Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Best of Friends…and a Giveaway!


Hello, dear friends! 

Oh my goodness!  I sure missed visiting with all of you the last couple of weeks—blogging is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?!  But sometimes it’s also a wonderful things to take a little time off…and now I’m ready to be back!

Just a little whimsical project to share with you today {I’m easing back in with something light!}…


…three sweet friends…my daughters think they’re a bit odd…but I quite like them!

I was inspired by this vintage photo found on Pinterest {my very favorite place to “hang out” these days"!}…

Pinned Image

… “Ghost Girls”, it was titled.  I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it…add a few of my favorite German china doll head images, of course!


I decided not to mess with their “ghosty” legs—or lack of legs—so I just covered them up!  Isn’t this trim lovely?!  It’s from “Recollections”, found at Michael’s…


…kinda makes them look like they’re on stage, I think!  A pretty black vintage button added, just for a little POP

And that’s about it!

Now for the fun part!  I think I mentioned in my last post that I’m about to turn the big 5-0.  On Monday to be precise!  So, I thought this would be a perfect time for a giveaway!


Some of my favorite crafting products to share with you…from Crafty Secrets, the new “Creating with Vintage Illustrations” CD and four sets of Creative Scraps—I just love those!  From Maya Road, a couple of mini chipboard albums to play with…


…and a pretty little charm necklace I made using one of the images from Crafty Secrets’ “Mini Vintage” Creative Scraps {included in the giveaway package}…


…isn’t that a pretty crown?!

DSC07779_edited-1 {sorry for the shadowy pictures…it’s a little gloomy today!}

So, all you have to do is leave me a comment if you’d like to win…that’s it!  Just let me know in the same comment if you’re a follower & I’ll put your name in twice—easy peasy!

I’ll draw the winner’s name next Friday, February 3rd at midnight-ish!

***Another treat for you…Stop by the Crafty Secrets blog for a gorgeous new $5 Vintage Valentine downloadable kit—chock FULL of fabulous vintage love! Sandy (owner of Crafty Secrets) has also posted a beautiful free Valentine downloadable image—you won’t want to miss it!***

That’s it for now…I’ll be back on Monday with something new…

It’s good to be back!



  1. Good morning Julie! I LOVE your 'Best Friends' project...that trim is wonderful. You come up with the most interesting designs. OH goodness what a generous give-away...I would love a chance to win so please put my name in the 'hat'! Oh...and yes I am a follower :) I hope your day is a good one...have a wonderful weekend.
    Maura :)

  2. such sweet things to be giving away. I'm am most surely a follower!
    Your ghostly girls are a riot! what a fun piece of art.
    Happy Birthday Julie!! 50's not so bad.. really... way better then the alternative!
    I hope you have a delightful day!

  3. Hi
    Such a clever idea to utilise those wonderful heads and love the trim and detail - gorgeous.
    Such a generous Giveaway which I would certainly love to work with.
    I am already a Follower of your beautiful Blog.
    As for your celebrations, it might be on the early side but sending you warmest wishes for your very special birthday.

  4. You have been missed. Although I have enjoyed your pins immensely. Your ghost girls are beautiful. Happy Happy Day to you my friend. May you continue to be blessed...smiles...Renee

  5. Wow, love the ghost girls!!!

    What a wonderful giveaway!!! I am a follower, have been for awhile now :)

    50, piece of cake, tee hee, I have a few years on you, 60 is staring me in the face . . . .

  6. Happy 50th birthday on Monday! I've been a follower for a while now and just love reading the stories about your ancestors. Thanks for the chance at this lovely giveaway!

