Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Easter Treats


Do you feel it?  The breeze getting a little warmer…budding blossoms on trees just ready to burst…birds singing in the greening gardens…

Spring is almost here!


…in California, at least!

I couldn’t resist the urge this last week to make a few springy projects…the Easter Bunny will be here before you know it, you know!


These were all the easiest peasiest projects—and so much fun to make!  Quick as a bunny, I had three little gifts all ready to give to a few of my favorite little ducklings…


My source for all the vintage Easter adorableness?  Vintage Street Market.

DSC08114_edited-1 {perfectly sized watering can from the $1 section at Target}

So hop on over…I think you’ll find some perfectly sweet treats for Spring just right for your Easter projects…


And if it doesn’t feel like Spring at your place yet, creating a little Easter joy will be just the thing to put a little Spring in your step, at least!


See you soon with something new…


{Aqua Ribbon Card, Aqua Tinsel, Aqua Twirly Twine set, Pink Twirly Twine set, Dimestore Vogue Paper Sheets & Tags kit, Family Fun Paper kit, Bingo Craft Cards set all from Vintage Street Market.}


  1. I get so exciting decorating for EAster - it's such a joy after the winter - these are just lovely!
    Mary x

  2. Julie just what I needed a little inspiration to get me going. These are perfect for a little hop skip and jump into Easter...enjoy your week...smiles...Renee

  3. This post is really making me want to get out my Easter Decorations. I am going to email you today, cause I have a story for you Julie. Your blog always brightens my day for sure.

  4. What sweet spring containers, but love quack quack quack :) ! E

  5. Love these spring-y
    and Easter lovelies,
    Julie! I can imagine
    how spring is on the
    wind where you live.
    We are a long way from
    it, here, but I do enjoy
    the anticipation....and
    a little bit longer reprieve
    from gardening duties!

    Happy Monday,
    xx Suzanne

  6. You inspire me Julie I need to get making some Easter things I love yours!!

  7. Hi Julie, your Easter crafts are all adorable!... I just love Easter and all of the bunnies and Springtime treasures... it is sunny and warm here today, just like Spring, but snow for tonight (does not make me happy!)... so, I think I will get out my Easter bunnies and make it Springtime inside, like you did... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. cute stuff Julie! thanks for the ideas!
    spring wont be here for at least another month.. but its getting closer...

  9. Your Easter projects are great, it makes me excited for Easter now!

  10. I came by earlier and didn't have a chance to leave a comment. I love what you made! You sure do have a talent to put things together. I've got to get started on some springy stuff. Today was GORGEOUS, but tomorrow will remind us that winter isn't quite done with us.

    Thank you for sharing the story of (oh dear, I forgot their names - I read it earlier today) your family that were gone too soon. What a heartwarming memory, even if it is bittersweet.

  11. Lovely blog you have here! And sweet creations. Will have to return.

  12. Spring is definitely in the air over here as well. I always love all that you create. You have such a wonderful talent. love you oodles and oodles. xxoo

  13. Julie, your Easter projects are adorable! Love the sweet little basket with its pom pom trim, (I'm a sucker for poms poms) and I just love that cute little watering can. And who doesn't love bottles?!
    It snowed here twice, in the last few days, so I've been looking for spring projects to do. I love yours!

  14. I am soooo ready for spring and Easter! Your little Easter projects makes me giddy! I have been working on some too for a swap and love working with the pretty pastels!



  15. Oh these are adorable..I need to start thinking Easter too...but it is hard when you wake up to snow! Happy day to you my friend. xoxo

  16. Julie, you Easter projects are so cute. It's hard to choose, but I think my favorite is the last one the jar, it's so adorable!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  17. Cute cute cute! Love Easter and love this time of year! Although it was very chilly here today and supposed to rain and it never did. I am ready for spring!

  18. Gosh, that reminds me that I need to figure out what to do for the grandkids for Easter. It just costs so much for me to mail things to them.

    NO SPRING at my place. We got 14 inches of snow siince the last 2 days. We were "locked in" so hubby had to get out the big dogs (tractor) and dig us out. In the meantime HE got STUCK..and a neighbor had to pull him out before he could finish this "spring" task.
    Oh My...I long for a blossom about now.

  19. Precious as can be. I'm so ready for spring!
    hugs Lynn

  20. Hello dear friend, it's been so long. I have just been reading through a few posts of your catching up and the previous scrap page story was so moving and I really love the sentiment you have chosen.

    Spring, yes it's getting warmer here to. I am seeing some beautiful Spring craft and no different here just lovely I have missed you and your talent. Love Dawn xx

  21. These are so cute!!!! Very creative! You are very talented! xo

    -pamela :)