a wonderful weekend. This is a lovely post ... I feel the need to clean up now :-)

  28. A gorgeous, inspiring post! Love the flowers, the glitter, and OMG that image does bear a striking resemblance to your grandmother! So fun!

  29. Julie,
    Everytime I see these papers used I think of my just seems like how her life was....glamorized a bit. I bought these papers and haven't done anything yet...but I am goign to get busy here soon! Thanks for the photos and the ideas!

  30. Oh how I love this post!! Your grandmother was a goddess for sure!! So very beautiful! I love the cards especially the first one!! So are just so talented!!!

  31. What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother--I especially loved seeing the wonderful photos!