Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seeing Rightly


I think I’m feeling the rosy flush of Valentine’s Day drawing near…


Lots of hearts in my pages lately.  The Queen of Hearts—always a favorite with me.  I love this vintage queen’s regalness.  She needed lots of gilding.  Demanded it {sweetly}, actually!

And the words of a “Little Prince”—another favorite of mine—that has always influenced the way I see things…


“It is only with the HEART that one can see rightly”, his author, Antoine de Saint-Exupery so wisely said.  I love those words.  I wrote them here in my journal to help me remember them just a little more often…


And just a page of being.  I wrote around this lovely china doll as I sat surrounded by my family.  We were just all doing our own things—reading, stitching, drawing…but we were all together.  And that just made my heart feel right.

Wishing you beautiful heart-filled days…


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