Monday, August 6, 2012

Vintage Fun

Hello, my friends!

Just a couple of vintage-style cards to share with you today…

First of all, a card with a bit of farmer's market/county fair flair to it...I loved the colors of the beautiful paper, and the country-style vintage accents from Vintage Street Market were so much fun to use! 

And the women in this fabulous vintage photo? Two of my great-grandmothers!  They lived near each other in a small, western town in the early part of the last century, and were best friends since they were teenagers...wasn't it wonderful of their kids to marry each other?!

A fun little card to send to a creative friend...a bit of pink twine at the top serves as a “garland” & the paper doll & vintage style items from Vintage Street Market add the vintage POP I was looking for…

But my favorite thing of all?  The vintage pin strip!  As soon as I saw it I knew it needed to be a border for something—isn’t it fabulous?!?!?

See you soon with something new…


{all products found at Vintage Street Market—you’ve got to check out their new “Vintage Fusion” line!}


  1. Julie how lush and lovely to use actual relatives in a beautiful card, all that red & green gives it a Christmas feel to me lol. I love the 2nd one lots though I have to say ;0)

  2. The pin strip is awesome! I couldn't part with the fabulous card!!


  3. That looks just like my Grandma much texture in your work!

  4. The pin strip takes me back quite a ways to my mother's sewing basket!! The price of pins was a lot cheaper then...lots less packaging too. How fun to visit vintage items with you!

  5. I always love to visit your blog Julie, because I know I'm going to be in for a treat and today was no exception. :D
    What a fabulous photo of the two girls obviously enjoying each others company. Fantastic!
    The second card is so cute and such fun too. I adore the pin stip and it looks amazing as part of the boarder. You're so talented to spot these treasures and use them so artistically.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. That vintage pin strip is fabulous Julie! Love that you used the great grandmas too!

  7. hi Julie- Great cards and that pin strip is just to die for :)

  8. Hi Julie, Both cards are beautiful. The pin strip on the second one makes indeed such a great border and I love the other embellishments as well. The card has such a cute fresh look.
    I adore your journal pages, Julie! My handwriting is a total desaster and I admire the mix of fonts you are able to come up with very much. GORGEOUS!
    Have a wonderful week :-)!

  9. That photo of your great grandmothers is absolutely fantastic! And that pin border perfect for your creative life card. Have a wonderfully creative week. Tammy