  7. Hi Julie! Happy Birthday! You certainly don't look your age! I love your Best of Friends!! That's very creative. I would love to enter your giveaway, and I am already a follower! Have a Fantastic Friday ~Deanna

  8. Hi Julie... so nice to have you back!... I took a little break of sorts myself... sometimes we do need that... anyway, I love what you did with the "ghost girls"... sooo much prettier than the original!... please enter me in your generous giveaway, I would love to win that beautiful crown pendant you made!... and yes, I am a faithful follower!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. PS Happy Birthday to you sweetie!... You look so young and beautiful!... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Welcome back, and I wish you a truly Happy Birthday. Your little friends are adorable.I think between Crafty Secrets and Pinterest we all can be so very busy creating. I love the little crown necklace, have to do some reading on the soldered jewelry projects. Thanks for sharing some great inspiration and have a lovely weekend.
    I am a follower

  11. Happy (early) Birthday, Julie. At 50, your life is just beginning so scoop it all up and enjoy it all.

    This is, indeed, a great giveaway and yes, the crown is spectacular. Thank you for your generosity!

    Your work is always so inspirational and I'm glad you're back on the blog. I've missed you!

    SuZeQ ~

  12. I am a Follower ...

    SuZeQ ~

  13. Love the fun games, love to win. I enjoyed your display and it brought a smile on my face.

  14. Your project brought back a memory of a photo taken many years ago of my best friend, my sister and me! Thanks for the memories! I must do something with that photo as soon as I find it.
    Happy Birthday, youngster. (I'm 70)

  15. Hi, I'm a follower of your blog and always love the innovative things you come up with. I hurry to click on my e-mail when I see "Vintage Chic" come up. Thanks for this generous give-away. Count me in ;-)

  16. Oops, better give you my e-mail:

  17. Wow! What a great giveaway! I love what you did with the ghost girls! I hope you have a very happy 50th birthday! I'm only a couple months away from that myself. I am a follower and I love your blog!

  18. i love this piece. thank you for sharing! happy 50th!

  19. It's good to have you back Julie! Sending you wishes for a very happy 50th! Love those ghostly charlotte friends and your giveaway is wonderful.

  20. Happy Birthday to you!!! I hope you have a beautiful weekend & enjoy our wonderful Cali weather:) I am a follower too:):)


  21. Thanks for the chance to win. I am a follower. Your three friends creation is so clever!

  22. Love your card it is beautiful and the giveaway is fabulous plz enter me

  23. Happy Birthday to you and I hope it's a great year! I am a follower and enjoy your posts very much. I find inspiration from each item and look forward to each post.

  24. Happy happy birthday Julie
    Oh i so want to win this!!!

  25. Not sure about your ghost girls Julie but I think they could grow on me! But I do like your necklace - that crown is lovely as is the rest of the giveaway. I've been dying to get my hands on the last Crafty Secrets CD but it still hasn't reached the UK yet! I'm a follower so thanks for the chance to win this marvellous package. Oh, and happy birthday for Monday. 50 is FAB.

  26. Well,woot,woot!!! Happy Birthday to you Julie!!! Hope your day is filled with magic! So thoughtful of you to have this giveaway...I'm following you..have been, love your creations!

  27. Happy Birthday, a little early. They don't call 'em the fabulous fifties for nuthin'! From your fellow 50's follower, best wishes for a wonderful year! And thanks for the chance (two chances, really) to win such great swag!

  28. Nice to have you back. As you said though, breaks can be refreshing.
    What you did with the "ghost girls" was pretty cool. I spend too much time on pinterest it seems too. I marvel at all the CREATIVE things people come up with.
    (you don't need to put me in the giveaway cause I don't "craft" at all....but IF I DID, that would be a great gift)
    50 on Monday eh.....Make it a great one. I kinda freaked when I turned 50...but 60 was no problem for me at all.

  29. Hi Julie, A BIG Happy Birthday to you!
    (And if you have a HEART like "Sally O'Malley" of SNL you'll do just fine)!

    I loved visiting here today, always something inspirational and pretty to the eyes!
    Those Ghost Doll Gals are a real hoot! Very creative! ;-D
    I'm a follower
    Many Blessings, Linnie

  30. Happy BIRTHDAY!!!! It's nice to see you back again! I'm a follower!

  31. Happy Birthday Julie this is such a special birthday, a start to a really exciting time so enjoy it hugely. Your 'ghost' picture is great, what a clever interpretation of a cool picture. I love your giveaway, please enter my name and I am a folower and love being one too!

