Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beautiful Flower Crumbs...

Good afternoon, my friends!

Hope the week is off to a great start for you all!  It's been busy here, as usual--that's good, I guess!

Just a few things to share with you today...

I made a card yesterday with this adorable storybook image from Crafty Secrets' "Childhood" Images & Journal Notes booklet...

I love this style of illustration...looks like it's from the '20's...such a beautiful time for children's books illustrations!

And it's lovely little saying..."We could never have loved the earth so well if we had no childhood in it."

After I made this, the weather cleared, and I went outside to take some photos of my gorgeous, fat roses:


...aren't they just beautiful?!  We've had lots of wind and rain lately, and there were lots of soft, colorful petals in pools under the rose bushes...

...which reminded me...

...of my mother always telling me about a day when I came into the house with my hands filled with roses petals

...and said, "Oh, Mommy!  Look at all the beautiful flower crumbs!"  Of course I don't remember this, but she's told me so many times...Now, whenever I see those beautiful rose petals on the ground, or blossoms fallen from a tree, this is what I think of...

I was about three or so at the time, which made me think of these old pictures that I love...

Our little family, with my new brother Steven...isn't my mother gorgeous?

Me and my daddy...

Not sure why this one was framed like this, but I still love it...look at that funny little guy!

And my favorite...I call this one my "Sassy" pose!

Thanks for letting me share those--that's for you, Mom! 

I finished another little card this morning...more beautiful flowers with a sassy little girl...

This is a sweet little stamp set from Crafty Secrets called "Bouquets of Joy"...one of my very favorites...

I'm not the best at the watercoloring thing, but I loved doing it!  I just used watercolor crayons for this...then sparkled it up with Dazzling Diamonds...

I'm so glad I learned at an early age to appreciate the beauties of the earth...even the sweet little flower crumbs laying on the ground...thanks, Mom...

See you soon with something new....


  1. Hi Julie... such pretty photos and I love your little "flower crumbs"... we too would gather my mama's fallen rose petals and make little sachets out of them... I love your "sassy" pose! So cute! I also love the quote by George Eliot... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I love your "Sassy" pose!! Fun memories!

  3. Hi Julie,

    Those cards you made are adorable, and the sweet little story and pictures of your childhood.....wow, it takes me back, too! Those roses are gorgous, especially the english ones.


  4. I LOVE that quote...this coming from a little girl who lived in trees! And you were such a darling little girl, such thick hair. Your Mom is beautiful. Love these cards too..sassy girl is so cute. Come say hi :D

  5. What a little cutie you were!! LOVE the sassy pose!! Your stories are always fabulous, I really do enjoy them. Thanks for sharing.

    The cards are wonderful as usual!!

  6. Flower crumbs! Were'nt you cute even then? Love the post. I thought I saw the Yellow Rose of Texas there. HUGS! Charlene

  7. How adorable! I just love your family pictures. I always get so broken hearted when I see a flower that has been trampled.

    Thanks so much for your encouraging and supportive words today. I am getting so, so passionate about this topic and feel I have to do something.
    I was wondering how does your church go about teaching this topic to the kids? My husband and I lead a youth class and we really need to talk about it. I have a great friend who is LDS that gave me some wonderful resources from her church, too. So, there's lots of great resources out there, it's just a matter of finding the right way to deliver it.

    Hope you're having a lovely day :)

  8. What a fabulous quote - I will have to write it down. Beautiful cards, love them both. Such fun garden and family photos, too! :)

  9. Lovely cards and great story!


  10. Hey Sassy Girl! Hope you are having wonderful day. I just love seeing those old family photos. I've got to learn how to use my scanner/printer so that I can save some old images to my computer. :) Love that pretty watercolor card. So many wonderful products that I never get to see on this side of the world. Best wishes for a beautiful day! :) Tammy

  11. Julie, I just love your cards and your old photos and the stories and memories of your childhood!! What a treasure you are!!! I just adore every scrap of you. I wish we lived close so that we could enjoy some one on one time together doing creative things together! Nevermind, we shall just have to settle for mutual admiration from afar!! Love you loads. xxoo

  12. Love the card and saying and my fave... the sassy pose! Your roses are wonderful! I am thinking of planting some but not sure which ones to get!

