Monday, May 17, 2010

My Great-Grandmother’s Singer…a Card…and Standing Together…

Good afternoon, ladies! 

Just got back from my last day of springtime work at Toro Park, where we take school classes on fieldtrips…a hike through the woods, while teaching them about the local plants, animals, and the Indians that used to live here…I’ll miss it (until next year)!


A couple of weeks ago, my friend Vicki Chrisman issued a challenge for anyone to join her in making a card/project that stretched them…something “out of the box” that we don’t normally do. 

I chose using a sewing machine, as I’m just barely starting to do that with my cards…actually practiced on a couple before I did this one…



The image is from Crafty Secrets’ new “Sew Nice” Creative Scraps.  I’m having so much fun with these!  See the stitching, Vicki?  I’m so glad I’ve tried this---love the look and texture it adds to cards!

I added some lace, beautiful Martha Stewart seam binding, vintage buttons, roses, Dazzling Diamonds, and silver Stickles for all the glitz!



This image really reminded me of my Great-Grandmother, Estella, who I’ve told you about before…

Estella Stapley_edited-1

…and her beautiful old Singer sewing machine…



Just look at this beauty!  It’s electric, but I don’t know what year it is…if anyone does, please let me know!



Here’s the cabinet table it rests in…love the details!  Next to it, there, is  a VERY old chair that belonged to another great-grandmother…


Look at the beautiful design on this face plate—I LOVE it!


Very long and lovingly used, as you can see…

Off the subject…but not really……..

A good blogging friend of mine, Erin from Home is Where My Heart Is, voiced a concern recently about the general lack of modesty in the world today…I couldn’t agree with her more.

A few days ago, she decided to address this issue each Monday, and encouraged all of us who agree with her to do the same…I’m with you, Erin!



To me, modesty is more than just about what you wear, although that’s a very important part of it…This is how I was raised…a way of life passed down through a long line of mothers…and it’s how we’ve raised our three daughters…and I’m very sure that’s how they’ll raise their children…


We’ll be talking about different issues as we go along.  Check out Erin’s blog for links to other blogs and their feelings on the subject.  We’d love to have you join us…will you?

I hope you have a wonderful night! 

See you soon with something new…


  1. Beautiful card, Julie, love the stitching!! Your vintage sewing machine is such a treasure... I remember playing on the floor next to my grandmother as she sewed on one that looked similar to that one. Such warm and peaceful memories... thanks!

  2. Your grandmother has such a beautiful face! I love these sewn cards too, so pretty. I so agree about modesty..I will go read her post! Come say hi :D

  3. Found you thru Erin's blog on modesty. Isn't she a great gal? I'm a card making amateur; just wanted to compliment you on yours. We have several old machines too, including Singers. I'm amazed at the people that still use them even though they have computerized expensive ones. Lovely photos, nice blog.

  4. Love your creative cards...they are beautiful!!
    and what a treasure to have the old Singer. I is awesome.
    Have a great week!!

  5. Beautiful cards and isn't that sewing fun :)
    OH...and what a great way to spend part of your day with children :)

  6. ummm yeah.. I think you can safely say you have the sewing thing conquered!!! lol AWESOME cards! You blog post are always so beautiful Julie! Thankyou so so much for playing along.
    Oh btw.. I'm so jealous of all the cool old family photos you have! I would do anything to have some of my family like that.

  7. Julie, I bet you have a blast on those field trips!! They sound great.

    I absolutely love your cards today. And wow, such a neat sewing machine, too!

    Thanks so much for your encouragement and support my dear friend. I really apppreciate you standing with me :)


  8. Beautiful card! I can't date the sewing machine but I know those originals are highly prized by quilters. Your local quilt store might be able to help date it! :D

  9. WOW, what a beautiful card!!!!! I love it. The image is very nice and your sewing? I think you must have a natural talent because it sure does not look like a beginner to me. Jane

  10. Once again, another amazing post. Love the card, the photo of your great grandmother and your treasures in the sewing machine and chair. Priceless!! :-)

    Amen!!...on the entire modesty topic. I couldn't agree with you more. We too, have three girls and have raised them to be modest in every way. I'm pretty sure it's stuck with them and I love that!! :-)

  11. Julie,
    Love the picture of your Great Grandmother. Also the sewing maching is a gem. I have my Grandmother's piano and hoosier cabinet. I cherish them.
    Thanks for the sweet comments on the vintage magazine and Bing. I love it when people use the same words as me, like "swanky." :) I love old time words like that :)

  12. Julie, you really honor your relatives in your posts. I LOVE that. I have never tried sewing paper on my machine, although I have received some clever paper "envelopes" made from cute paper or Trader Joe's bags that have been stitched together. Your cards are so sweet! As far as modesty is concerned, I was blessed with a daughter who comes by it naturally. When we shopped for clothes when she was little, she didn't even want things that were sparkly on her shirts! Wish I could say I see that in the rest of our society {sigh}. I'll check out the blog that you mentioned! Have a wonderful week. xx P&H

  13. Your cards are amazing..pure inspiration for me today...I need to start making cards again. Hugs. xoxo

  14. Your cards are beautiful! You would never know you are a sewing novice. That machine is a treasure - I'm sure your local sewing machine repair shop or quilt shop might be able to help you date it.