  32. Happy Birthday Julie! And welcome to the 50's, hope they're good to you!

    I LOVE your cute card! I love how you added the doll heads to the ghost girls, how very creative of you. I'm always so impressed by your beautiful cards!

  33. Happy Birthday Julie!!! I'm a follower & I really enjoy your blog!!! Everything is so beautiful!! Thanks so much for a chance to win!!!

  34. HAPPY 50th Birthday!!!
    How very fun and sweet to have a giveaway! I LOVE the Crafty Secret line :) Thank you so much for 2 chances to win as I am a follower also!
    Have a WONDERFUL Birthday!

  35. Happy Birthday Sweetie and women today are looking so young at 50 as it really is quite young lol...when you think about it.
    I would love to be in your give away. Come visit me I have one too. Nan

  36. Happy Birthday, Julie - hope you have a great day and a fantastic year! I am a follower!

  37. Happy Birthday!Thank you for all the ideas and inspiration and the opportunity to win these great products. Hope you have a great year!

  38. Welcome back. I have missed your posts. You are such a great story teller. Wishing you a fantastic birthday and fabulous year. I am a follower.

  39. So glad to see you are up and running again! Hope you enjoyed your time to yourself and your family! Have always love Crafty Secret's creative and vintage edge! Sooo clever what you made with "gost girls". I have gotten so many of my coworkers "hooked" on Pinterest that one of them (a hold out!) says "it's of the devil". Only because she knows that she herself would never be able to get off of Pinterst once she was on! (makes me giggle just to think her description) Thanks Julie! Have a great weekend and (yup) I'll be in the good ol'ED this weekend. But...I'm a follower!



  41. Happy birthday to you. I just love your china doll friends collage. So clever and sweet. I would love to enter your wonderful giveaway. I am already following you.


  42. Hi Julie,
    Happy, happy birthday to you! I so enjoy your creations and your stories. I hope you feel special and spoiled on your day!

  43. I already follow Crafty Secrets! If I don't win, I think I will buy that package anyway!
    Deb W

  44. Julie!!! I would love to enter your giveaway (and I've been a follower for a long time and lovin' it)!

    I also wanted to thank you for pointing out that my image was missing from my post today. I don't know how that happened but, thanks to you, it is now fixed!

    Have a great day!

  45. Hey pretty lady, it's good to have you back. What a cool collage you made, so creative.

    Happy Birthday, wow the big 5-0....that was so almost 2 years ago for me. I hope yours is as magical as you are.

    I'm a follower and I'd love to be entered in your giveaway.

    Big Birthday Hugs,

  46. Hey Julie! Welcome back. I'm sure you spent your time well and recharged your batteries. We all need that. I like your friend collage so much better than the headless version. I made lentil soup today ... and ful & homous (fava beans & chickpeas); mushroom risotta (yum) and coconut cookies. I love pajama days. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  47. Love your blog - i am a follower and love your ideas. I also like Crafty Secrets - Have used their products for years. I know what it means when you have to recharge - My battery has been recharged so many times, it might wear out. Keep up the good work.

  48. Hi, just found your blog and it is wonderful to read and see all the beautiful projects you have created!

  49. I'll be glad to read some more of your wonderful family stories...but I really loved that ghostly threesome...china heads are scarier than no heads! I am happy to be a follower. =D

  50. I'm a follower. Love your creativity. Thanks for giving me inspiration!

  51. Hi Julie,
    Welcome back!! I do hope you enjoyed your little blog break. I think we all need one once in awhile. And Happy Birthday !!! The big 50 thats Wonderful. Hope you have something special planned for the big day!
    Love what you did with the ghost picture. Those china doll heads are really sweet.
    Such a lovely giveaway! No doubt you will have hundreds of entries by the end but you never know! Thank you for the chance.
    I'm sending you a p.m.
    Hugs Lynn

  52. Wow you are amazing you are a real scrap booking gal! I never really did any official scrap booking projects. I have a sister that is very good at it, shes had parties and has made beautiful books. I just kinda do a bit of paper altered art. Never really use the actual scrapbooking products. You really know how to apply them in such a wonderful way! ox

  53. Simply Amazing! so glad i flew in from blue bird notes!!! i am now your newest follower! hugs...

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  55. Wow!! I love your project and your BD giveaway! I am one of your followers so please enter me in your giveaway twice.

