Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who Am I?


Pages, pages, pages…


Pages to paint, stamp, glue, doodle, embellish, glitter & write on…


…all of it a REALLY,  really fun way to learn more about myself…

Just who AM I, anyway?


This little fairy tweaked my heart and just begged to be added here…that’s part of the fun of this journaling process…you never know who will join you or what you will learn from page to page…

One thing I have learned about myself is…


I can NOT do it all…I really have learned that this year…and it really IS okay!

Wishing you the most wonderful, playful & inquisitive day…

Wonder what you’ll learn about yourself today?






And a BIG thank-you to Sandy of Sandy’s Creations for this fabulous giveaway winning—what a fun gift!


image {there was SO much more!  Used Sandy’s pictures as it was far too gloomy here today…thanks again, Sandy!}

See you soon with something new…


{Victorian lady with label image courtesy of Hope Karney, other images found on PinterestGold border & pennant stamp from Crafty Secrets}


  1. Oh Julie, this is my most favorite post of yours!... I often ask myself what I am going to be when I grow up... and I love your "who am I" pages... I am so many of those same things as you are... and I love your saying "I can not do it all"... it took me alot of years to learn that, and sometimes I guess I still think I can... I made myself, my sister and my nieces each a cute magnet for our fridges... it is all flowers and says "No is a Complete Sentence"... sometimes we really do need to say "no" to the many demands often made upon us, even by ourselves... no explanations needed... love your pretty little fairy that flew into your book... wishing you a beautiful day, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Your backgrounds and images are so creative. I just love to look at them!

    delegate delegate delegate~

  3. Julie...You wrote this for me right? Every single word is something that could relate to myself. Maybe I could just post it on my mirror and remind myself each morning. Especially at this hectic time....this must be my message from God to slow down...smiles...Renee

  4. Beautiful Julie!! Love the fairy, too, and the last quote! We can't do it all, and it is okay!! Something I need to tell myself everyday!! Have a lovely week, and thanks for sharing!! I love seeing your journal pages!! xo Heather

  5. Who am I anyway....that is the question of a lifetime in many ways I think.
    I think (well, for me) we learn a little each day about WHO we are and WHAT we are capable of.
    and NO we can not do it all!!!

  6. But I haven't learnt that lesson...but you've definitely hit the spot here today Julie.
    I need to give myself a break and maybe keep your quote near at all times...I can't do it all, so get over it!!!
    Thanks for letting me see that ;D

  7. So happy to have found your blog.After perusing it,I'm glad to be your new follower:)I'm from S.CA.,in blogland were neighbors.Denise from Coffeeberry Cottage.

  8. Julie, I absolutely Love your journal pages! I Love your style! Thanks for sharing them with us. Twyla

  9. Those journal pages are too pretty to hide! The funny faced icon is me following you!


  10. Julie, you are really getting so creative with your journal pages. I still haven't given it a go yet. I've attempted to start so many times but never get far with it. Oh well! Hope your day is great. Tammy

  11. Just love what you are doing with your journal pages! Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend.