Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Journal Love


One art journal finished…my very first one.


DSC01339_edited-1 {one of my favorite quotes from Abraham Lincoln…well said, Mr. President.}

A few last pages to share with you…doodles, found images, thoughts & all…


What fun to put it all together…as I work on my journals I feel much like I think a Victorian girl would feel while working on her scrapbook—books filled with favorite pieces of scrap—images, tickets, receipts, words…


Here, a funny thoughts that came into my head the other day…a personal little twist on a well-known, well-used question asked in jest {“who are you & what have you done with…?”}


One journal finished, the second well under way…new things learned—both about creating and about myself—on each and every page…

More to come.



  1. Julie, It has been such a pleasure to watch your journal unfold. You expressed exactly what I have thought each time looking at the beautiful pages. You truly are like a Victorian woman tending to her scrapbook and preserving her cherished memories. Thank you for sharing them with us! Elizabeth PS Love your new blog header.

  2. What beautiful journal pages and a special keepsake that is truely you... each and every page. Have a great day, sweet friend.

  3. Hi Julie, Your Journal is totally awesome! You've put so many thoughts into it. Each page is a work of art with lots of wonderful details and your lettering is just gorgeous.
    Happy Thursday!

  4. Jilie, I love taking a peek at your journal pages! They're always amazing!

  5. wow, I'd love to sit and turn through every page of that journal.

  6. hi Julie, your pages are so exquisite, I love them. The edging is art itself and I would love to gaze thru the whole thing :)

  7. You inspire me with your journals, Julie! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  8. Congratulations Julie, on a job well done! You inspire me! Love you much, xxoo

  9. Your pages are wonderful, Julie. I love your hand lettering and your doodles. Beautiful pages!

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