Thursday, October 2, 2014



  Dear Friends!  How good it feels to be back here once again…travels are through for now.  Nest is empty.  My husband and I are adjusting…life is indeed very, very good.


It felt so blissfully lovely to get back up into my crafty room and begin again.  Time is my own now, and my time wanted to get inky and painty once more.


I wanted to start fresh.  So many things I am in the middle of working on right now, but one of my favorite things is journaling.  It’s my happy place, you  can say.  So, that is what I’ll share first…


My new journal is a “commonplace” journal.  A little bit different than the ones I’ve done before.  This one will be filled with anything I love.  Anything at all.


My first pages are a bit familiar—but soon there will be pages filled with old family recipes, family history, things I’m discovering, me, my family…anything that fills my days.


People have been keeping commonplace books for hundreds of years.  I love them.  We first see a record of them in the 1400s.  The idea has made a comeback recently, but they have been kept for so very long, that just the thought of them makes me happy!  You know how I feel about history…..


So here is mine.  One of many to come, I would think.  There will be thoughts and images, a bit of paint and drawings inserted here and there--it will be nothing fancy—but it will only be filled with things that I love.  Things that have great meaning to me…


I hope you’ll give it a try.  You never know what you’ll discover about yourself as you go along filling deliciously handmade-paper pages with things you find in your everyday, far-from-commonplace life…..



{antique oval image courtesy of Hope Wallace Karney}

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Merry-Go Round

merry go round

Life is like a merry-go round sometimes, isn’t it?


We’re up, we’re down…we go around and around in circles.  It’s fun!

Carousel Horse.  These Carousel/merry-go-round horses are hand carved and painted in fancy trappings, saddle blankets, flowers, armor, saddles with western motif's.

On my merry-go round right now, I’m about to send my youngest child off to college—ups AND downs for me!

So, for the next few weeks, I’ll be focusing on her.  Focusing on my husband.  Focusing on figuring out life as empty-nesters…

ruby throated hummingbird

I’ll be back at the beginning of October.  Full of new things.  I’ve been learning and re-learning all kinds of things that I’m working on that I can’t wait to share with you as we keep going round and round on this wonderful ride together…

Merry-Go-Round ~ Brighton, England

See you soon!


{lovely carousel images courtesy of Pinterest}

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Sarah Lavinia Perkins Portrait from locket

I’d loved her name ever since I was a young girl…


Sarah Lavinia

…so romantic.  So lovely.  So very, very long ago….

Just a name on my pedigree chart.  My fourth great-grandmother.  Never an image to go with that beautiful name.

Until now.


   While going through for more information on the names I loved, a face emerged—a beautifully hand-painted face. 

My heart stopped…

Could it really be her?


“Portrait painted for locket”, were the words written under her portrait.  The image was small, but perfect—and I was thrilled beyond belief!

And just to make sure that I never, ever lost Sarah Lavinia again--


I put her in a locket of my very own. 

Found.  Found and loved….