Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Happy Mother's Day Wish...and...Grow Old Along With Me...

Good evening, everyone!

Hope it's been a lovely weekend, so far!  I haven't had too much card-making time the last few days...lots of family activities, a visit from Grandma Campbell, soccer game, and our anniversary!  So many fun things going on!

First, however, I'd like to wish you all a very happy Mother's Day tomorrow...all of you that I've come to know this last year...wonderful mothers all, I can tell.  I hope your day is filled with love and sweet memories...Here's a card I made for my Mother this week...

I love this image from Crafty Secrets' "Childhood" Images & Journal Notes booklet...some satiny ribbon, brown & cream gingham ribbon, crocheted lace, and a touch of Platinum Stickles for a bit of sparkle...

...such a sweet vintage image of the love between a mother and daughter...

Just thought I'd share of few images of the beautiful mothers in our family--vintage, of course!

Here's my wonderful mother-in-law, Shirley...isn't she adorable in this photo?  This was taken about 1933.  She grew into a beautiful young woman...

...and became the most loving mother, grandmother and mother-in-law--thanks, Mom!

And my Mom... she is about 1943.  I love this picture--the beautiful colorizing--so richly done.  This piano bench (along with the piano, of course!) is now used by my daughters and I...such a well-loved heirloom.

Mom's "glamour" shot in her college how it just glows!  You're beautiful, Mom!

And one of my favorite pictures of Mom and I about 1964 on the steps of our apartment in Southern California...I love how I'm holding on to her as she comes to give me a you, Mom!

My husband, Roger, and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary yesterday...where has the time gone?!

Here we are while dating...1987...I went up to visit his family in Northern California, and we spent the day in San Francisco.  The memories of this windy day are so sweet to me...

Our engagement photo in do you like my '80's "big hair" perm?  Hmmmmm...the things we'd change if we could, right?!  Isn't my sweetheart handsome?

And on our wedding day, May 7th, 1988...such a great day for us and our very happy families.  We've been blessed with so many, happiness, three beautiful, loving daughters...we couldn't ask for more...

Here's the card I made for him for our anniversary...not very masculine, is it?!  Oh, well!  He loved it--he is always very appreciative of the things I make, which is a wonderful thing...

A sweet vintage image from Crafty Secrets' "Cherish" stamp pretty!  I did all paper piecing here...just wanted that look...a bit of a job with all the tiny blossoms, though--but I like the way it turned out.  Lace, ribbon, lots of silver Stickles, and some beautiful patterened paper from "AdornIt".

Thank-you, honey, for a beautiful past full of loving memories, a present filled with all things good (not always easy times, though...right, dear?!)...and a future filled with hope, loyalty and love...

And in the words of one of my favorite poems, by Robert Browning...

"Grow old along with me!
The best is yet to be.
The last of life, for which the first was made:
Our times are in His hand
Who saith, 'A whole I planned,
Youth shows but half; Trust God: see all, nor be afraid!'"

Have a beautiful weekend and a lovely Mother's Day...I'll see you soon with something new...

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  1. Happy Mother's Day, Julie!

    These creations are truly lovely and a wonderful memory to go along with them : )

  2. I love these cards! And I loved the old pictures, they are so special! The ones of your and your husband are especially sweet and he is handsome! Congratulations to both of you! I love the words to the poem and the song. Have a great day tomorrow Julie! :D

  3. Happy anniversary and mothers day! Wow, you are havinng quite a weekend!!

  4. Hi Julie,

    Your cards and fotos are beautiful!
    Love te story.


  5. Beautiful cards. It's nice to have a husband that appreciates your talents. Happy Anniversary and have a wonderful Mother's Day. Mimi

  6. Oh Julie, what a preciuos post dedicated to your darling Mother & Mother-in-law! Beautiful women! And look at you and your hubby. What a handsome couple! Happy 22nd. Anniversary yesterday! We celebrated our 39th yesterday to!

    Happy Mother's Day Julie!


  7. So glad that you and Roger had a lovely Anniversary Julie. What a lovely couple you were and are! Happy Mother's Day to you as well, and to the lovely mom's in your life! I have enjoyed seeing all the photos, and your newest cards as well. As ever, I have to say, you are sooooo very talented and have a beautiful eye for creating the most lovely of cards no matter the occasion!! I am in awe of you! I love you loads and hope that you have the best day ever today. Somehow I just know that you will!!! Love and hugs from across the see to thee!!! xxoo

  8. Such a touching and hearfelt posting Juile, words would spoil it, so all I am going to say is have a wonderful day with your family.

    B x

  9. Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother's Day to you too Julie!
    Have a wonderful day with your family,

  10. What a sweet tribute to your Mothers and your DH. Happy Anniversary and have a Wonderful Mothers day filled with Love!

  11. wow, happy anniversary and happy mothers day!

    love the pictures, and of course the card. thanks for sharing!

  12. Gorgeous cards, beautiful post. Happy Anniversay and Happy Mother's Day.

  13. Hello Julie, Happy Mother's Day to you, and Happy Anniversary! Such beautiful photos... xoxo Julie Marie

  14. What a gorgeous vintage card you made. So chic!
    Congratulations on your anniversary! What a happiness to be together and happy for such a long time!

  15. Happy Mother's Day and congratulations on your anniversary! I will be celebrating 25 years in June! The photos of your Mom and MIL are just stunning ~ thank you for sharing!!!