    Happy 50th! My BD is Tuesday so we're both Aquarius babies. I'm turning 51 though.

  56. Happy Birthday Julie! I am a follower, also on pinterest! What a sweet project! Hope you have a great day and get lots of wonderful gifts, Marilyn

  57. Julie, welcome back! I'm glad your break didn't last too long! Your giveaway is so wonderful! We'd be thrilled to win! We are long time followers of your's here and see you pop up everyday on our pinterest page! It's so nice seeing your face there! Happy birthday to you! Twyla

  58. I would be thrilled to win! I'm a new follower and love your blog! I came over from Twyla and Lindsey's! ♥

  59. happy happy birthday,
    happy happy year,
    happy happy everything,
    that brings you joy and cheer!!!
    love the ghost legs :D
    BEAR & I are followers :D

  60. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am proud to say I am a follower of your beautiful blog. I Love all things vintage & your blog & your art certainly speak volumes when it comes to that. A sincere "Thank You" for your generous give-away.Have a Happy Day! ~Dawn Burnside~

  61. Happy Birthday! I hope it is shaping up to be a terrific day for you! Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  62. I loved turning 50 and I know you will too.Hope yours was a fantastic day and thank you for all the inspiration you bring to us all.

  63. Oh put my name in the hat. I would love to have this eye candy and pendant. Such a generous gift for some lucky lady. I will cross my fingers. And be sure to get over to my blog, as I am having a giveaway also. Great minds think alike guess.

  64. You can put my name in. WOW! love all your creations. Very talented you are. Glad I found your blog. I love Pinterest. My daughter in law told me about it several months ago. I have a friend that has sent an invite to join. I'm going to join Pinterest later tonight.
    Again Happy Birthday

  65. What a wonderful giveaway! I so enjoy Pinterest and what a great idea to use that image in your artwork! I am definitely a follower! Thanks for the chance.

  66. Gorgeous giveaway,
    sweet friend, and I'd
    be thrilled to win it : )

    And you know that I'm
    a happy follower....

    xx Suzanne

  67. Happy Birthday Julie! Hope you had a fantastic time celebrating your special day!
    How fun to have a give away huh? I'm a follower of yours and I would love to enter your giveaway. What a wonderful prize to win.

  68. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Julie.
    Thank you for this chance to enter your giveaway.
    Really enjoyed reading about your parents. What a beautiful story.

    Best Wishes. Carol

  69. Julie, I love your blog and I am a follower.
    Oh to be 50 again! Thanks for the opportunity to win the fabulous Crafty Secrets giveaway.
    I look back and wish I had
    just taken and saved little everyday things from my growing up years that would now be considered 'vintage' or retro. Like my old fountain pen I used to write with, the cracker jack prizes we collected, the cardboard show bills that came in the mail from the Strand showing what movies were playing that month.
    The pins that were popular that you pinned on the cuff of your anklets (bobby sox). I had one that was a fuzzy teddy bear. Wouldn't it be fun to be able to go back and be surrounded by all of that stuff for just one day! I would take a big basket and load it up with all kinds of things and then hope it would pop back into the here and now with me. Hmmmmm--I wonder if I sat in my grandmas old model A ford that she drove if it would come back with me too!
    Antique lady playing with paper

  70. Hi Julie, HAPPY 50th. I will be 57 this year and Hey, it isnt so bad. Have a Great day and thanks for the opportunity to enter your give-away. Oh and I just think the Ghost Girls are the coolest.