Friday, July 4, 2014

The Red, White & Blue


I’ve always loved my country.  Always been grateful for the freedoms that we have.


I felt a deepening of that love and gratitude after a trip to Washington D.C. just a couple of months ago.  A feeling that I don’t want to lose.  Ever……


How grateful we should be.  Each and every single day—for the freedom we have to live as we choose….and for those who have fought and died to allow us that liberty.


We are so very, very blessed…….


Wishing you all a Happy Fourth!


Thursday, June 26, 2014



I love what journaling reveals to me about….me.

Sometimes you just never know, when you first put pen to page, what’s going to emerge.  It’s really very interesting--


Sometimes a thought or two are already in your head—sometimes a thought or two originally penned by a much wiser someone else, but out it comes—committed to paper…and you learn something from it.


I also find it interesting what I choose to put with those words.  The images reveal quite a bit about us, as well, I think…how we are, how we were—how we would like to be…


And sometimes what gets revealed is the little girl inside of us, just itching to come out and play with paint and paper…just to see what she looks like.


Wishing you lots of wonderful revelations today…


Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Things


Trying out some new things this week…I’ve been having the urge to try some new techniques in my journaling.  A little painting seemed like just the thing for me…


Freehand flowers and a big fat heart drawn on my pages.  Some old watercolor crayons that I haven’t touched in ages were brought back up to the table and given a whirl…….


…and I fell deeply, madly in love.

I’ll be  doing much more of this in the future!


Some face cards courtesy of Hope Wallace Karney came out to play, as well.  I love these pieces—so much fun to journal on, around & under…


Some personal journaling blurred for the photo just a bit….


Don’t be afraid to try some new things today—you just might have more fun than you think!