Wednesday, December 11, 2013

First Things First


What’s the most important thing in all the world?  Love, we’re told…


…and I do believe they’re right.  There are so many kinds of love—the love for your spouse, a mother’s love, love for your parents, siblings & friends…


…we could go on & on.  Love makes the world go round, right? 

I wonder if we give those we love most the priority they deserve.

I wonder…


That’s certainly something I’m working on right now.  Where am I spending the most time?  What am I focusing on? 

Are my priorities in line with what’s truly important???


Perhaps that’s why, subconsciously, the focus of my creativity has changed this last year or so…

I wonder…


A little less time, I’m finding, for things that are merely fluff.  A little more time spent trying to look inside—trying, creatively, to put pen to paper in an effort to leave something lovely behind for those that will come long after I’m gone…


…something that reveals a bit of my heart.  Something that will show the things that really matter to me.

First things first.


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