Thursday, October 11, 2012



Ever have a blue, blue day for really no reason whatsoever?  I did one day last week—and apparently this is what it looked like:


I went up to my crafty room, sat down, grabbed some paint and this is what happened…it felt really good…I almost turned another color before I was done, it felt so good!

I already knew this, but it reminded me again—what a good thing creativity is for the soul…..

Another page—pages—made that I’ve had on my mind for a while…


I saw this in my head long before I painted it….I’ve loved this quote from Galileo for, oh…I don’t know HOW long!  And I found the perfect image to gaze at the stars in wonder for me…


All the swirling blues, purples & black made me so happy—color upon color upon color—until it felt just right.   Then topping it off with a silvery paint pen was oh, so much fun!


Maybe blue isn’t really so very “blue” after all.

Get painty today…


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  1. you are right...about how creativity can "spark" you out of a mood. Your pages are always beautiful and I am glad you share them with us.

  2. Love your blues Julie and I love the quote. I was feeling blue day before yesterday too. Perhaps it is the season. Love all that you share with us. Love and hugs to you as always. xxoo

  3. Blues come and go here too, but creativity can pull me out of it. Beautiful pages!

    Have a great week, sweet friend.

  4. Some days are just like that I think....sort of blue....but you sure put your blue to work! Your pages are lovely.


  5. I try not to let my thoughts "go there" but creating something can sure lift me up when I DO! Blue is my favorite color though so it makes me happy when I see it. Beautiful pages!

  6. Beautiful...I always find comfort in your words...Renee

  7. haven't felt blue in a while...maybe I should..this is so pretty!

  8. Oh Julie, those are so beautiful... they would chase away my blues any day... and you are right.. maybe the blues aren't really so bad after all!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. The blues don't feel good but your blue pages sure do look good. We all have those days that for whatever reason we just feel off. I try my best not to have them too often, but when I do, I just become quiet and still until the blah and blue subsides. :) Hope you have a lovely weekend. Tammy

  10. Love your blue's page, but sorry you felt that way. On such occasions, chocolate works for me...although not for my waistline! :)