Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sweet Land of Liberty


I love my country.  Always have, always will. 

That patriotic love I feel was greatly deepened this last week by a visit to our nation’s capitol…

Capitol Building April 2014_edited-1

Such a beautiful time of the year to be there—still a little cool & rainy,  but not too many tourists yet, either!  Perfect…


We walked through many of the Smithsonian museums—such a learning experience for us all…so many amazing pieces of our collective history just sitting there before our eyes.  What a thrill…

 Capitol Dome April 2014_edited-1

We were able to take a tour of the Capitol building—I never knew how truly beautiful it was…


And, joy of joys—the cherry blossoms decided to burst out of their buds while we were there—what a show!

Cherry Blossoms Washington DC April 2014_edited-1

The  Bureau of Engraving, the National Archives, all had things to show and tell us that we’d either forgotten or never, ever knew…


A quick trip up north brought us through the sleepy town of Gettysburg.  We almost drove right by.  I’m so very glad we changed our minds…

Gettysburg April 2014_edited-1

What a time of reflection for what transpired there not so very long ago--this beautiful statue was erected at the spot where Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address--a short speech that he believed would never be remembered after that day…


Our last day in Washington was cold and rainy.  We were tired.  However, our very last stop invigorated us in ways that we hadn’t anticipated…

Lincoln Memorial 1_edited-1

Our brief stop at the Lincoln Memorial turned into an hour or more.  We were surprised and grateful with the emotion we felt there.  Silent.  Peaceful.  Reading the Gettysburg Address in golden letters on it’s massive marble walls, after having just been in Gettysburg the day before, was something I’ll never forget.  Nor will my children…

But, I think, the thing that has become forever imprinted on my heart was walking into a dimly-lit room in the National Museum of American History and seeing THE Star Spangled Banner on display. 

I was absolutely unprepared for the size of the flag—30 by 34 feet!  Originally, (before souvenir pieces were snipped off through the years!), it was 30 by 42 feet—incredible!

A new home

No photography was allowed.  The room was silent.  I sat and stared—not able to leave the room.  I read the words of our National Anthem printed above it over and over again as I gazed at that flag…

…and I know I will never sing that song the same way ever again.



(All pictures taken by me, except for the photographs of the Star Spangled Banner and the viewing room for the banner—courtesy of the Smithsonian).

Friday, April 11, 2014

Small and Simple Things


You know those days when you’re feeling a little low?  Sometimes you may not even know why……..


And then someone comes along—and without even knowing what you’re needing, they say or do something that changes everything:  and it may be only a word—a look—or simple a smile…


…and you are changed.  You are happy.  You are lifted.

Isn’t it amazing what we can do for each other? 


Sometimes it doesn’t take much to change someone’s day—perhaps even their life.  And the funny thing is, you may never, ever know that you have. 

Sometimes, it’s the seemingly small and simple things that make the biggest difference of all.


I wonder what “little” things we can do today…..


Tuesday, April 1, 2014



Feeling just a little whimsy floating around in my mind on this rainy, beautifully gloomy day…{we need the rain here!}


A few journal pages completed today just for fun—filled with all  the elements I love—gold everywhere, polka dots, swirls & scallops, loopy letters--


…pointing arrows, hearts and doodles, and very lovely words…


I especially love these delightful words from Miss Jane Austen—whimsy to the very core!


I even decided to add a little cross stitch to this page today—my little googly-eyed girl needed just a little something more…I spied my stitching supplies nearby, and voila!


Wishing you a heavy dose of whimsy today—whatever your weather!