Friday, April 12, 2013

Remains of the Day


They still look beautiful, this pair of shoes…worn just for one day.  One day.  One very special day.

BRIDE10_12_01--Velda 2

A gift to me by my mother.  Carefully kept all the years in between that special day and now.  They are for me to care for now—and then my daughters in their turn…


My grandmother, Velda, was the oldest child the family, and I know that—for her—on that day in 1937, everything was to be done just right.  Perfect.  Nothing but the best would do.  Her parents would have made sure of that…


The dress handmade by loving family hands with the finest of materials…the shoes--a beautiful, white satin--expertly made.  The best.


The veil—sheer and gauzy, brittle now, but lovely still…


…careful handmade folds—garland-like—encircled her golden curls that day…


A lovely, loopy bow of luscious satin was with the rest—meant to grace the bouquet, I would imagine…


…a large satiny, pleated bow with heavy wire attached—for the back of her dress, I wonder?


All the elements combined.  Once crisply white, they have now settled comfortably into a soft creaminess.    The remains of a beautiful, splendid day.  Just one day that made all the difference in our family.  One very special day…



  1. beautiful photos and story behind them.

  2. What a lovely story behind these treasures. Thank you so much for sharing! Lori

  3. oh I know Ive said it before, but how lucky you are to have so many family treasures! and having photos to help tell your family stories really is priceless.
    I'm so glad that you take the time to put these things together and then share them with us.
    have a great weekend Julie.

  4. I love the picture of your grandma. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Oh wow! Just beautiful! Your family truly is a keeper of family treasures. Those shoes are something I would definitely wear now (I'm not a high heel girl anymore). Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  6. So beautiful they are and what treasures to have!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xo Heather

  7. This is a beautiful post Julie. You are so wise to have preserved all of the treasures that have been passed to you. I remember seeing the shoes my Mother wore when she married my Father. They were very similar to the ones your Grandmother wore only made of very soft leather. When I was little, she would sometimes let me clomp around in them. The sadness is that I don't know what ever became of them. Your girls are very lucky.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Beautiful treasures right from the heart! thank you for sharing them!

  9. What a lovely post and such a wonderful story. Have you ever read the book, Brava, Valentine by Adriana Trigiani? Here's a line from the review on Amazon, "When Valentine's grandmother begins a new life in Italy, she places Valentine and her nemesis, her brother Alfred, "the Prince," as partners at the Angelini Shoe Company, makers of handcrafted wedding shoes since 1903." She's one of my favorite authors and I so enjoyed learning more about this subject. I think you would like it, too!

  10. What precious treasures and memories of that special day. I just love how your family has kept so many treasures and memories that you are now documenting.

  11. Julie,
    The shoes are just gorgeous along with everything else. I love the satin and the creamy color they become. You are blessed to have those to pass on.

  12. You are so blessed to have these treasures handed down to you.....btw, I loved that movie (Remains of the Day)

  13. What a beautiful treasure! Mimi