  13. Your card is so sweet, and those roses are gorgeous! Your childhood pics are precious - love that little green skirt.

  14. What a fun post to read. I love the old photographs. TFS your family.. The cards are precious. Love the vintage story book and I just used the same Crafty Secret image on a project that I posted last week. Love to color that one. You did a great job

  15. What beautiful roses you have my dear!! And I just love that little flower crumbs story ... so adorable & innocent!
    I think that "sassy" photo of you is my very favorite ... attitude at it's best!! Such a cutie!!

  16. I LOVE the photo of you in the green dress!!! OH MY!! SOO adorable!
    Sassy yes!!! Darling YES!!!!

  17. hi julie,

    what a fun post. love the pic of your brother when he was little and gosh, your roses are amazing! so full, like tissues! as always your creations are stunning.


  18. Flower crumbs!! What a FANTASTIC way to put it! I had just planted a new rose bush in my garden last week, then we had a terrible windstorm for several days and sent those petals spilling all over the yard! I was heartbroken! It's so much easier to deal with if I just refer to them as "crumbs!" Thanks!

  19. Hi again Mama Julie!
    I have been asked to join the Midchix Team! I am helping them out with networking and such. Can you believe they actually want to hire me? .so here is the deal....I am also helping them with new "Flock" ideas! I want to add a "Flock"( which is a fun name for a group), add a flock for card making! Here is where I need your help. Since you are the expert will you help me with some flock discussions on it? I am going to start it up today but I needs some help mama! Let me know if IN YOUR SPARE time...you can add a note or two in the flock.....I want to link up all your card making mamas too....I think it will be great for exposure for Crafty Secrets! Ta Ta My Dear!

  20. Hi Julie! Don't know how I missed this post, but after I saw your comment I decided to meander over! I also LOVE children's book illustrations from the 1920's. My mom grew up with a lovely series that I adored looking at when we would visit my grandma's house. Unfortunately, when Mom had to move Gigi to a smaller living space she donated the books to Goodwill {sniff sniff}! We are both regretting that and I've thought of checking e-bay to see if I can find them again. The cards you have made here are simply precious, as are the FAB pics of your family. Same dynamic as mine and I notice our daddies had the SAME hair style : ) Fun fun stuff. Thanks for letting me stop by and chat! xx P&H

  21. Hope you have had a wonderful week Julie - I love your Sassy shot - fantastic pose and outfit, these are great! Am looking forward to some time now to catch up with your previous posts xxx

  22. Ok sweetness....everywhere on your blog post today...your cards...your roses {amazing}...yourself as a child..I adore your green outfit! Thank you for this today. xoxoxoxo

  23. Love your Childhood Story Book card, sooo Sweet!
    And Wow!! Love those roses too!!! They are gorgeous! Esp. love those big 'ol ruffly pink ones! And...."Flower Crumbs", that is tooo Cute! I will think of that now when I see those!

    Love the family photo, what a nice picture keepsake. Yes, your mom is beautiful and your dad is quite good looking as well! And how adorable are you as a little girl!! Soooo CUTE....you Sassy thing you!!!! :)
    And love the capture of your brother's face, priceless! :)
    Beautiful ~Bouquets of Joy~ card too!

    Thanks for sharing!!
    Tiffany :)

  24. I love the 'flower crumbs' comment. Children say the most delightful things - better than any poet sometimes. xx

  25. Hi Julie! Both cards are precious, and I really love your watercoloring, and all the sparkle...so pretty! I always enjoy your family stories and the old photos you share!
    xo Paulette