Monday, December 28, 2009

A Renaissance Woman and a Sweet New Year's Boy...

Good evening, all! Hope you've had a wonderful Monday! We're still in the middle of Christmas vacation here, and having such a fun time together!

Just a couple of things to share with you daughters & husband were all busy with various things which left me a bit of card making time--yipee!

I'm so in love with Graphic 45's gorgeous paper collection!  Especially this newish "Renaissance Faire" collection--each page is just perfection!  Sorry, but you'll be seeing a lot more of it from me!  They have a couple of other new collections coming out very soon that are just fabulous!

Just look at this page...!

Here's my first card...hated cutting into the first sheet of collage-style printed paper...but it just had to be done!

The "B" is for beauty--just look at that gorgeous image...the beautiful flowers...just everything!

I used the Distressed Clear Crackle Paint on the image--love how it turned out!  Really aged it!  Had to use some of the beautiful Martha Stewart "White Gold" glitter with this one...just perfect!  I really like this better in real life, of course...very dismal day today...the light was terrible!  Oh, well!

Next--a sweet little image from Crafty Secrets' "Seasonal" Images & Journal Notes booklet--another one for New Years...

I used the Clear Crackle Paint on this image, as well, but a much thinner coat--not as happy with it--doesn't show up quite as much.  Just look at that gorgeous Graphic 45 paper!

You can see the crackle a little better on this close-up shot...

Well, that's all for tonight--off to watch a movie with the family!  Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Sweet dreams!


  1. Hi Julie,
    These are my all time favorite papers too and I hate cutting into them also, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to create! Beautifully done. Love the distress crackle paint you used ,it really looks like old canvas!

  2. Oh Julie, I an in awe of your perfect eye. The way you can cut into a paper like that and just take out the perfect image with which to create your very beautiful card. Oh, how lovely it is. I just love it! It is truly a work of art. I love your little boy too! How beautifully Victorian. He goes so well with the paper you have used in the border. You are so very talented! I find myself wondering now which movie you are enjoying together. That's the best thing about the holidays, the time you have to spend together as a family! Love and hugs!
    Marie xxoo

  3. Hi Julie,

    Glad to hear that you are having a wonderful Christmas:)
    These cards are stunning! I havent seen the new papers from G45 in stores but when I find them I will buy them. You have created such a beautiful card with the paper!

    The card with the little boy is so sweet! Love the crackle effect on both cards:)

    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs Hanne

  4. That clear crackle paint looks like fun stuff! Hard to find supplies and papers around here so I always bring back stuff with me from the States. But can only pack so much in the luggage. Oh well! I work with what I've got. Your cards are always beautiful! Such detail. Love them all. Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  5. Julie your work is delightful. Loved that first collage - beautiful.

  6. Julie--love your cards--each and every one you do is so unique. I would love to have a collection of them to just enjoy. looking at. Saw your mom and dad yesterday--we ate lunch with them at Jordans--it was nice. Loved the picture of your girls--what beauties. Wish we could get you all to visit Arizona sometime. Love to all and Happy New Year. Auntie D...didn't realize I was logged on Spencer's account and I don't know how that happened...Have 7 grandchildren over last night for a slumber party. This morning I realize I am too old for slumber parties....

  7. Julie,
    You do such amazing and beautiful work. Stunning!!! Blessings!

  8. What lovely cards! But I don't think I could ever buy that paper because I could never cut into it or cover it with anything! LOL!

  9. You're right, Julie - that is beautiful paper from Graphic45 - love what you've done with it! It is perfect for collages and I love that you can often find all your elements on 1 sheet - a fun challenge. Yes I'm familiar with North Olmstead, I worked in 2 clinics 1 was located in Northfield (closer to the Sagamore Hills end) and in Richmond Hts. Fun to reminisce - I think lots of terrific people came from Ohio, wouldn't you agree? ;-)

  10. I just love Graphic 45 paper! I hate cutting into it too but the results are beautiful!

  11. Do you know it's the first thought I have when I have to cut into a sheet of Graphic45...where on earth do I start???

    Lovely creations, Jules!

    And thanks for the loan of your exquisite artwork...everyone come see my sidebar!

  12. *gasp* Julie, your Beauty card is breathtaking! What a gorgeous piece of art. Love them both!

  13. Julie,
    Both cards are beautiful. Love the Renaissance look, so pretty. Makes me want to watch another episode of "The Tudors."

  14. Well ... I looked at this paper and put it back because I just knew I couldn't cut into it and use it to it's best ability! I'm glad you are braver than I and took the leap ... this is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  15. Just beautiful! i would be scared to death to experiment with the crackle paint - I should branch out a bit. LOL.

  16. You have been making some gorgeous cards lately Julie!!!! And your daughters are just beautiful too! I have two red headed sons and they always got the most compliments when they were young (and they still do).

  17. I had never heard of Graphic 45, thanks for the head's up. :-)

    I just wanted to thank you so much for your kind words of support and encouragement on my blog.
    It really meant a lot to me, and with God's help, I'm doing better.

    God bless you abundantly,

  18. Your creations are stunning, Julie! I love how you pull out bits of color from the image or papers to really make 'em pop. So glad you're having a lovely holiday season with your family. It's so nice to catch our breath for awhile, isn't it?

  19. That first one is just so so ME and I absolutely LOVE it!!! Will need to check out those new papers, thanks for mentioning them!!!
    Love your work and will visit again! Betzie

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