Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Bit of Vintage Stitching...

Good afternoon, everyone!

How's the weekend going so far?  We've been having fun here...very crazy, and there's been very little sleep involved....zzzzzzzzz...{{I wish!}}

Just a couple of things to share with you today...I've been having some fun with Crafty Secrets' new "Sew Nice" Creative many beautiful images!

Here's my first card...

Isn't this a sweet image?  I love the illustration, of course, and the fun colors, which I tried to echo in the cardstock, ribbon, etc. of the card...

This image was all about hand embroidery, so I tried a blanket stitch on a cardstock "flower"...definitely something I haven't tried before!   

These new Creative Scraps had me thinking about a collection of reproduction vintage books that I love...The Mary Frances collection...ever heard of them?

Written by Jane Eayre Fryer around 1913, these adorable books are filled with the sweetest hand-drawn illustrations and simple instructions for young stitchers to begin learning sewing skills.  There's also a book on Cooking, Knitting & Crochet, Gardening, etc...each is charming!  My mother purchased them for us about 10 years ago, and we really love them.

I realized as I found the book on our little shelf, that it's cover and the image I'd just used for my card were one and the same!  Coincidence, yes...but I'm sure it triggered my memory of the books in the first place!

Next, something with a bit of machine stitching...definitely a novice here!

Another sweet image from the same collection...I used the feather stitch on of my favorites. 

The spools of thread and the saying are from Crafty Secrets' "Sew Special" stamp set...

I added some random polkadots of Dazzling Diamonds over the image for just a bit of sparkle...ribbon, gingham, Platinum Stickles and vintage buttons finish the job.

Before I go, I want to share with you the most lovely package I received yesterday from Elizabeth of Creative Breathing...this was for no reason at all, mind you...just the kindness of her heart, and her knowing how much I love her vintage creations!

(I'm using the photos from her post because it's very gloomy here today, and I couldn't get a decent photo of them all!)

She knows how much I love vintage-inspired items with personality--fun faces, feet & hands--I LOVE this sweet pink birthday cake...complete with vintage candles!

This adorable chenille '50's girl fresh from the Sock Hop, complete with her '45 and poodle skirt--and just look at those saddle shoes!

An adorable tag inspired by Twyla and Lindsey...

And this adorable little button holder, made from pieces from a vintage music box...

All this in one package along with some beautiful vintage greeting cards....Oh, Elizabeth...what joy!  Thank-you from the bottom of my heart, dear friend!

Also a thank-you to my friends at Splitcoast for giving me the opportunity to be included in the Dirty Dozen for the next six months--so exciting!  Looking forward to working with all those amazing women!

That's all for me today...I hope your weekend is wonderful in every way!

***I just found the loveliest blog with a very vintage giveaway...please go and say hello to Stephanie at Angelic Accents!


  1. Loved the post; your cards are beautiful, the book cover is just precious--what gifts those books must be--and, what fun to receive surprises in the mail. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love your card-and that birthday cake is to die for! So nice to be able, through this blog, to access all these talented women!

  3. So many adorable things in one post! I am such a d=fan of the Crafty secrets thngys I must get some of those at some point YUMMY! and love the card the one with mum doin the hem is just so beautiful. Who wouldn't want that cup cake? all so delish

    Love Dawn xx

  4. I love those illustrations! The button holder is just too cute and so is the cake. How nice of her to send you such fun things!


  5. I love your card...I adore Creative Scraps & Crafty's what I make 90% of my shabby vintage cards with.
    Stop over and visit me sometime :D

  6. love your cards, and big congrats on becoming a dirty girl!

