Monday, January 30, 2012


DSC07803_edited-1 {wreathed baby and bluebird copied from my baby book}

A dark, cold and snowy January in Boston…the new mother-to-be, realizing the time was finally here, was escorted to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning by her young husband and her mother…


Being placed on the elevator—the old-fashioned kind with the metal gate closure--she had to head up, up, up into the waiting maternity ward of  the old Boston Lying-In Hospital…leaving husband and mother to go home and wait…husbands not allowed in those days!

image {started in 1832, the Boston Lying-In Hospital was one of America’s first maternity hospitals}

“I remember going up on the old elevator and seeing the top of Clayn’s head disappear”, she writes…”and I thought, ‘the next time I see him, he will be a father!’”

And so he was.

Clayn & baby Julie, Feb. 1962

On this 50th birthday of mine, I wanted to do a little something my parents would appreciate…hope you don’t mind! 

DSC07812_edited-1  {I wanted this page to be very pink…I think I succeeded!}

A new page made for another heritage book in the making…a picture book of my childhood.  Something my children will appreciate someday…and that will be fun for me to do now!

Using a few charming vintage elements from my baby book, I put my page together…

hpqscan0004_edited-1 {a copyright date of 1949 for this little gem}

…the sweet, lightly stained pink satin covered baby book…


…the opening page of the book, lovingly filled out in my mother’s beautiful handwriting…

Julie's Birth Photo 1962_edited-1

…the very first picture of me.  This one seems to have been laminated and cracked—and the remnant is stuck to the photo, so there it will remain…

DSC07799_edited-1 {little pink bow is found in Crafty Secrets’ new “Creating with Vintage Illustrations” CD}

DSC07809_edited-1 {pretty rose print also found on Crafty Secrets’ CD}

Some yummy, soft pink seam binding—all tied up in a messy bow, paired with some vintage aqua millinery flowers...

DSC07806_edited-1 {the pins look a little dark here—not the best lighting today…}

…a pair of chipboard diaper pins covered with real silver shavings glitter…just look at that sparkle!


…and two little bluebirds copied and cut out from my baby book.  Aren’t they so sweet?!


And last, but not least, a little family tree from my baby book.  See?  I can’t help my love of family history—I was started on this journey from day one…

My happy, very young and beautiful mother, Karen holding her new little me.  That bedspread still lives—somewhere in one of Mom’s closets…

Just one more little story. Dad was a graduate student at Harvard Business School when I was born.

Clayn rocking the cradle, 1962 1

They say I was a bit colicky in the beginning…made it hard for this student to study!  But, my Dad is quite a genius.  He simply tied his foot to my cradle and gently kept me calm—and rocking--while he studied.  So happy we have this picture!

Well, that’s about it for me today!  Thanks for stopping by…and to you, Mom and Dad…

Clayn, Karen & Julie on their 2nd anniversary, 6-28-62

Happy 50 years of the most wonderful parenting in the world!  I could never thank you enough…



P.S.  Don’t forget my giveaway in my previous post!


  1. Happy Birthday Julie! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day. The page you made for this day is all the vintage touches especially the elements copied from your Baby Book. Hugs to you my blogging friend!
    Maura XX

  2. Have a fantastic day. Happy Birthday! xx

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful parents...Happy Birthday to you my friend...this page is a favorite. Smiles...Renee

  4. Happy Birthday! Love the beautiful page you made and the whole post!

  5. Julie, what a wonderful birthday post! Your page is beautiful! Fifty is such an important birthday. I remember mine 4 years past. I worried about being 5-0, so told myself that I wasn't Fifty, I was Fabulous :) We already Know you are Fabulous! Have a very Happy Birthday! Twyla

  6. Thanks---would you believe I saw this 4 minutes after it was posted--Eddie showed me how to respond, finally------thank you. it was beautiful and so are you---love----Mom and Dad xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo--123--WOW

  7. Happy Birthday Julie! What a tribute to your parents. I love the baby book, the pictures are similar to mine. Your post tweaked some nostalgia hanging around the corners of my heart this morning. Have a blessed day.

  8. Happy Birthday. What a wonderful gift to your parents. It is a day for them to celebrate also.

  9. Happy Birthday Julie! Such a great port you have made:)
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Happy Happy Birthday dear Julie!... what a wonderful page you have created to honor your birthday and your mama and daddy... soo very precious!... I hope all of your birthday wishes come true!... xoxo Julie Marie

  11. HAPPY Birthday! What fun memories! And I think I have the same baby book...even though I am older than you! I hope you have a wonderful day! Welcome to the'll love it! ♥♥♥

  12. cannot be 50!
    you're a gorgeous 50, but then
    you were a gorgeous baby!!!
    i love this are so
    fortunate to have all those memories!
    i have that same baby book for AMY
    i gave it to her a few years back
    so many memories...
    happy birthday sweetie...and BEAR HUGS too! ~victoria~

  13. I know I keep saying this, but your family stories inspire me. I've been struggling the last few years to bring my extended family closer together. It can be an uphill battle, but when I've written stories about the family, many of them have responded so positively that it gives me hope. Thank you and happy birthday.

  14. Happy Birthday dear Julie! Lovely post!

  15. Happy Birthday, and such a lovely layout and to be blessed with great pictures too! That was so sad that women back in those days didn't have their families, or at least husbands by their side, so glad for some changes :)

  16. Julie,
    Happy Birthday my friend!!!! An this layout is so you! Whenever I think of a layout in my mind's eye, they are always like the ones you manage to do! My birthday is next Saturday....don't you just love birthdays???? Hugs! Sandy

  17. What a great post!! Happy birthday! Xoxoxo

  18. Happy 50h Birthday! I have a baby book similar to yours!
    Enjoy YOUR DAY!

  19. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, dear Julie!

