Friday, September 16, 2011

One More Taste of Summer…


“It’s apple-picking day!”, I happily announced to my girls yesterday…so ready for the joys of fall…so ready to let summer pass me by…

But Mother Nature had other plans that day.


A short drive took us to a beautiful local farm where you can pick your own berries in the summer, apples in the fall…


The website had said that apple picking began in September, so we were off with thoughts and plans of homemade applesauce, apple pies and apple butter in our heads…

“We’re here to pick some apples today!”, I said to the man in the barn…


“Oh, ma’am…it’s a little too early.  They won’t be ready for you to pick for about three more days”…What?!

“You can still pick strawberries, though, if you’d like”, he said, a bit apologetically…


I was crushed!  Wished I had called ahead to make sure…but, not wanting to leave empty-handed, we decided to walk to the strawberry fields and pick our fill…


We’d been a bit sad, this summer, as we hadn’t gotten our usual bunch of wonderful strawberries from our generous local farmer friends—we were gone too much this year…but the opportunity hadn’t passed us by, after all…


I imagined that there wouldn’t be many good berries left for the picking this late in the season…Oh my, was I ever wrong!

DSC06018_edited-1 DSC06036_edited-1

Perfect, succulent, red & bursting, we collectively picked an overflowing flat-full…


DSC06039_edited-1{so happy that Daddy had some time off & could join us on our adventure!}

Juice-stained fingers, full bellies and happy hearts…we headed for the car, homemade strawberry shortcake plans for dessert that night filled our heads and our conversation as we walked…


Walking back down the lane through the heavy-laden apple trees, I smiled to myself…


“You should never rush the seasons”, I seemed to hear Mother Nature say…


…and we’ll be back next week for the apples…

DSC06031_edited-1 {my new hair…what do you think?!}

Sweet lesson learned.


See you soon with something new…


{Strawberry card made today…just to remind me to savor the sweet summer days…the vintage strawberry image is found in Crafty Secrets’ Garden” Creative Scraps…paper from their new “Creating with Vintage Patterns” CD}


  1. Looks like a fun outing, Julie. Nothing like a fresh strawberry. I love your new hair!

  2. Hi Julie, her hair was beautiful.
    I wish I could share with you these pleasant moments.
    Thanks for sharing with us, even for photos.


  3. I LOVE your hair Julie and ALL of the happy family photos, what an uplifting post!
    Pass me a bowl of strawberries now!
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  4. Very sweet indeed, and your hairdo is lovely. I think it's time for some strawberry shortcake delivered at a rush to all your blog friends!!!!


  5. OH WOW, Julie--I LOVE your hair--it looks totally amazing, girlfriend!!! and I adore the strawberries--What a fabulous post!

    Honestly, I loved your hair the other way--but this is so great! It looks so carefree and super-stylish--WOW!


  6. I love strawberries and these look beautiful! and you hair I think you look beautiful, I always see you en Marie´s site (I love Marie) and Im following you, LOL gloria

  7. I'm glad your day wasn't totally spoiled...the strawberries look delicious! Strawberry shortcake sounds wonderful!!

    I love your reminds me that summer isn't over yet! And I love your new hairstyle, very cute!


  8. Strawberry shortcake. Yum! It was still a fruitful trip indeed! :) I like your new do. I am keeping mine long for a while longer. Always go back between short/long -- long/short. :) Hope your day is great. Tammy

  9. Julie, how fantastic that you could pick so many wonderful strawberries in sep. month- they looks so yummi.
    And you looks so sweet with your "new " hair - sweet as your card ,too.

  10. That looks like it was so much fun! And these are the first pictures I've seen of your new do! Lookin' foxy, Mama!

  11. Love the new hair! Looks great..and you're such a beauty :) The berries looks so good and strawberry shortcake is calling my name! How long would it take me to get to your house from Iowa? LOL! Love the summer card, too :)

  12. hey pretty!

    i LOVE the new hair!!!

    it's still a little early for apples here, too but how fabulous that you were able to get so many vibrant strawberries!!!

    the summer card is perfection!

    sending hugs


  13. Oh, the strawberries look so yummy, their one of my favorites! Strawberry shortcake sounds pretty good too. Wishing you a lovely weekend!!!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  14. You have beautiful what looks like thick hair Julie. Don't ever cut it really short!
    Those strawberry fields look so wonderful I'm glad you got there to pick them even if you missed the apples.

  15. I love your new hair cut!! Cute!! Glad you were able to have one more taste of summer. I know you all enjoyed several of your family's "famous" strawberry desert recipes!

  16. mmmm Julie I smell strawberry jam.

  17. all those strawberries look so perfect. You don't see them that beautiful in the stores. So happy for you that there was something to pick. On Wednesday night I had the YW activity. We made name banners, and it was a rainy cloudy day here in the desert, so I just had to make apple crisp for the treat! It was so yummy and smelling it baking in my oven really put me in the mood to make apple butter. Hope I can get some apples this year to do just that!

    Oh and I love your new do!

  18. Those strawberries sure do look beautiful. When I lived in British Columbia, we'd go to the local growers and pick them as well...along with a million other wonderful things.
    Nothing tastes better then a homemade apple pie
    your hair looks great........we need a clos up shot.

  19. Mmmmm yummmmm.... I can't imagine being able to pick fresh strawberries and apples within days of each other! Ahhh, the blessings of the "left" coast! Beautiful, inspired card, Julie. Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Hi Julie,
    Love the strawberry card. That looks good enough to eat! Your hairstyle is lovely too. Almost looks retro to me, and you know how I love retro.
    So true about the sentiment of not rushing the seasons...because I'm so guilty of that!

  21. JULIE!!!

    I LOVE YOUR NEW "DO"!!!!!! That smile of yours would light up Chicago dearest, so the hair can be in any style.......YOU ARE FABULOUS! AND...thank you for your visit and kind words. Oh dear, much to do about my art, but let's see where that takes me....oh! It's just for fun, right?

    TAKE IN ALL YOU CAN OF THE LAST DAYS OF SUMMER...we are done. It is still green here, but it is getting chilly!!!!

    BISES, Anita

  22. what a wonderful way to spend the day with your girls, Fresh berries will never taste as sweet and you still have the apples to look forward too. Awe Life is good!!!
    Hugs Lynn