Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Play Date Cafe' Challenge #10...The Ladies' Favorite

Good evening, everyone!  We're sure coming close to the end of another year, aren't we?  It seems to go more quickly the older I get!  I remember my grandparents saying that, and I would think how silly that was....but, boy!  do I ever it understand now!

We're on week 10 in The Play Date Cafe' Challenge already--hard to believe!  So glad to have so many talented people contributing and playing along with us--thanks so much!  It's open to everyone, so come on and join us!

This week's challenge is hosted by the lovely Sarah, who has chosen a very delicious color combination...chocolate brown, turquoise and dusty pink...yum!

Here's what I came up with:

The image I used is from Crafty Secrets' "Homemade" Images & Journal Notes booklet, and the turquoise background print paper is from their "Radiant" paper pack.  The vintage recipe cards are ones that I'd found online & reprinted.  Some Martha Stewart "White Gold" glitter, some lace, ribbon & buttons and we're all done!

Hope you're all enjoing the tail-end of 2009...and I'll see you next year!  (When I was young, my parents loved to say things like that on New Year's Eve....things like; "We won't eat again until next year"..."I guess I won't see you again until next year"..."No more game-playing for us until next year"...used to scare me to death!  Then, one year, I finally cracked the code!  Not quite as final as I'd thought, after all!)



  1. haha, Julie, loved the things you and your parents used to say to each other. I confess I still delight in saying to people, I'll see you next year! The wildest experience ever was when my brother was living in Japan and I got to talk to him "Next Year" on the telephone whilst it was still "This Year." I know . . . the mind boggles!!! Love your newest card. I just adore the colours and it is amazing to me how you can come up with fresh ideas all the time like you do! You are amazing you know!! Love you to bits!!! Happy New Year! May it be filled to overflowing with all that you stand in need of and maybe even a few extras! xxoo

  2. you girls at PDC come up with the best color combos!

    card is wonderful, as always. see you next year!

  3. Julie love this vintage card, thanks for your wonderful sharings. Happy New Year. Hugs

  4. Love the colors and the vintage look of this card. Happy New Year! ~Diane

  5. I just finished saying the exact same thing; wait till you reach My age; then time flies and I'm trying hard to keep up. Love those colours together. Happy 2010.

  6. What a beautiful creation Julie! Love what you've done with this color combo and of course you always know how to fit in the lace & glitter ... Awesome Job!!
    Happy New Year to you & your family! Wishing you joyous blessings in 2010.

  7. Your creation is beautiful!! I agree, the pink, turquoise and brown combination is wonderful!! Time does go faster with age..I remember my Dad saying that to me as a kid.
    Happy New Year!!

  8. Jules.. this is stunning.. I LOVE IT!! you are so crazy talented.. I love that you can take any color combo and make it yours.. :) HUGS

  9. Lovely card Julie. Happy New Year! My Mum and Dad used to say just the same thing to us and I remember thinking "What nonsense" but it is Oh so true - the years pass in a blink nowadays.
    Hope 2010 brings you everything you wish for. X

  10. Hee hee! My son asked me earlier what was for dinner and when I said I didn't know my 12year old daughter said 'It'll be our last dinner this year'. That made me think of something better than fish finger butties!
    Thanks so much for all your wonderfully kind comments on my blog since we 'met'. Happy New Year!xx
    ps love this card :)

  11. Julie, I am so glad I found you in 2009! You are such a sweet & talented friend. I just love your work. It is always amazing. You are indeed an artist. I wish you luck in your wish to take more watercolor classes or lessons. I LOVE WATERCOLOR & can not do it at all!!!!! I know you will master it & be wonderful! Stay safe & have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hugs! Charlene

  12. Such a lovely card. You used the color palate well. I'm thrilled to have found you and your lovely blog towards the later part of this year. Looking forward to another lovely year of your postings.

  13. What a pretty card Julie! Thanks for the inspiration week after week at the Cafe! Happy New Year!