Saturday, March 23, 2013

Beautiful Souls


Seeing it laying on a table in my craft room the other day, I realized I’d been neglecting it…


…the old, Victorian photo album I found in an antique store last year—just begging to be filled—now coming back to life, page by page, with the women from my past…


One these two pages—my grandmothers.  The pictures I chose for them here were their teenage selves.  Young women just beginning to blossom into the women they would become…and they were gloriously beautiful women—inside and out.


The margins filled with bits of their lives—their characters—words to color and flesh out who they were…what they stood for…


Borders chosen by colors that represented them in my mind…


Yellow for LaPriel.  Her favorite color, I was told when I was a child.  The color of sunshine, happiness.  Words that describe what she did for others—how she made them feel whenever she was around them…


A lovely deep purple for Velda.  It reminds me that she loved violets.  Each year, on her birthday, she told me that her grandmother would thoughtfully give her a little crystal basket filled with violets…I just planted dozens of newly budding violets in my garden—thoughts of my dear grandmother in my mind with each and every hole filled…


My little “Character” book is coming along quite nicely.  I’m hoping my daughters and granddaughters will treasure it as much as I do, and learn just a little more about the women who came before them…

See you soon with something new.



  1. What a lovely idea! You did such a beautiful job!

  2. How precious, I would set this out on a coffee table for all to admire. You are so fortunate to own these wonderful pictures.

  3. So nostalgic and comforting...I love it!...instantly makes me fell safe and secure. How oddly our brains and memories work.
    of the Abbey

  4. Everything you create is so beautiful Julie. Your daughters will be very lucky to have your legacy. I wish I had your talent for this type of thing! Snowing here in England this morning! And for the past 24 hours actually! Winter has revisited us! xxoo

  5. Hi. New to your blog. Just wanted to say hi and let you know you have a nice blog:)

  6. Hello from Athens, Greece!!
    I just came accross your very interesting blog and have been reading some of your posts for over an hour now!!!
    What a nice idea you had to create your 'Character' book with all the women of your family so nicely presented. Your grandmother and her sister were both gorgeous! I have lots of photos of my ancestors (going back to 1850) and you made me think of doing something with them. I just love collage and mixmedia creations! Thanks for the inspiration! I will be following you, Julie !
    All the best!