  16. Love all of the photos Julie!!! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! May you have MANY more happy loving years ahead!!! And Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

  17. Julie, You have been blessed with beautiful mothers in your life. May your heart be filled with the love of those that call you mother today. Elizabeth

  18. Happy Mother's Day and Anniversary Julie! Your cards are just lovely and so are the memories you shared!

  19. Dear Julie, very, very happy anniversary to you and your husband!!! and very happy Mother`s day, may you have a wonderful, joyful and blessed time together with your family.
    I have loved the old pictures of the mothers in your family, so lovely your mother and you kissing each other.
    Muchos cariños,
    Maria Cecilia

  20. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day Julie, your blog is beautiful today. All the beautiful pics of your mom, your hubbies mom. The picture of you and your mom reminds me of me and my daughter. She was born in 62 and my son in 63. I have wonderful memories of them when they were little. And the card for your hubby. You sound very happy. Yours sounds like the perfect life if there ever was one.
    Hope it goes forever. I'm enjoying my son today.
    Hugs, Pat

  21. You have another beautiful blog here! I love the day book idea, too. Your card and the lovely pictures of your mother and mother in law are so touching. I just loved the whole article. Now I am anxious to go peeking through the rest of your blog! It looks lovely!


  22. LOVE it all...the cards, the photos, the stories!! Your husband and you make the perfect looking 80's couple. So cute!!...both of you!! Congrats on 22 years!

  23. I *love* all of these old photos as, clearly, I adore photos in general! Thank you for finding me so that I could in turn find you!
    Have a marvelous mother's day!

  24. Dearest Julie,

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip down Memory Lane! So many beautiful photos and cards...they bring an emotional dimension to your heartfelt words.

    So many blessings and your acknowledgement of these blessings is passed on to us...your followers...your friends...and I thank you!

    Thank you also for every kind word you've posted to me...I love your visits and your comments bring a gentleness to my world...Thank you dear one.

    May this day be everything you so richly deserve...



  25. Julie, I was hoping you would like the poodle skirt doll. One is tucked away in your "Think Pink" box. Have a lovely Mother's Day! I did! E

  26. Hi Julie,
    Everywhere I have been today, you have been there before me leaving sweet comments! Happy Mother's Day, and Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! You have a treasure trove of family photos, what a lucky girl!

  27. Hello sweet Julie!

    Your family photos are just wonderful! Your mama was one gorgeous young lady, you inherited her looks.

    Thank you so much for your unbelievably kind comments on my last post, they truly did touch my heart.

    Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!


  28. Julie, your post was precious! I love the cards and thank you for sharing such beautiful photos! Happy Belated Anniversary! My husband and I are celebrating our 35th today! You are right with the verse you put in the anniversary card...the best is yet to be!

    Live Creatively!

  29. I love the vintage photos of your mom and mother-in-law...Especially that glamour shot of your mother. So beautiful. And happy nniversary to you and your DH.

  30. Lovely post!
    LoVe all the vintage photos! Especially your very Glamorous Mom!! Just stunning!
    Happy Anniversary! .. and thanks for stopping by ~

  31. So beautiful...I love your cards and that one you made your mom is amazing...hope your Mother's Day was filled with Joy! xoxo Happy Anniversary to you too.

  32. Happy belated Mother's Day and Anniversary. Love the pictures of your MIL and Mom from oh so long ago. Such sweet photos. And the card you made for your mom is fabulous. I'm not sure what my husband would do if I made a card for him. HA! Don't we all have big hair pictures? I remember those days well -- the 80's was my least favorite for hair and music. :) Have a great week ahead. Tammy

  33. i love the pics of both your mom's. they are both so beautiful. happy mothers day and anniversary. there are some hair styles i would love to change in some of my pictures too. i had perms too when i was growing up. what was i thinking! cant believe i thought i looked good lol. i do think you look great in your pics.

  34. Happy Anniversary and Happy Mothers day!
    Your cards are fantastic, as always:) I will go over to Crafty Secrets Website to have a closer look at that stamp set. Loved it!

    Have a wonderful day Julie!
    Hugs Hanne

  35. My goodness, you have an attractive family!! Hope you had a terrific anniversary and Mother's Day! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pics with us!

  36. Happy Anniversary, and Happy Mother's Day--loved the post and your beautiful cards!

  37. I only need one word to describe this post ... AWESOME!
    Happy Mother's Day & Anniversary my friend! YOU are beautiful inside & out and these photo are gorgeous! Your cards are PERFECT as always and again I am awe-struck by your talents! Hugs to you my friend! Hope your weekend was memorable!!

  38. Happy Mother's Day to you! Your card reminds me of my favorite scene in my favorite movie "The Wedding Singer" where Adam Sandler sings "I Wanna Grow Old With You" to Drew Barrymore. Sigh. It's coming true for me, too. Yesterday, we took a bike ride together and someone told us it was nice to see "old folks" still enjoying this activity!

  39. Happy anniversary, Julie! What lovely photos you shared; I love the "big hair" of the 80's! I love the 80's. It's when I got married, bought our first house, and had our first child. Those were happy, happy years!

  40. Hope you had a Wonderful Mothers Day! Stop On Over I'm having a Virtual Baby Shower for my daughter, games and prizes, would love to see you there! Hugs, Diane

  41. Beautiful cards, thanks for sharing all of your lovely memories and images. ~Diane

  42. Such beautiful women in your family! I love seeing your wonderful family pictures. And congratulations on 22 years! Time does fly!! :D

  43. hooray for pretty things!
    i rather enjoy all the delightful pictures splish splashed through your posts.
    your blog oozes loveliness, and i thank-you for sharing! x