  15. Your cards are so lovely. I love how this one turned out. I just love the old sewing machines and cabinets. What a treasure!

  16. Oh Julie, I just adore this latest card. I Love the colours and the stitching and everything about it! So beautiful. Roses, my favourite thing. I loved the picture of your gran and her sewing machine as well. MY nan had a treadle sewing machine. She would let me work the peddle sometimes. I felt very important when she did! I embrace modesty as well. It is getting very difficult to find clothng that is modest in the shops these days. They have very low fronts, or too short sleeves, or no sleeves, or transparent sleeves! Wish someone would design clothing for women with more modest tastes! You probably won't find this until you wake up, so have a Happy Day!! Sending lots of love your way! xxoo

  17. Aloha Julie;
    I'm new to your blog and I just have to tell you how beautiful it is. Your blog is definitely one for me to follow. I love what you did to your card; looks like you've been doing them for a long time.
    Your great grandmother's singer machine and cabinet is beautiful. It looks like it may be model #15-66? The number is usually located just below the oval gold seal on the lower right front. It could mean it might be between 1930-1950. I can't be sure. I just bought a vintage Singer today. My plan is to install it into my treadle cabinet.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing such a fabulous blog.

  18. Julie, I see a new direction for you, and it involves a sewing machine!!! I am so excited to read about your views on modesty. I am shy by my own views on this subject and have never felt free to talk about them for fear they wouldn't be understood. This speaks to who I have always been. I will be sure and join in on Mondays! Thank you for another place to belong. I thought of your walks with the school children as I was driving home yesterday and saw a view that took my breath away. I am going to snap photos today to see if you agree. Thank you for being you, Julie! E

  19. Hello Julie... your grandmothers treasures are wonderful, and I know the memories they hold are priceless... my mama had a sewing machine almost the twin of that... not sure of the year, as she had it as far back as I can remember... your daughters are beautful, and I know you are instilling in them all of the beautiful things in life your mama did in you... xoxo Julie Marie

  20. I m your newest follower.Your blog looks fantastic, and your card are beautifull.
    Greetings from Europe - Croatia

  21. Hello Julie!
    Nice to meet you and your fun blog!
    Your cards are wonderful!!!
    Love Mixed Media work.
    Your sweet nephew Christopher = priceless...
    Loved looking through your posts and will "Follow" for sure.

    Enjoyed my visit,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings.,..

    Stop in when time allows,
    Love to have you.

  22. I love this card such great sewing and I love the image (haven't been able to get this in the UK as yet) I also saw some where in blog land that you have two children participating in (part) of the cart company walk for the 150 celebrations. I am a pioneer for my family the first LDS member My boys were baptised (all three) but sadly don't go any more I Hope I am not the last in this treck as it has been hard to get this far (no support from any friends family) only church members. Bu I love this gospel I am sure your grand mother will be so proud of all that you have accomplished. I will pop over to the blog about modesty I am all for that! lovely blog and always lovely to visit

    Love Dawn xx

  23. I loved your post today! Great that you work with the kids in the park! Funny your Great Grandmother's name was Estella & mine Grandmothers was Zella. Boy they had some zingers back then. But, today we have some wing ding names to... HUGS! Charlene

  24. Hi Julie, I am sure California is beautiful this time of year. Oh how I would love to hike through the woods with you on one of those field trips. :) Your cards are always beautiful. Adding sewing to the mix will only make them moreso. That first image does resemble your lovely grandmother. I totally agree with the modesty thing. When I look at some folks just on their outward appearance, I just say to myself "what were they thinking?" Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Tammy

  25. Hi Julie!

    Your grandma has such a fantastic countenance! You can just tell that she was the matriarch, ya know? :-)

    I could not agree with you more about modesty. I just watched Miley Cyrus, dressed and acting like a hooker on DWTS. How much better she would have looked with a few more clothes on!


  26. Hi Julie,

    Another beautiful card! Love the colors in this piece:)
    Have a wonderful day Julie!

    Hugs Hanne

  27. Dear Julie,
    I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed this post. It touched me in many ways. My grandma also sewed on a beautiful old Singer. Sadly it was stolen. Your Great Grandma is lovely. She has a gentleness in her countenance, but also looks like she enjoyed a good laugh! Your work is absolutely beautiful! I would love to try this technique when I get a little more brave!

    I also very much appreciate your comment about modesty. To me this includes manners. SO many today don't even say thank you when given a compliment. I don't mean shy or introverted, but arrogant and having an over inflated opinion of ones self. I think it's a great topic!!

  28. What a gorgeous card! I love the texture that sewing adds to cards! My sewing machine never actually sews clothing! LOL! Only paper! : )

  29. Your card came out beautifully, Julie! I do not know what year your Singer is, but it looks older than mine. I have one of the portable Featherweight machines, circa 1950.

    Thanks for popping over to my lil' blog for a visit - I'm so happy to meet you!


  30. I truly enjoyed reading this post. Your grandmother was very beautiful and what a treasure to have her sewing machine. Your cards are gorgeous. Since I took up writing, I haven't been crafty at all. So it's fun to live vicariously through your blog.

  31. what a neat post all around. i agree about dressing modestly. i have 3 girls and they all dress modest. we encourage it for sure. we tell our kids no one needs to see your business :)

  32. What an awesome sewing! Thanks so much for stopping by to say HI...glad to have found you :)