  7. Such sweet creations, Julie! ~ Angela

  8. what a special just because to find in the mail. i would have never thought of sewing on a card! that is so neat.]blessings,

  9. Lovely the new crafty secrets images..hope that its soon to buy here.


  10. Once again a great post with lots of lovely eye candy Julie! I do love your newest cards! Love the stitching that you have integrated into them! That's right up my alley. I love, LOVED those books when I was a girl. Anything with tiny people involved, fairies etc. really captured my heart and imagination. I still believe in fairies. What a lovely package you have received from Elizabeth!! You are soooo lucky! I just love her creations. She has such a talent there! I am sending lots of love and hugs through the airwaves to you this night my special friend! Hope your Sunday tomorrow is a blessed one! Love you loads! xxoo

  11. do you sell what you make? how do i get to your shop if you do? thx

  12. Hi Julie, isnt Elizabeth a perfect angel? Ive been lucky a few times recieving her gifts and they hold prominent places in my house, where I can enjoy seeing them everyday!!
    I also want to mention that I LOVE the cards that youre making. Crafty Secrets has the greatest stuff! I'm feeling a trip to the scrapbook store coming on!!
    happy sunday!

  13. I saw that adorable birthday cake on Elizabeth's blog recently and it caught my attention. It's so very sweet!! She is so talented! I love the tag she sent, too.

    I love your cards, as always. The spools of thread on the cards are so cute!!

    Hope you're having a great weekend. One soccer game left and we're done.

  14. I loves sewed cards! They are so pretty! I love your little 50's girl sure have a talent! :D

  15. Julie Julie, how I missed your beautiful cards! These are gorgeous again. Lovely pictures. Do have a great new week, talented friend. xxooxx

  16. Your cards are are the sweetest!
    Thank you so much for stopping by with your kind words!! Happy Weekend xOxO Nerina

  17. You make the most amazing and creative cards! Creative Breathing, you have to love her. She's the queen of pretties.

  18. Congratulations on the invite to join the Dirty Dozen, these cards are lovely, I love the hand stitching, beautiful. Thanks for sharing. ~Diane

  19. Your cards are amazing! I love the vintage look of always inspire! Hugs for a great week my friend. xoxo

  20. glad I found your site now! Your cards are so awesome. They are really amazing! Lezlee

  21. Hi Julie... what adorable cards! I especially love the one you made with the little fairy on it, and also the one with the sock hop! I had a poodle skirt, and we called those shoes "saddle oxfords"... and of course our 45's (which I still have mine!)... you are a very talented lady!... xoxo Julie Marie

  22. Hi Julie, How precious and to find the image the same on your books. Its amazing how close you were to the actual cover with your color choices. I just Love all your stitching and have never seen feather stitching!
    Congrats on joining up with the Dirty Dozen! They know talent when they see it!

  23. I just love your Crafty Secrets creations. And Elizabeth's cupcake and 50's girl are so adorable!

  24. beautiful cards and things i see here.
    your blog looks gorgeous

  25. Thanks so much for visiting my blog I'm so glad you discovered it and left a message because I now discovered your beautiful blog. Your work is breath-taking and I'm now an avid follower!

    It's lovely to meet you in cyberspace.

  26. Oh my stars! I go out of town for a few days and look at you ROCK ... one of the Dirty Girls ... WOWZA ... COnGRATULaTIONS!!! I am so proud of you! You are so deserving of this honor!!

  27. You have so many really cute things here. I love that little sock hop girl.
    Have a blessed week.

  28. Oooh, I haven't checked out this month's Fan Club Gallery so I missed that - congrats on the Dirt Pile gig! Love your sewing-themed cards, adorable and what a great package of goodies you got there - enjoy!

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  30. Oh, what a sweet and lovely blog you have!! I just tried to follow, but Google must be glitching right now so I will try again next time I visit.

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my Cottage Charm giveway! It is terribly sweet of you to post about the giveaway and I really appreciate your adding my button to your sidebar! Good luck to you!

    Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  31. This is the most amazing post with all of your gorgeous cards! Just wonderful, Julie, thanks for sharing!
    Huge hugs!

  32. LOVE! THIS! ALL!
    But especially the one with the little girl standing on a stool while Mom hems her dress. MAN! Being the youngest girl of all the cousins, I got all the hand-me-downs and I had to CONSTANTLY have things hemmed. I was not a patient girl. Was stuck a few times and I'm sure it was just Mom's way of saying "settle down Karen". :) Wonderful memories.
    I just love this entire post. I'm going back to read it again!
    Thanks for sharing! Karen