    I love your scrapbook page, but I especially adore the photo of your dad studying and rocking your cradle with his foot. My hubby was in graduate school & working full time when our daughter was born, and this picture reminds me of the lengths he went through to get everything done and still care for us.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  20. You were an exceptionally pretty baby! Thanks for sharing such a sweetly sentimental journey! And, happy birthday again!

  21. Happy, Happy Birthday Julie!
    Just love these photos!

  22. I hope your birthday has been a good one....and there are still some hours to go for it to keep getting better.
    I loved these pictures. My goodness, your dad a Harvard student. WOW..and how cute his foot tring to rock you while he studied.
    Funny how things have changed, when fathers were once NOT ALLOWED to be present at the birth of their children. So silly.
    Your baby book is almost Identical to mine. (and I'm 60)....Rather precious aren't they.
    I am sure your parents have loved watching every year, of these 50, as you've grown into a woman and mother yourself.
    happy birthday

  23. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!! LOVE your page & all the family photos. YOU are so lucky to have such amazing parents/family!!!! And so glad you realize & do all that you do for those special memory books! And glad you share with us so we can see "HOW LIFE SHOULD BE". Hope you had a marvelous BDay. HUGS!

  24. A wonderful story of the day you were born! Happy Birthday kiddo! You were born just 20 miles away from where I was born (Framingham Union Hosp., Ma) And now, here we are blogger friends, you on the west coast and myself on the east coast! I know of the elevator gates in which you speak! My brother was in and out of Boston hosp. all his childhood life! I do believe those gates to the back elevators live on! (perhaps as a recycled treasure!!) Hope your day is great my west coast friend!

  25. Happy Birthday dear Julie! What a wonderful post. I enjoyed reading the story of your "birth"day and seeing all of the keepsakes on your page. I laughed when my Mom told me that she was in the hospital for 2 WEEKS when she had me! Of course that was 1949. She wasn't allowed out of bed until a week had passed. Now the poor new Moms get booted out after 36? hours. Hope you had a great day!

  26. Happy 50th, Julie! Wonderful page and pictures of your birth day!

  27. What a sweet post Julie. I love the beautiful page you created using parts of your baby book. They just don't make them like that anymore!

    I hope you've had a wonderful day, filled with lots of birthday fun! Sending Happy Birthday hugs!

  28. Happy, happy birthday! What a great post, and your parents will love this!! '62 was a great year! Both dh and I will be turning the big 5-0 this year!

  29. Happy Birthday!What a wonderful post-you are so blessed to still have your parents.And I believe I have that self same card in my baby book.Thank you for the inspiration-I may try something similar.I think my children would also enjoy seeing ti!

  30. Happy Birthday Julie! Your are so lucky to have so many family keepsakes and treasures. Thank you for sharing your heritage and giving such inspisration.

  31. Happy Birthday, you don't look a day over 30. I often look in on your blog. Thankyou for sharing your special family history and your beautiful creations.
    I have a scrapbook of just babies from my family and my hubby,treasured memories. I'm 44 and from England but my old baby book looks very simular to yours.
    best wishes.janex

  32. This is the sweetest most lovely post! Such a lovely story and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So enjoy visiting here!
    Mary x

  33. You know you have a gift. Not only one for scrapping and designing, but your posts make me cry. I thought you were on hiatus for a while, so I have not visited. I will check out your giveaway, and please come over to my blog for my Valentine and Birthday giveaway. Oh and Happy 5oth birthday. I wish I was only turning 50, but in a couple of weeks I am hitting 55. I can't believe that!

  34. Oh Julie Your Page is just Gorgeous and Beautifully Vintage! You were the Cutest New Born! Happy 50th Birthday my Friend! I will be following your lead and Celebrate my in August!
    You do such a Good Job sharing these Wonderful Family Stories. I Love reading them!
    Have a Wonderful Day My Friend!

  35. Happy Birthday To You! Love looking and reading your blog. Glad I found it. I have a baby book just like yours except not the same pictures, etc inside. :-)
    Happy Birthday,

  36. Happy Birthday, sweet friend! Just love reading about your birth story... What a great picture of your dad rocking you with his foot... priceless.

  37. Happy happy birthday! Your baby picture is one of the cutest I've ever seen! Hope you enjoyed your day to the fullest :)

  38. Happy Birthday Julie!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!
    Beautiful project!

  39. Happy Birthday, dear Julie! Hopefully you had a fantastic day and were spoiled by family and friends.
    I love your hair style on that baby picture. Too cute!
    Birthday hugs to you,

  40. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is a wonderful week! Love your baby page, adorable!

  41. Julie ,What an incredible keepsake this will make. My favorite is the picture of your dad tying the cradle to rock you to sleep. So precious!!!
    Happy Birthday sweetie!
    hugs Lynn

  42. HAPPY Birthday, Julie!!
    I just ate this post up,
    as you are paving the way
    for this 1962 baby, too : )
    My dad was finishing his
    degree at the Forestry
    School/Syracuse University
    in April '62 when I came
    along. After he graduated
    that very same year, we
    moved to Framingham, MA
    where he served in the
    Army for two years {he was
    ROTC in college}. Fun to
    think of us two babies living
    fairly close together! Your
    pages are darling, just like

    xx Suzanne