Friday, March 28, 2014

Just Be You


Who are you, anyway? 

Life takes us so many places…experiences mold us, time changes us, those around us shape who we become…


But who does your heart tell you that you are?

I’m trying to listen to my heart a little more these days…it speaks very quietly.  No shouting—just peaceful whispers………….


Capturing those whispers is a wonderful thing.  We feel them at different times and in different ways—inspiration, feelings, thoughts that can come at any moment.

The important thing, then, is to capture them before they flit away, for flit away they most certainly will…


I’m finding that the more I write—whether the words of others that strike a chord in my heart—in my soul—or my own thoughts before they fly away, the more I come to know myself.


It’s a very good thing to find out who we are.  Really are.  Not the surface us, but the heart of us.  And eventually—hopefully—the heart of us will become the whole of us, inside and out.


Just be you.


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