Thursday, February 9, 2012

Matinee Memories


Just a simple story today…sometimes those are the best, I think…

Just one journal from the life of my grandmother LaPriel.  That’s all I have.  One year of her life faithfully documented in a little notebook…1946.  One year and a smattering more from other years.  That’s all.


My dear Auntie let me copy it one summer—I’m so grateful for that.

LaPriel passed away when I was only three.  I have tidbits of memories…little girl memories of a warm and beautiful grandma I knew loved me very much…


The journal is not filled with earth-shattering events or newsworthy items-- just the simple everyday things—the seemingly mundane…but not to a granddaughter hungry for each and every detail from the pen of a beloved grandmother gone far too soon…

Ruby LaPriel Riggs Smith {Ruby LaPriel Riggs Smith}

As I read it through the first time, one simple line really jumped out at me—and stuck with me…and that’s what this little story is about.

DSC07945_edited-1 {I had so much fun making this “marquee”!  LOTS of platinum glitter, crystal rhinestones for the lights & black Stickles to outline it all…}

LaPriel LOVED the movies!  The family never had lots of spare money to burn, but movies were fairly inexpensive in those days—a matinee, even more so.  She loved to take the bus into town on days when she had a little time and see the latest offerings from Hollywood…

DSC07930_edited-1 {not too hard to color your stories…I easily found playbills from the main films of 1946, some of which LaPriel even mentioned seeing…}

There were quite a few big releases in 1946, and she mentions quite a few of them.  She would often go alone, or sometimes with her sister…but her favorite times were when she could go with her two boys…

Ruby Lapriel Riggs Smith, and her two boys, Grant & Clayn  {this photo was taken right about 1946…Grant on the left, mamma LaPriel, and my sweet dad, Clayn}

On January 12th, 1946, she writes that the boys bathed, I tidied up a little, then we all dressed up and went up town to a show…the boys just insist that I go to the shows with them—I hope they always will…”

That’s it.  The little phrase that has stuck with me…”I hope they always will.”

DSC07950_edited-1 {a new page for my heritage story book…alongside the page, I’ll write this little story…just another illustration to help tell the story of a wonderful life…}

Such a little thing, but what a blessing to have children that WANT to spend time with you.  I’ve been blessed with that, too…just like my Grandma.

DSC07940_edited-1 {vintage movie tickets images found…fun thing, LaPriel lived in a little  town named Vernon when she met my grandfather…}

So,  I’m taking a page from my Grandma’s book today…a little time spent with my girls.  Stepping away from their school work and my busy work at home for a few hours…a trip to a matinee “up” town…


They’re really looking forward to going with me today…

I hope they always will.

DSC07942_edited-1 {I LOVE this vintage filmstrip “ribbon” from the Tim Holtz collection—couldn’t have chosen a better border!}

See you soon with something new…



  1. Julie, this is just a completely amazing layout...the theme, the old photo, the mini movie posters, oh my! ALL of it!! How is it possible that CS has the GREATEST design team ever in the scrapbooking world?! I LOVE you and Vicki so very much and don't even know you and I also admire all the rest of the team more than any other group of paper artists I know (and I follow lots of them but CS has the BEST!!!) You rock and I love your work!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and inspiring the rest of us.

  2. So, so sweet, Julie!
    My GiGi used to tell
    me about going to
    the movies for 10 cents,
    and they gave you a
    candy bar as part of
    the admission : )

    Watching movies
    together has been a
    big part of my little
    family's memories, as

    And I hope it always

    Happy Wednesday,
    xx Suzanne

  3. This is so sweet, Julie...I know how much your Grandmother's journal means to you ~ hope you had a wondeful time with your girls!

  4. What a great layout capturing a wonderful family memory. Love the Tim Holtz film strip as part of your layout. Hope you had a great time with your girls at the movies.

  5. Absolutely delightful Julie, I think your Grandmother would be very proud of the tribute you have given her.
    Journals and photographs are priceless treasures aren't they?
    I'm hoping that blogging may be the future generations way of getting to know their past relatives.
    I know I've had such an amazing journey finding out about my family history, and sourcing old photographs but imagine the amount of information our future generations will get to know about us through our blogs. :D

  6. Love this, Julie! You really captured the story through the elements on your page.

  7. Hi Julie,
    What a lovely and heartfelt tribute to your grandmother. She had such a beautiful name. I've never heard of a name like it before. She was lovely too.

    Grandmothers are the most precious and I was so fortunate to have mine in my life till I was forty. She passed at 93. I miss her every day but I have dozens of treasures which belonged to her to make me smile.

    Thank you for sharing.


  8. What a sweet story and what a pretty lady she was. Gosh, I don't think I've heard the name LaPriel. Lovely.
    I named my daughter after her great great grandmother, whose history I was reading while I was pregnant.
    I just KNEW I had to name her Emma.

  9. What a beautiful page Julie!
    I love how you weave such a
    magical spell through all that
    you create and post. With your
    lovely words and pictures you tell
    us the most amazing stories,
    made even better because of the
    veracity of them and that little
    bit of your heart you put into
    each and everyone. I do so adore
    all that you write and create.
    You are a master at both!
    love and hugs
    from cool and frosty UK.
    Marie xxoo

  10. Oh how darling...and I so love her unique name! What a blessing you are to your family...keeping record of your heritage is so important and you do it so beautifully. Hugs to you for a great Thursday. xoxxoxo

  11. gorgeous page,wonderful memories beautifully crafted. Loved their clothes you get a real feel for the era.janex

  12. Très belle histoire de ta grand-mère, j'aime beaucoup les anciennes images de films et la façon dont tu as pû les disposer sur une carte en scrapbooking
    merveilleuse histoire

  13. What a wonderful storie!! Your page is awsome. thanks for sharing♥

  14. What a beautiful post and homage to your Grandmother. Love the page and the photos.

  15. Hi Julie, what a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. She must have been a very special lady and you quoted about her and the boys getting ready to go to a show, that was around the time when I was born, January 1946. Thanks so much for sharing your memories. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris