Thursday, October 31, 2013



My home houses many things belonging to the past…


…things that belonged to the people that lived and died long before my birth-- 

John and Lois Barnes Pratt Hunt with daughter Ida

Things they loved~


Things they touched~


Things they made~


Words they wrote…


Pictures they took--shadows of the lives they led…

[O.Seymour & Polly May Hunsaker Stapley's wedding day[2].png]

As I walk through the hallways and rooms of my house, they flit in and out of my mind. 

Images.  Names and quiet voices…


Haunted?  No, not really…Not in the Halloween-kind of way.

Ida Francis Hunt and daughter Pauline

But, I do believe that when we turn our minds & hearts to those we love that we can no longer see,


…that their thoughts & hearts are turned to us.

Jesse Nathaniel Smith

Images. Names. Quiet voices…


Haunted?  No, not really…


Just a home & a heart filled with beautiful memories and lots and lots of love…

Wishing you a home full of sweet memories…


{For you, Mom.  Happy Birthday!}

{All images are mine--taken in my home.  The photos of all those beautiful people are my people.  I love them all.}

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